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  1. My wire was stuck when i done mine so just left it on, no resetting required, was a bit fiddly but pretty easy to do
  2. Someone is selling it on Facebook marketplace, pretty sure it's the right one but just needed confirmation
  3. Hi folks, does anyone know if this model clutch will fit a 1.4 fiesta NY53EKT? thanks
  4. Driving along today (about 30 mph) through what looked like a clear piece of good road and i hears a 'bang/clunk' from the back end and felt a slight drop , pulled over straight away thinking i had a blow out, tyre was fine, checked the springs, again fine, any idea what else it could be?? exhaust bang? something ive went over and havent seen? thanks folks edit, the car looks, sounds and drives exactly as it should
  5. I currently have this problem too 😞 great description it sounding like a steam train, Any help appreciated folks
  6. First and foremost, turn your engine on and let it idle (with plenty coolant in your tank) watch your coolant tank and your fan, you Should see/hear your fan kick in after a while, if it doesnt and you see steam from your coolant tank then thats your problem, this could mean your fan is broke or it could be that your cars computer is not reading the correct temperature and doesnt know to switch your fan on. With it happening in stop/start traffic the most obvious cause is your fan not working (as i have experienced this very same problem) I have also experienced a faulty thermostat but with that issue you loose coolant wherever you are and it is very rapid. With the staining on your tank you are obviously overflowing from it. MIGHT be a head gasket issue.
  7. My coolant was dropping, its only something you'll ever really notice in the summer, your fan doesn't kick in hardly ever in the winter due to the cold outside temperatures, if you suspect your fan is knacked its very easy to test, open your bonnet, turn your engine on and leave it to idle until you see/hear the fan kick in, if your fan isnt working your coolant tank will start to boil over and you will see steam coming from your coolant cap (obviously turn your engine off straight away if it does that lol) be warned though, the time it takes your fan to kick in will depend massively on what season youre testing it in, so quick in the summer, a while in the winter
  8. well its been on for about 5 month now, and stayed on soooooo...... lol
  9. It WASNT working lol, could have either payed 250 for a new ECU or get a manual thermostat fitted for 100, so i went for that option, its basically a metal wire attached to a dial fed into the top of the radiator, i can basically set my fan to kick in at whatever temperature i like now, its currently set at 89, just wanted to make sure it was fine at that temperature
  10. Every chance itll be sorted now, common issue on the fiesta apparently, i was thinking all sorts of weird are horrible things could be wrong, never in a million years did i think a 3 quid cap would sort it, but it did lol
  11. Just out of interest, at what temperature should the fan kick in??
  12. I recently had this issue, changed the coolant tank cap and bobs ya sister
  13. New steering rack will cost you about 250 supplied and fitted, reconditioned youre maybe looking at 50-70 quid cheaper, get it motd before you buy, might cost you 30 quid but could save you a lot in the long run, old cars like that are always going to have a few iffy bits, if its a decent looking car and its past mots are good then id take a chance
  14. this is brilliant tom! exactly the kind of expertise i was looking for, thankyou 🙂