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  1. I suspected not. Thanks very much Tom
  2. Hi All I wonder if someone could answer a simple question for me. My brother has just bought a 67 plate Ford Focus ST-Line with the 1.0 Ecoboost 125bhp engine. He loves, but finds the steering a bit light. I had an 07 plate Ford Focus ST some years ago and within the menus, you could change the weight of the steering. Normal, Sport etc. Sport being the heaviest and I always used that. Is there a similar adjustment within the menus you can use on my brother's new car? Thank you in anticipation
  3. I was hoping to post a clip of the noise today (first time I've used the car since last week), but today there was no noise, so I'm at a loss at to what it was and hopefully it won't happen again. The only thing I can think of is what I mentioned earlier and that is that I was the potential target of car park scammers. The only evidence I have of this is that before the noise was first heard I parked in Asda car park and there were two guys in a car nearby. They were looking around the car park and then at me, followed by looking down at something on their lap. Call me suspicious, but they didn't look like people who would do their weekly shop at 10am on a weekday morning in Asda. It was simply a feeling I had rather than anything else. When I returned to my car, the guys were gone and my car looked okay, but when I unlocked it I was taken aback and thought "were my mirrors already unfolded?" Paused for a moment and then thought "No, they can't have been, I'm imagining it" When I arrived home the stop/start did not cut in when I parked on my drive - the first time it has failed to do so. Following that for the next few drives these noises were heard - was the ECU confused and constantly resetting? I don't know, I'm not an expert, but all very strange and as I say, hopefully it's worked it out now and is okay going forward.
  4. It's not the folding of the mirror. That's a whirring sound and this noise comes after the mirrors have completely folded. It may be the electronics of the mirror, but not the actual folding noise of the mirror. Alos, it's only recently started doing it
  5. Thanks guys. It's definitely not a single tone; just a random series of bleeps and blips. I double check the doors to make sure they are being locked and they're okay (thinking of these scams that can remotely unlock your doors). Perhaps it's something to do with the ECU randomly coding the locking system. Perhaps I've have been targeted and the ECU is now confused. The car is not keyless start. I'd not heard it before, but given the strange nature of the sound, probably would have done especially as it's heard on the drivers side. The sounds are something you'd relate to a computer, but no idea why it's started now and what it's supposed to be doing.
  6. In the last week or so my car has started to make strange beeping noises each time I lock it. It tends to happen after I've been out for a drive and not if I simply go out unlock it and then lock it again. The first time (about 10 days ago), the stop/start technology didn't shut down the engine after a 20 mile drive, which is a little unusual, but not unique. I locked the car and there was a whining/screeching noise from under the bonnet for about 4/5 second and then it just stopped. The car worked fine the next time I used it, including the stop/start. However, although there is no screeching anymore, the car now beeps when I lock it. The noises are around the driver's side power fold mirror and the dashboard. The only way I can describe them is that they sound like an old 56k modem. They last about 3/4 seconds and then stop. The next time I use the car, all seems to work okay; it's just this noise. The car is 23 months old and has 5,300 on the clock and the only other strange issue at present is that fuel economy has improved, yes improved, by about 4mpg (8%). This started about 1 month ago, but could be due to the hot weather meaning the engine is not taking as long to warm up. Apart from adhoc 500 mile round trips to visit family 2/3 times per year, the car is only used once per week for about 2 hours in total with a round trip of about 35miles (17.5 there - stop and then 17.5 back). Anybody have any ideas. Thanks in advance
  7. Remember if you change to a larger wheel and it results in an overall increase in wheel-tyre circumference, it will reduce acceleration, only slightly, but it does reduce it. On 16 inch, you'll probably be okay as the corresponding decrease in tyre profile will cover the difference. That may be not possible if you move up to a 17 inch. Not sure what profile tyre you have on your 15's, but if it's 55; to keep a similar circumference you'd need 40 or 45 profile on 16 inch wheels (in both cases affecting speedo by a quite small 1%). On 17 inch wheels, your tyre profile would have to be 30, although the speedo would hardly be affected It also is likely to reduce your fuel economy; again only by a few percentage points and methinks if you're wanting to buy bigger wheels, looking good is far more important than the few pennies you will save in the fuel tank
  8. 42 mpg is not horrendous. I use to get about 47-48 from normal unleaded and most of my driving is a steady 60mph on M/ways
  9. How annoying. No doubt you'll find the money and have to forego something else you would have bought with the £257 plus inflation. I also imagine you were pretty shook up and looking back no doubt grateful that he wasn't seriously hurt. Something similar happened to me a few years ago when a bunch of 'kids' (university students) were laughing and joking and one got pushed into the road, I hit him with my wing mirror. Unlike you, mine wasn't damaged; I stopped and looked back, unfolded my mirror, but there was no way I was going to go back and see if he was alright/confront them (half-a-dozen 18 yr old's and me!). I didn't report it to the police, as there was no damage, but as wealdman says it might be a good idea to do so, just in case the boy reports it later and you can't deny involvement, as your car needs repairing.
  10. That's poor after 7 months. Make sure the blue exactly matches the other seat before you let them put it in I noticed that part of the leather on my Focus ST drivers seat got worn out pretty quickly (not 7 months though). I use to frequently cover, just that part with leather conditioner after that so it was very slippery and I'd practically slide out; minimising the rubbing affect, which is obviously why it wears out so quickly
  11. I tend to be a bit pessimistic when giving prices as they're always dealer figures and often based on non-Ford cars, but I'd say about £250-300. I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be able to be a little more accurate
  12. I saw the same warning (Steering Assist Failure) on my Focus ST about 6-12 months before I sold it. Only saw it 2/3 times, months apart in each case and never did anything as it disappeared after a few seconds. I had no idea it was such an issue until reading this thread. I'd had another rogue warning on the system [reduced acceleration] that flashed up every now and then and spent more than £400 trying to trace it - the dealer could never find any faults. This 'fault' never caused any driving issues and only appeared a 2/3 times a year and at random times. Back to the steering issue... Each time it was in winter and after the car had been stood for a longer time than usual. The car even had a full service and passed an MOT. I had the battery replaced and never saw the warning again. The car and it's steering drove perfectly throughout the time
  13. You were pretty unlucky really, a few inches higher and most of the damage would have been on the door protectors
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