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  1. It's the 1.6, 105bhp engine - a Ford Focus Zetec 🙂. Good news then! I emailed a garage and they suggested just getting a minor service (£90) and cambelt not due until 8 years or 60,000 miles. Thoughts on switching to something else or just make do for now?
  2. Hi all, My 2013 Ford Focus is due for a service (last service was a Major by Mr Clutch back in November 2018) which I think includes the cambelt as it hasn't been done yet. The mileage back then was 38,000 and it's now approximately 43,000. Problem is, we've had a child in that time and I've been seriously considering upgrading us to an estate possibly as after a few months of carting a pushchair around I've come to the realisation that the boot of the Focus is pretty woeful (something I didn't really think about when I bought it back in 2017!). I have a car loan which is due to finish in August this year so my question is - do I fork out for the service or wait it out until August and look at getting a replacement car? Would not getting the service done de-value the car so much that I might as well just get it done? I'm likely looking at having to get another loan anyway since the cars I've been looking at are around £10,000+ and I doubt I would get more than £4,000 if I'm lucky with the Focus (bought for £7,495 back in 2017). The other thing is that I'm aware as the cambelt has yet to be changed that I'm likely looking at a bill of a few hundred pounds at least, taking into account the service itself, MOT (which may as well be done at the same time since that's due from July - forgetting the COVID-19, 6-month extension) and labour costs etc. Any thoughts?
  3. Bit late to reply! So I've been running with the new batteries for about a week now and it seems the message has gone away by itself - presumably it took a few trips for the car to realise a new battery had been installed? Also, in reply to you Stoney I always thought my Focus was seen as Mk2.5 as it pre-dates the facelift but correct me if I'm wrong in that... :)
  4. Hi there, I've got a Ford Focus Mk2.5 (2013) which had the key battery replacement message pop up on the dash a few weeks ago. I replaced both key fob batteries to be on the safe side, locked and unlocked the car with both keys but the message is still appearing? Any thoughts on why this is happening? What's an easy fix please? They weren't exactly the most expensive CR2032 batteries (good ol' Morrisons) but would have thought they'd last longer than a couple of locks/unlocks! Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there, I just fitted some new Halfords wipers on my Focus MK2.5 (2013) which helpfully didn't come with any instructions on how to fit them. I've had the same with some Bosch wipers that these were replacing - it was just a cardboard box with the wipers clipped together inside. However, a thought occurred to me that both wipers seem to have universal fitting - i.e. it doesn't matter which wiper you fit to which side (drivers or passenger). And, as they're the same length there's no drawback. So, my question there a correct way around to fit the wipers? Surely if you can fit them either way around you could simply swap them over if you find one of them is a little worn and prolong the life of them? Probably a stupid question but just thought I'd ask since there didn't seem to be anything obvious telling me which is driver's and which is the passenger's side. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, So I've owned my 2013 Ford Focus for about 2 years now but unfortunately after the parcel shelf unclipped itself while loading the boot, it slipped through the back, and after I tried pulling it back through the shelf bent and caused a weakness in the middle (on the seat side). Also as a result one of the clips pulled off so it no longer stays in place when you open the boot lid. I've managed to solve the clips problem easily - I've just ordered a pack from eBay for about a fiver. However, is there a way I can strengthen the parcel shelf itself? It's not completely split but there is a noticeable weak point in the middle now. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, While test driving a couple of Ford Focuses (I ended up getting the 13 plate 1.6 that day which I picked up last Saturday) I noticed on startup a diagram of what looked like a map appears on the screen behind the steering wheel. Is this related to sat nav or something, or just a startup screen? Loving the car by the way, traded in my Peugeot 307 after a massive bill came through for it and after having two French cars I thought it was time for something else - spurred on partly by my Dad's purchase of a as-new 04 plate Ford Mondeo years ago. Cheers, Andrew