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  1. Windscreen washers

    Yes sorry I didn't mean to derail it, just saw it was talking about the same topic I was going to post in relation to an MOT!
  2. Windscreen washers

    It passed! So relieved, the washers weren't even mentioned and this was before I had to tell them to wiggle the button! Apart from a couple of new bulbs that had to be fitted all good.
  3. Windscreen washers

    Lol no worries. When I bought it in August I was given 1 months warranty. I took it back to have new brake pads fitted as they were squeaking. I did mention the stalk but they said that’s how it was and to wiggle it. It’s going in for the test in around an hour so let’s hope it can pass, either that or the washer system will need seeing to.
  4. Windscreen washers

    For the rear washers yes, but for the front ones there's a button on there you push inwards. You have to wiggle it about for it to work but it does dispense. Just don't want them to not be wary of that and fail the MOT.
  5. Windscreen washers

    Sorry to hi-jack this thread but I have my MOT test tomorrow, and cos they test the washers, it DOES WORK if you pull the stick thing towards you when you press the lever. Now, if the tester doesn't know this he might fail the test, but the bottom line is it DOES work? Either the nozzles have become clogged or there's a problem with the dispenser, screen wash fluid does spray out if you wiggle the lever. So is it a case of telling the tester?
  6. Key FOB battery

    Hmm possibly, it should in theory still work with the key into the lock. Might be linked with the back driver side door not unlocking/locking properly, the handle just gets stuck.
  7. Key FOB battery

    Its a 2007 model so not sure if its "recent" enough. By back up blades does this mean to another entry underneath the actual handle? The actual key fits the lock but not sure about any blades. I have a spare key which I tried on the locks but it doesn't work so maybe the battery in that one is dead. Had to use a phillips screwdriver to prise it open.
  8. Key FOB battery

    A warning I can live with, its just the not knowing and sudden dying of the battery! Well I say dealership it was a used car dealer/garage type thingy. When the guy sold it to me he only gave me a month's warranty. I think I may have read it on another forum lol.
  9. Key FOB battery

    So there'd be a warning when I start up the car to say I need to change the battery? And yes keyless entry, I tried to unlock it the old fashioned way by turning the key in the lock but it didn't work. I also read at every service if you do it with a dealer or garage they should change the battery as standard. I bought it 6 months ago from a dealership who did give it a service but I have no idea of knowing if they changed the battery or not.
  10. MOT on Monday!

    That's a relief then, I did change the front pair a few months ago though as they were really smeary.
  11. MOT on Monday!

    So 6 months after acquiring my Fiesta the MOT test is due on Monday. This morning I went to check my tyres and the back driver side one was 8 psi! I thought to myself why is it that low, to discover a nail had been implanted. Off to the local independent tyre dealer to get it fixed, but with the MOT coming up I decided to just replace it with a new one. The other side had thin thread too so had to get that one switched over as well. I don't know if the tyre fitted was a mid-range or budget one, I think its a company called "Radar". It was £50 per tyre so I can't see it being a cheap cheap one? Hoping it passes on Monday, the only advisories are coolant leak which has since been addressed with a new expansion tank and the rear tyre being close to legal limit which I've now fixed. Do they check the back windscreen wiper for the MOT? Its a bit smeary so I might have to change it.
  12. Key FOB battery

    Is there a warning sign on the dashboard to notify you that your car key battery to unlock the doors is running low? I'm terrified one day I'll be in the middle of nowhere and the battery has run out and I won't be able to get into my car! Surely there'd be some kind of low battery warning? And where would I get a replacement (lithium?) battery from?
  13. How low do you go before refuelling?

    I refuelled yesterday on 1/4 tank, didn't have the guts to run it to red esp in the current weather conditions and not knowing when I might need to use it for an emergency. If I push I could probably get 300 miles out of a full tank though.
  14. Auto Fold Mirrors

    Clicking 7 times even after the mirrors have folded inwards after locking.
  15. Auto Fold Mirrors

    Mine is doing this with the passenger side wing mirror.