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  1. Happy Birthday KesN!

  2. Footwell Lights

    @ Fiesta za: I have a Trend... Will double check with the dealer but I have not seen any in the showroom with Footwell lights. Where about in SA are you based?
  3. Footwell Lights

    Hi Guys Can one of you guys please post pics of where the footwell lights are places as the SA versions do not have them :( . I would like to check if the fittings are in the car and maybe I just need to install the bulbs.... Thanks
  4. Sound Upgrade in MK7

    Hi All I was too excited when I got the car home, I forgot to reset the date. It is a MK7 5 door...
  5. Sound Upgrade in MK7

    Hi All I am almost finish with Phase one of the sound upgrade in my MK7. below are the pics so far:
  6. USB Connection

    Hi Ronnie I have installed a Audiocontrol LC6i which is a Low/High Converter. You need to tap into your Speaker wires ( behind the HU is the best place)... There are many different types of convertors from lower end to really great processors, All depends on your budget. Will post some links this evening for the different ones available. Regards
  7. Still no soloution from pioneer!!!

    Hi Ronnie What was the mount depth of the Pioneers? My MK7 is currently in the shop to have the sound upgraded... I am installing a set of DD splits which has a big magnet , so far there is no problems with the windows...
  8. USB Connection

    Hi all Thanks for all the feedback... @Sarc: I will post Pics as soon as I get my car back from the sound shop... I am trying to source the Titanium Aux panel from a Scrapyard to test and will provide an update as soon as we have tested.
  9. USB Connection

    Hi All I am new to this forum. I stay in South Africa and am the proud owner of a MK7 1.6 Trend. I am not sure what the trend model is called in the UK, but it only has the 3.5mm jack for the aux input. In SA the titanium models comes with a USB as well as 3.5mm jack. has any one on the forum tried this and does it work? Thanks