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  1. Broken Front coil spring

    ok but in that case wouldnt the shocks need replacing too? they both go hand in hand
  2. Broken Front coil spring

    each to their own, however, springs dont wear evenly like brakes do, so if youre on a budget definitely go for the 1 spring, like i say, 4 years later and both my springs are fine after only 1 replaced, i try not to live in fear of 'what if'
  3. Broken Front coil spring

    you dont need to have them both replaced, i had 1 front coil spring replaced 4 years ago and both springs are still fine
  4. Mk6 nightmare!

    You need to go to a garage and ask them to do a head gasket test on your car, its VERY easy to do, they take the coolant tank cap off and place a clear plastic tube into the top, then pour a solution in, if the solution stays the same color the head gasket is fine, if it changes to a pale yellow then the head gasket is gone, this test should probably be done for free as it is SO easy, but maybe a tenner max
  5. Mk 6 trans / clutch noise

    aslong as the car is driving ok then i wouldnt worry too much about it just yet, new clutch will probably be needed in 6 months to a year
  6. Clutch gone at 52,000 ?

    120 is fair for a FULL service, make sure its a full service otherwise you may be getting ripped off, new clutch for your model is 200 quid, 250 with slave cylinder (its worth getting them both replaced) so 140 labour for a new clutch...hmmmm, seems a little bit expensive, maybe should be 40 cheaper, but its worth asking if they are replacing the slave cylinder as well as the clutch itself, all in all id maybe say 500 is a fair price for everything
  7. Fiesta 2006 1.4 Zetec power steering issue

    Answered your own question mate, new power steering pump is needed, they are about 70 quid or a used one for 25, you can fit them yourself (3 bolts and a hose connection) which will save you 50 quid labour, its quite esy to reach aswel
  8. Possible coolant leak

    take your car out for a run so your temperature is normal then let it stand idling and make sure the fan is kicking in, if not and it starts boiling over get it to a garage asap, could be your temperature sensor or a fault with your ECU check your engine core plugs (the well where your spark plugs are) for fluid, could be worn core plugs leaking could be a split pipe, worn thermostat housing, if it goes down very slowly its not something i would worry about, i need to top my coolant up every so often due to a small leak from my top radiator pipe, i could get it fixed but its nothing major and my car is an old man so want to limit any unessential bills. hope this helps
  9. High Idle?

    yeah it was fully warmed up, idle dipped on occasion to 1000 but then up again to 1100
  10. High Idle?

    My fiesta normally idles between 700-900 but today i noticed it was constant at 1100, any ideas folks?
  11. Timing belt and aux belt replacement cost

    Buy the kit you need from euro car parts or ebay and ask the garage for a fitting only sevice, i did mine myself having never done one before, took me about 90 minutes, should be looking at 20 quid for both belts and 40 quid labour, thats north east prices though
  12. Dealer vs Private

    Thanks for your input, i was thinking the major thing to test for when buying private is head gasket failure and you can buy a test kit for 30 quid or so, if the head is ok then theres nothing That much worse
  13. Dealer vs Private

    OK, i'll keep it short, How much extra do you pay when buying from a dealer and not private? i saw a private car for sale for close to a grand less than roundabout the same spec car from a dealer, would a 5-6 year old car really cost me £1000 to repair in a year?? are dealers secretly selling us the 1 year 'free' warranty??
  14. Clicking noise on cold start

    I had my cars thermostat housing replaced and i now have a clicking noise when i start my car up from cold, the noise goes away straight away after i start moving and doesnt do it anymore during continued use during the day, until it has been stood overnight, then it does it again, any ideas?
  15. A major service will include:- Oil change Oil filter change Fuel filter change Air filter change Spark plug change Levels topped up (you can do this yourself but the garage tricks you into thinking they are doing something amazing) lol A minor service will include :- Spark plug change Oil filter change Levels topped up The price for parts for a major service will come to about £50 price for a minor service parts will come to about £20 My advice, buy a haynes manual (£20) and buy a full service kit for your car from ebay, then do it yourself, youll be suprised just how easy it is and save you a fortune, the prices you have been quoted are ridiculous