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  1. 06 Plate Focus 1.8TDCI Fuel Economy

    Hi as i stated i dont really boot my car around town and yes it does have a fuel computer that is where i am getting my figures from, currently averaging 32 to the gallon around town and my revs are pretty much kept between 1500 and say 2300rpm max mostly under that i was wondering if there may be some sort of mechanical issue.
  2. Hi all was wondering if someone might be able to help just purchased an 06 plate 1.8TDCI Zetec and i don't feel I'm getting the fuel economy that i should be. Normal kind of driving around town which is what i do most of unfortunately i am getting between 32 and 33 to the gallon. I have done a couple of runs and seem to average around 45 to the gallon again with normalish motorway driving a little bit of 80 to 85 mph but mostly around 65 to 70mph i have spoken to a mechanic and all he told me was to check the air filter. To try and improve economy i have tried putting redex diesel additive in to my fuel and running on Shell V Power Diesel but with no effect i must say when driving round town i am literally like an old lady no high revs, or thrashing revs kept between 1 and 2000rpm any ideas.