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  1. 1.6 Ecoboost Wiring Schematic

    Peter/Wilco, Thanks for your help. I have found the first Focus 1.6 GTDI diagram and it shows a loom schematic which is correct except for the ECU connector whihc is nothing like the one in the photo above. All the cable colours are also different and they all go to different pin numbers on this different ECU connector. As a result its been hard to work out what some of the connectors are for, and you are right, I won't need them all, but I need some. I also need to change where the ECU is located relative to the engine, so some of the wires need to be extended. I have a second loom to savage the correct wire from. If I could trace from the ECU end, knowing what signals are on them It would be far easier. I am using an SCS GDI4 ECU which is aftermarket. Wilco - Do you know anywhere where I can find any more info on the engine design revisions - all of the ones we have seen look the same and the parts we have interchange. My engine is December 2012 Manufacture and was rescued from a Ford warehouse for years where at one time it had been destined for environmental destruction tests. It is brand new. As I said I actually have 2 looms and they are identical. Both came from crate engines so I don't know exactly what model they are for, and the part number DU5T-12C508 does not resolve to a single engine/vehicle type. Includes EB and Transit diesel! The second loom is May 2012 manufacture. So I'm still stuck. The diagram I am looking for (and if anyone has a moment to look at their car and let me know what model/year it is if its the same as this) has the following wiring colours on Coil Pack 1 (nearest cam pulleys) - purple, black with purple tracer, white with purple tracer. Stoney, - the dates on the looms are above,
  2. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for a 2011 onwards C-Max with an Ecoboost 1.6 please? I am after the engine wiring and the colour coding is different to other Ecoboost models (Fiesta/Focus etc). Thanks.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have or know where I could get an Ecoboost 1.6 wiring loom schematic off a Focus please. I need the engine loom diagram only as I am trying to modify it to fit the engine on a different car and need to move the ECU connectors to the flywheel end of the engine. Attached is a pic of the loom I am trying to decipher.... Thanks