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  1. Thought I would update this thread, just in case anyone else was having the same issue and was looking for a resolution in the future. I bought a used bluetooth module off ebay for £30 ish to try out. Radio out, gear gaitor up, handbrake trim off, other centre console covers pulled to the sides to get the climate control unit out and the bluetooth module is located behind there. Plugged it in and connected the stereo back up to test it out and it connected to my phone straight away. Then I noticed I had another wire that wasn't connected to anything! There is one port for the loom to connect to the bluetooth module and another which powers the usb/aux/voice control which is a mini usb type connection. Sent the bluetooth module back and bought one with two ports, connected it all back up and problem resolved! New module cost me £75, so a great saving for some basic work over a Ford dealerships price.
  2. How do you do a master reset on these headunits? I have the preface model, but struggling with bluetooth issues. Disconnected the battery but didn't resolve the issue
  3. Going to take a stab that with this post being over 5 months old that this is well and truly gone, but I was wondering if you would be able to tell me if the piper cross filter just goes into the standard airbox, and you have just left the top cover off? Also, was there any noticeable difference regarding either power or noise? Thanks
  4. 2012 Mk3 Focus Problems

    Hi Everyone, Got a couple of issues with the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium I have owned for 9 months now. Stereo has been working a dream, one of the reasons I opted for the higher spec model was so I could have the reliability of the Sony headunit. A couple of weeks ago I was removing a bluetooth device from the headunit and it went into meltdown. Now the bluetooth. USB, Aux and Voice Control have all stopped working. I disconnected the battery for half an hour in an attempt to reset it but still no luck. Anyone got any other suggestions? Ford say it could cost me hundreds for them to find the issue and resolve it which I don't really want to spend if I can help it. Second thing is I am looking at getting my windows tinted. Rear windows look a bit strange letting so much light in I think. While it is in, I was considering getting the chrome strips under the windows wrapped in black as well because they stand out too much for my liking. Can anyone tell me if there is a way of taking them off? If I can tell the company how to take them off rather than them have to try and figure it out themselves, the price will come down a fair bit. Yes, I'm from Lincolnshire so I'm tight - but I also have a few weeks off work so thought it was worth popping the queries up here and seeing what responses I got. Thanks in advance for any help! Jake
  5. Hello from Lincolnshire

    Could well be! haha. Was about a 70-75mm drop static on kW v1 coilers so it was a track set up and not damping adjustable so it was back breaking, but as every good story starts out - "It'll be fun if I.." and I did it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Private plate came on the car, everyone told me it said 'too slow' so it went. Got my private plate for my 21st birthday and it went on the car :) Inside was the pioneer sph-da120 which had the apple car play or whatever it was, can't remember now. Pioneer 6.5" door speakers front and rear and a 12" alpine type r sub false floor boot build with a JBL amp strapped underneath it. Took it to the German vs Japanese show and tested the audio and it came out at 109dB which I thought seemed suitable for waking my neighbours up every morning! Where do people get their gel badges from nowadays? Read quite a lot about DMB Graphics losing Ford licensing for making them? I keep toying with metal pressed plates but I just think that the gel plates look cleaner and more modern. Might have a play around on photoshop and see how it would look without badges and wiper and see how I feel about it. I have plenty of time off work at the minute with my broken ankle so have time to play around a bit. We all do daft stuff with cars, if that's the worst you have done then you're probably miles ahead of most people on the swift owners forum!
  6. Hello from Lincolnshire

    Honestly, not sure I liked it in the end. I bought stuff because it was rare and I wanted it to stand out more than because I liked them. Front lip was one of 2 in the country and diffuser was one of 16 worldwide I believe. Not many people had the balls to go that low so I did it, but yes I got stuck on speed bumps and in multi storey car parks regularly haha. I'm going to be relatively sensible with the focus. I want the rear half of the car windows tinting, 3D domed gel plates and maybe a wiper delete on the back but I'm not too sure yet. Ford badges look scruffy so need replacing and possibly get the old indicator bulbs out and chrome cap bulbs in to get rid of the orange tinge. But that is everything... for now!
  7. Hello from Lincolnshire

    Hi Everyone, My username gives it away, but my name is Jake, I live in Spalding which a horrific town in Lincolnshire! Kept saying I wasn't going to sign up because I didn't want to modify this car and thought being on a forum would give me inspiration to message about with it. I have had my 1.0T 2012 Ford Focus for 9 months now. Not a bad car other than wheel bearings going at 32k which seems to be a Ford thing! I suppose I shall show you what I used to drive and where I am now and see how much hate I get! First one is soon after I picked up my old car, second is how it ended. Last one is my car now :)
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum, going to be honest I never signed up because I went a bit mad modifying my last car and I thought not being on a forum would stop me from getting ideas about playing with this car! I have a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium, owned it for about 9 months now. Been a great car, done everything I've asked of it (and some things I've not asked like wheel bearings going at 32k!) So I recently tried to unpair a phone from the bluetooth and since then all of the above have stopped working. Seems like my car is having a hissy fit because I was fed up of listening to the other halves music whenever she got in the car! So I took it to my Ford dealership for some advice and they wanted to charge ridiculous amounts of money just to book it in and try and diagnose it. Could be talking £300+ which I was a bit annoyed about paying on the off chance they can fix it. I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice for me to try and get it working for myself. So far I have disconnected the battery for half an hour which in theory should have reset everything but still no luck. I believe the 2012 Focus with the sony headunit has a separate bluetooth module underneath the glovebox, but disconnecting that wouldn't do anything different to disconnecting the battery to rest everything in theory. Any advice would be great. I have 6 weeks off work and am determined to not be conned by Ford for something unnecessary if possible. Thanks Jake