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  1. Focus mk1.5 VSS (speed sensor)

    We find out, that the ring inside the gearbox, where the sensor reads the revs of the shafts from, is plastic and was deameged. So I changed the gearbox (it was easier and cheaper than repair) and now it works great. Regards Poslano z mojega WAS-LX1 z uporabo Tapatalk
  2. Focus mk1.5 VSS (speed sensor)

    Wiring is checked, but everything seems to be OK. I don't know how the transmission looks from inside where the sensor is placed, is there possible that I damaged something when I was pulling the sensor out, because I was revolving/turning it? Poslano z mojega WAS-LX1 z uporabo Tapatalk
  3. Hy guys. At first sorry for my language, I'm from Slovenia ;) Focus 2004 1.6 petrol 74kW So, I had faulty VSS (speed needle dropping to 0) and I replaced it with new aftermarket sensor. There comes new problem :D The speed needle is waveing/oscilating for about 5-10km/h (attached gif). I tried to replace it with another new sensor (other manufacturer) and still same problem. Forscan did found 2 DTCs: P1000 and P0723. I already did clean contact, try to find some faulty cable, but no luck. I also attached PrtScr from Forscan live, if it helps (VSS, VSS_OBD, OSS).This was recorded barely moving. Any suggestions what should try to fix? Regards, Martin