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  1. Paint Peeling inside wheel arch!

    UPDATE: Now had this repaired under waranty, they've done a good job (obviously one that shouldn't have been necessary, but still), added a clearcoat layer this time so it should be OK from now on!
  2. Another new Zetec S Owner

    Guys, RE the rattle: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...?showtopic=7700
  3. Mountune question

    what problems are you having Michelle?
  4. MK7 Boot Rattle

    Yeh, thanks! that's dealers for you - I knew it'd take ages to get sorted if I took it in and it was really starting to wind me up today so I had to have a crack! Anyways if anyone else has trouble and needs to know how to get the rear trim off it's essentially just a case of pulling it off (it's clipped in several places) but you need to be careful as if you break anything it can invalidate your warranty. Start at one side and work round and it's pretty easy just slowly prizing it away from the tailgate.
  5. MK7 Boot Rattle

    Fixed it! Took the trim off and I could see straight away that the wiring/plug for the rear screen heating element were out of place. put them back, taped em down and no more rattling! woo hoo!!
  6. Individual pack

    leather seats with red stiching is not the individual pack, that's just called leather option I think.
  7. MK7 Boot Rattle

    *Bump* Anyone know how the rear trim comes off? there's screws in the pillars but not in the main bit at the back.
  8. Paint Peeling inside wheel arch!

    I guess this is another reason for anyone considering getting one to buy white! Probably would barely notice it lol! Anyway Dealer has got back to me and it's booked in next Thursday to get resprayed and (hopefully) they'll add a layer of clearcoat or something as it doesn't have it on the inside of the arches as standard - you can tell just by running your finger along it, just a really crappy thin layer of paint
  9. insurance

    Agreed - my old zetec s ('51 plate) worth about a grand tops, was more to insure than the 1.4 Titanium, my insurance company actually gave me a £115 refund when I switched cars :D :D
  10. MK7 Boot Rattle

    Was your rattle all the time? or just when it gets warm?
  11. insurance

    Mine would have been similar to this, but I had to claim last year as my old car got broken into- they left the sat nav, and took about 10 CDs instead, so probably worth about 20 quid, but the managed to rack up over a Grand's worth of damage!
  12. MK7 Boot Rattle

    Hmmm. after getting a reluctant other half to sit in the back while we drive round :P can confirm it is definitely coming from the plastic housing on the tailgate, anyone know how to get this off?
  13. insurance

    Got mine on a 1.4 Titanium, for 900 quid from admiral, covering me and my fiancee, who's still learning, we're both 21. Before I bought the new car they were cheapest on virtually every single car I tried.
  14. MK7 Boot Rattle

    was this at the back?
  15. Bluetooth compatible phones.

    http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.com/ will tell you what will work and what won't, also the levels of functionality.