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  1. These guys take of the panel on very similar models, but none properly show the safety aspect of the window:
  2. Cannot find any detailed guide on this. I'm afraid to do it without photos or a more detailed step by step guide 😊. Is there a chance for the glass to drop?
  3. This one?
  4. A link please to your exact purchase if is still valid? 😊
  5. Sss

    Bonnet Lip Trim

    Do you know please were can I get one too? Can't find on fleaBay. Cheers
  6. Hey, please tell us how long did you used that grill and how well it aged? Did the chrome peel off fast or it lasted? Cheers
  7. Sss

    Rear door lock

    Hiya, I have the same issue. After unscrewing the metalic panel what did you do next to safely take it off in terms of the glass? Some info here might help: If you live around Essex or Cambridge / Royston we could meet and try to troubleshoot together 😀
  8. I will try that and feedback. What would be a fair price to be repaired by a garage? The fact that I already unscrewed the first panel and all the screws on the second metallic panel should reduce the labour a bit 😊
  9. Do you think these guys should be more involved with the warranty than other Chinese manufacturers? On ebay they say they have a fitting service and warehouse/hq in Leeds UK so maybe some kind of support should be available.
  10. Please write your feedback after you receive it and install it (of how easy it was to connect all the wires, if you did it yourself, general use, microphone quality, etc.) Cheers 🚗
  11. Yeah, initially the door didn't lock at all, no matter if central lock or key lock. Literally, stayed open overnight,but at least the alarm went off when opening from outside. Then, I just "played" with the door lock from inside and now it's always locked. Is there a way to unlock it and have it as before? At least to be able to open it even if stay unlocked over night 😊. I will try on Monday to visit a garage, see what they say. One thing a hate is stupid design engineers. And I know, as I deal with them at work 🔩
  12. Is the catch under the metallic panel? I have to secure the glass so it doesn't fall before disassembling the metalic panel? There is nothing on YouTube about this 😀
  13. Hiya, The rear door behind driver on Focus Zetec 2007 is not opening in any way. In the photo you can see that I disassembled the interior cover and I can observ that the wire is moving inside the sleeve when I pul any of the interior handles. Would you tell me please what could be the issue? Is it safe to disassemble the metalic plate and see if something is stuck in the mechanism? Cheers
  14. Problem solved. It ran almost 1 hour at the MOT test, no issues with the water having the new coolant expansion tank fitted. Thanks everyone.
  15. Changed the cooling tank with a new one. I left the car with engine ON in idle for 5 minutes, but I'm afraid to leave it more. If the boiling wasn't due to the old cracked tank, can the pressure destroy the new tank or hoses?