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  1. Either way the tyres are alright?
  2. Ah that's it I think! I couldn't remember what the guy said but it makes sense if its linked with the central locking. How easy is it to replace? And can you get the part cheap?
  3. Went out to check again this morning as its lighter and took a few photos. First pic is the back wheel on the driver side: https://imgur.com/ixM4vow Second pic is the front wheel: https://imgur.com/qhUHlFb Few scuffs but not much (if any) damage to the tyre?
  4. Well like I said hopefully I got away with just a few scratches. I know its a low profile Fiesta but still, just pee'd off I did it.
  5. Would rather pay for new trims than new tyres haha. A possible bad sign was when still I had to turn the steering wheel quite strong to realign which is what caused those scratches.
  6. ***** hope not, only just got it back after some bodywork repair after a builder dented it (He did pay for it though, mind). Might just get some new trims anyway. Just ***** off cos it was given a good clean and those wheel trims were all nice and shiny!
  7. When you park up and your tyres grind against the kerb when turning? This happened earlier and when I checked the back wheel trim was scratched slightly. Will I get a puncture now? I can't see any obvious marks on the actual tyre, hopefully the wheel trim took most of the brunt. My dad did this and he had a puncture after a few miles of driving, I hope this don't happen to me.
  8. So on my 2007 Fiesta Climate whenever the engine is off and doors unlocked, (say if I've just parked up and switched off) there's an irritating zip sound coming from the door locks as if I'm repeatedly pressing the lock/unlock button on the key. I've only just got my car back from a bodywork repair place after an incident involving a builder denting the side panel and he noticed this sound as well and mentioned something called a "sonar" or similar term that needs replacing? Where is this located in the car?
  9. Yes sorry I didn't mean to derail it, just saw it was talking about the same topic I was going to post in relation to an MOT!
  10. It passed! So relieved, the washers weren't even mentioned and this was before I had to tell them to wiggle the button! Apart from a couple of new bulbs that had to be fitted all good.
  11. Lol no worries. When I bought it in August I was given 1 months warranty. I took it back to have new brake pads fitted as they were squeaking. I did mention the stalk but they said that’s how it was and to wiggle it. It’s going in for the test in around an hour so let’s hope it can pass, either that or the washer system will need seeing to.
  12. For the rear washers yes, but for the front ones there's a button on there you push inwards. You have to wiggle it about for it to work but it does dispense. Just don't want them to not be wary of that and fail the MOT.
  13. Sorry to hi-jack this thread but I have my MOT test tomorrow, and cos they test the washers, it DOES WORK if you pull the stick thing towards you when you press the lever. Now, if the tester doesn't know this he might fail the test, but the bottom line is it DOES work? Either the nozzles have become clogged or there's a problem with the dispenser, screen wash fluid does spray out if you wiggle the lever. So is it a case of telling the tester?
  14. Hmm possibly, it should in theory still work with the key into the lock. Might be linked with the back driver side door not unlocking/locking properly, the handle just gets stuck.
  15. Its a 2007 model so not sure if its "recent" enough. By back up blades does this mean to another entry underneath the actual handle? The actual key fits the lock but not sure about any blades. I have a spare key which I tried on the locks but it doesn't work so maybe the battery in that one is dead. Had to use a phillips screwdriver to prise it open.