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  1. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Spark plug socket

    lol, no you misunderstand folks, im talking purely about the socket itself, ofcourse i have the extension to reach into the well
  2. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Spark plug socket

    ok guys pretty stupid question here but what length spark plug socket do i need to remove/install plugs from fiesta 53 mk6? i measured my current socket from top to bottom and its 65 mm, will this be long enough? dont wanna get everything off to find my socket isnt long enough, cheers folks
  3. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    What is leaking and should I be worried?

    is this job easy to do as DIY?
  4. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Fiesta MK6 overheating and cool air

    your radiator fan is doing exactly what its supposed to do dont worry about that, if your levels are fine then your car cooling system is fine too. with regards to your car only blowing cool air, it will be something to do with your heater matrix, maybe 100 or so to fix, give it a few weeks, heat isnt really important in the summer
  5. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Several Fiesta Issues "Help Please"

    1 - may be something to do with your heater matrix or air con? 2 - your fan might be hard wired away from the ECU for some reason, (possibly temperature sensor fault/ECU not reading correct temperature for fan to kick in so bypassed it to run all the time) 3 - usual, spark plugs, coil pack and leads, do the cheap things first
  6. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    ford fiesta (stuttering power)

    have you checked to make sure there is no water in the spark plug well? mine was doing the same and it turned out to be corroded engine core plugs allowing water into the well and subsequently onto the spark plugs
  7. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Fiesta Mk7 front brake disc change

    i didnt clean my discs before i fitted them, just stuck them on and happy days, here is a step by step guide to fit your brakes... 1 take out securing brake wire with screwdriver 2 remove 2 bolts with 7 Alan key and wrench 3 Remove calliper (may take a flat head screwdriver between hub and disc to free) 4 Use calliper rewind tool to push piston up (may need to remove pad) 5 Secure calliper out of the way 6 Remove 2 bolts from the metal brake clamp 7 fit disc 8 Screw 2 bolts into the metal brake clamp 9 Push pad into piston 10 slide pad into slot between metal brake clamp and disc 11 place calliper on disc 12 use 7 Alan key to secure calliper 13 refit metal wire
  8. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Fan Temperature

    i have a manual control for my fan (computer knacked up so had to bypass) its currently set at 85 degrees but i was wondering would it be ok to adjust it a little higher? what is the standard engine temperature for a fan to kick in? (53 fiesta mk6) :)
  9. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Radiator blowing steam

    Had it out today in the dry and it was fine, no loss of coolant, no puddles under car or leak stains on the radiator, no steam after fully heated engine, it seems that rain has got in somewhere, no idea where though, it was pretty bad weather up here yesterday so maybe heavy rain getting blown in by the wind, who knows
  10. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Radiator blowing steam

    Is it though? My thermostat has gone bad before and the coolant tank lost the majority of its coolant directly from the pressure cap at the offside part of the bonnet, which left me with close to no coolant at all, in this case though, there was steam coming from my radiator but my coolant tank was full, i had steam coming from under the bonnet a few months ago under heavy rain, this time from the manifold, upon inspecting it closer it was a rubber seal that had gone bad which was allowing the water to drip, if a car is overheating and steaming it doesnt keep its coolant?
  11. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Radiator blowing steam

    Came to a stop today and noticed my radiator blowing steam, my coolant level hasnt budged from the 'max' so the coolant is fine, its lashing down with rain today so wondering if it could just be that, any ideas?? (fiesta 53 reg)
  12. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Fiesta Mk6 timing belt

    ignore me, for some bizarre reason i read the title thinking it was the drive belt, i must be tired lol
  13. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Fiesta Mk6 timing belt

    is it broken? ie making a noticeable noise, if not i would just leave it be
  14. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Front end knocking

    drop links are only 8 quid each, make sure your car is jacked up even on both sides on axle stands
  15. Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4

    Advice on going DIY maintenance

    haha yeah my hands are knackered still