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  1. Protection against lock breakers?

    I normally don't leave any valuable thing in the car but it still seems to be a better option than leaving it on the beach abandoned while I'm surfing... But the thing is that they didn't see the money so they would have done it even if it wasn't there, and that's my biggest concern, not loosing the money. It wasn't a bad place at all, in fact there is security in the car park that tries to keep bad guys away (with not much luck apparently).
  2. Hi All, I'm a happy owner of a Mk 7.5 Fiesta but there is one thing that drives me crazy. Yesterday someone broke the lock on the door and stole some money from my car while I was on the beach. It's been the second time this happened within 6 months. The weird thing is that the cars parking around mine didn't seem to have their locks broken, only mine was. I was wondering if it's a design issue of this model...? Anyway my main question is if you know any good protection against such thefts? I talked to a friend from a Ford garage and he said that the original Ford alarm disarms in such case as the car is being opened through the lock (even if it happens without the key). He also mentioned that some owners replace their lock with a plug, which is sort of risky even with such a keyless system. So anyone has any good idea on a solution please let me know. I tried to google it but had no luck. Thanks, Balazs