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  1. AJS_

    Fiesta Failing to Start - Video

    Hi guys, I don't want to be one of those that come on here for help and never update or thank the posters. So I just wanted to say, that so far so good with the car, no problems since. If it wasn't for this forum, I may have taken my car to the garage and got ripped off. Once again, thank you to you all.
  2. AJS_

    Fiesta Failing to Start - Video

    Its been working all day so far, there has been no problems apart from the first minute of changing the battery. Is there no such thing as the new battery power has to reach through the car properly? Or, maybe it took a moment for the EAC fail message to clear to allow the car to run normally? I'm really just guessing.
  3. AJS_

    Fiesta Failing to Start - Video

    Can anyone put my mind to rest?
  4. AJS_

    Fiesta Failing to Start - Video

    Hi guys, Today I fitted a new battery, the car at first was struggling to start. It fired up, but then right back down again and turned off. The only way I managed to keep it running is by revving the car. After a few attempts I seem to have got trough it, and after every attempt it has worked brilliant so far. I just taken it on the moterway and when I arrived home, I turned the engine off and on again a good few times, and still works perfectly. Although Im greatfull its working, why was it struggling at the start after I changed the battery.. should I be worried?
  5. AJS_

    Fiesta Failing to Start - Video

    I was thinking that, I seen a similar video on youtube that does exactly the same as mine. He mentioned in his video that Ford have a Safeguard so that if your battery is on its way out, it won't let you start it to avoid breaking down. I don't know how true this is, but he fixed his by replacing his battery. I'm more than happy to replace the battery, but don't want to jump straight into it and throw money around without researching properly. I'm not sure if this will help, but my remote fob hasn't been working for over a year, I thought the batteries had gone. However, since the car failed yesterday, the car fob has been working bang on, I can lock and unlock the car which I haven't been able to do in over a year? Thanks guys for helping, I really do I appreciate it, thank you.
  6. 2003 Ford Fiesta, Petrol 33,000 Miles. Yesterday, my car has been failing to start, which came out of no where. I was driving it for around 6 hours, then pulled over for 10 minutes to have a break. When attempting to start the engine back up, it didn't start. As you hear in the video, your hear a fast ticking noise when trying to start it. That suggests a flat battery? So I called the RAC out and they fully charged the battery, and it worked. HOWEVR, 5 minutes into driving again I flashed my light at someone to give way then the car cut out straight away again, specifically when I flashed my light? Called RAC out again, fully charged the battery, and on my way again. This time I didn't use any lights, radio etc and I got home okay. I thought, now I'm home, I may aswel try to restart the engine, and surprise.. it didn't work. What could this be? Here is the video the problem I taken today: