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  1. turbo actuator woes

    i will have a look, as far as i know the rod hasn't been touched so should be ok. thanks for the tip.
  2. turbo actuator woes

    since a garage changed the egr on my 1.6 tdci ive had no turbo boost. i have found its being caused by the actuator not working. i changed the boost solenoid at back of engine, no difference. checked the hose going into the actuator and there was no vacuum. i've put a hose from a fiesta on that i got hold of cheap, and now there's vacuum. unfortunately the vacuum doesn't seem strong enough to pull the actuator rod down. i've felt the vacuum in the hose coming from the the pump on the side of the crankcase and the suction seems about the same there. to my mind it feels very weak, but i have no experience of this or another vehicle to compare it too. my brakes are working fine. i believe they are assisted by the vacuum pump too? is it possible that there is enough vacuum being produced to work the brakes but not the actuator? the actuator rod is easy to move if i push it down using a screwdriver, so i know it's not stuck thank you.
  3. power loss 1.6 tdci

    thanks peter.i managed to follow the hoses to the filter and the vacuum pump, its the one to the actuator thats hard to trace - the one i want to check! looks like its a case of removing several parts from off the right side of the engine engine. a bit of a headache unfortunately.
  4. power loss 1.6 tdci

    thank you once again for your advice peter. i took the hose off the bottom of the actuator and got the girlfriend to start the car. there was no air at all coming through the hose. was able to follow the hose for a short way but then it disappears into the engine. am currently trying to find a diagram of the path the hose takes online.
  5. power loss 1.6 tdci

    i finally got around to replacing the boost solenoid yesterday. also cleaned the map sensor, which was coated in oil. unfortunately it made no difference. still no turbo boost :(
  6. Focus Reverse Parallel Parking Help.

    Halfords used to sell a gadget years ago for this. Not sure if they still do but someone will. It was a piece of transparent square plastic, about 4"x4" that you stuck on the rear window. When you looked at it from the driver's seat it showed the rear of the car by the bumper. Still see a similar thing on the rear window of busses.
  7. power loss 1.6 tdci

    Had the bonnet up and did a visual check of the hoses, all seemed ok. I did notice that the rod on the actuator doesn't move when I start/stop the engine. Is this normal? I thought the rod was supposed to move into its body when the engine starts and move out when it stops?
  8. power loss 1.6 tdci

    thank you for your help once again Peter. i dont know what exactly was done to the dpf, i dont own the car i just rent it. everything was running fine until the last big fault which the owner said was the egr valve, which was replaced. the garage used i have very little faith in after several issues in the past. can these potential problems be tested with forscan or will i have to get the spanners out?
  9. power loss 1.6 tdci

    took car out on motorway yesterday and discovered turbo is still down on boost. i drive quite sedately around town so its not noticeable during my normal journeys. using more than about 50% throttle is when it becomes noticeable, the acceleration just doesnt pick up. plugged in forscan and there is now error code p0299-61. does anyone know what this could be? have ordered a can of wynns turbo cleaner as it seemed like something cheap and easy to try
  10. power loss 1.6 tdci

    thanks for all your help Peter. i did the refill the addative tank option in forscan and it has cured all the cars problems. the warning alarm has gone off and the turbo is working again. i'm a very happy chappy thanks to you.
  11. power loss 1.6 tdci

    Thank you for all your help Peter. Is resetting the facm a different thing from clearing the codes in forscan? If so how do I go about doing it? Jason
  12. power loss 1.6 tdci

    The engine malfunction warning is still showing in the dot matrix. Resetting the codes didn't make any difference to it.
  13. power loss 1.6 tdci

    i picked up a scanner from tunnelrat electronics and ran forscan from laptop. came up with codes- p0299-21 p2585-21 p1932-60 reset the codes and p0299-21 disappeared but the other 2 remain. the dpf was disabled and the car remapped a couple of years ago so am guessing the 2 remaining codes can be ignored?
  14. power loss 1.6 tdci

    this is worrying. wouldn't the garage be aware of this and advise me?
  15. power loss 1.6 tdci

    i used a program called torque from my phone. how can i get forscan?