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  1. Chris1hills

    Passenger Window not working

    So, I have checked the motor, it wasn't connected! I connected it and the window went down by use of the passenger switch. Now it won't go up. I've tried the driver's door switch and absolutely nothing happens (the motor is now off of the door) when pressing the down switch on the passenger door I can see the cog turn, on pressing 'up' nothing happens and there is no movement from the motor when using the drivers switch. HELPPPPPP!
  2. Hi, My Daughter's Fiesta (2006) passenger window doesn't work. When depressing the window switch to operate the window, there is nothing, no noise from a motor, and this is from both passenger and driver door switches. The driver's window works fine. I've checked the fuses and can't seem to find anything. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks