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  1. Hi all, So I've owned my 2013 Ford Focus for about 2 years now but unfortunately after the parcel shelf unclipped itself while loading the boot, it slipped through the back, and after I tried pulling it back through the shelf bent and caused a weakness in the middle (on the seat side). Also as a result one of the clips pulled off so it no longer stays in place when you open the boot lid. I've managed to solve the clips problem easily - I've just ordered a pack from eBay for about a fiver. However, is there a way I can strengthen the parcel shelf itself? It's not completely split but there is a noticeable weak point in the middle now. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Hi there, While test driving a couple of Ford Focuses (I ended up getting the 13 plate 1.6 that day which I picked up last Saturday) I noticed on startup a diagram of what looked like a map appears on the screen behind the steering wheel. Is this related to sat nav or something, or just a startup screen? Loving the car by the way, traded in my Peugeot 307 after a massive bill came through for it and after having two French cars I thought it was time for something else - spurred on partly by my Dad's purchase of a as-new 04 plate Ford Mondeo years ago. Cheers, Andrew