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  1. Hi all, I have an issue with my Ford Fiesta Zetec S 2007 that's been occurring for a while. It always seems to start up fine the first time e.g. when I start up in the morning, but then if I turn off the engine and try to start again it's pretty temperamental. In most cases I can make sure it starts up again if I put my foot on the gas and rev it up, but sometimes even that won't work at first. Also on some occasions the dashboard shows that the fuel tank is empty when I turn on the ignition, though if I can get it going with a few attempts the fuel will then register again. I should add that it always starts up in the end, but may take a few attempts and will usually only work when I put my foot on the gas. Again this only happens after the car has been running and then turned pff. Has anyone experienced this before? Do you think it could need a new fuel pump? Also this vehicle has had a bit of a "misfire" when idle/in tick over...could this be related or not? Many thanks for your time and help with his matter!