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  1. mine does the same on really cold mornings, just give it a little gas on start up and you should be fine
  2. So the emphasis is applying heat to the surrounding areas of the stuck bolt and not the bolt itself?
  3. Out of interest stef, If you have a stuck bolt, (pinch bolt onto strut for example) where abouts would you heat? the bolt head itself? the end of the bolt through the strut? or the area around the bolt?
  4. Hi folks, need a new coil spring fitted on my mk6 2003 fiesta, just wondering how to go about it? ive heard the bolt from shock to hub can be a bit of a bugger? a quick step by step guide is what im looking for, thanks
  5. I have a manual thermostat wired into my fan, i set the temperature (90 degrees) on the dial and my fan works absolutely fine now
  6. Same happened with mine, i got an external thermostat fitted with a temperature dial so i can decide at what temperature i want my fan to kick in, installed that instead of a new ECU, cost 100 quid
  7. I should also mention that when I'm going around sharp corners and roundabouts there is a noticeable rubber sounding 'rubbing' coming from the tyres/suspension area (both sides)
  8. Noticed today both my front tyres have a lot of wear on the outer edges, I've googled it and the common solution is wheel alignment, however, I had my wheels checked at the garage about 7 months ago and they are perfectly aligned, any idea what else it could be?
  9. have you checked the condition of your engine core plugs?
  10. ooops, i read it wrong, thought you meant the quickest way to drop the coolant lol
  11. I just pull the bottom hose from the radiator, its a lot quicker lol
  12. The boiling point of water is 100c, if your fan isnt kicking in till 105 then thats an issue right there?