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  1. Reading DPF values from forscan?

    Hi Andy, Did you get to the bottom of this in end? I have similar but slightly different problem in that I'm not getting any differential pressure readings (see image - the other PIDs were to make sure I was getting something reading) but I have a a P2002-C and P2002-E1 error codes with a MIL. I'm thinking it could be the differential pressure sensor that has gone (or the hoses from the DPF to sensor) and was hoping to measure the voltages from it tonight but it's pouring so that will wait till tomorrow. I use the Android version and I don't think I can see the Ashful and Distance since Regen PIDs.
  2. You need to get ForScan. If you buy a modified Bluetooth or Wi-Fi OBD2 one from eBay you can download ForScan from the Play Store for Android and use it with your phone. You'll then get High Speed and Medium Speed CAN messages too. Less than £20 will have you sorted and works a treat.
  3. Focus Won't Start!!

    Hey Crazy, my car wasn't reading faults and I wasn't lucky in the slightest. I was passing a car on a windy hilly country road and my car cut out completely. I had to force myself back into my lane and onto the verge before I ground to a halt. I had no warning other than a 5 minute limp mode the week before. Anyway, I disconnected the battery earth last night. Today I did the CAN resistance test on pins 3-11 and 6-14 which gave me the results of 61.9 and 60.7 respectively. Disconnected the connector in the engine fuse box and it sprung up to 119.7. Disconnected the IC connector and also sprung up to 120.9. With resistor tolerances this looked OK. Double checked all fuses. Gave the fuse box, IC, key barrel connectors a clean with IPA and reconnected the battery earth. Plugged in Forscan and was greeted with a massive list of fault codes (see images). Decided these were legacy from the failed IC so cleared them. Car started 😁 Let it tick over for a while and then took it for a 10 mile journey. Rechecked the fault codes and I have a DPF P2002-E1 and an ABS U2023-A0 (last image). Would any of these have caused my car to cut out the way it did or is it safe to say that it was the CAN communication from the IC which has now been fixed (was sent to a company to repair)?
  4. Focus Won't Start!!

    Hi Peter, Thank you for your very thoroughly explanation and reply. I did think something was way wrong. I measured between 6 and 14 as highlighted in one of your previous replies. Are you sure it's 6-18 as I thought (although might be incorrect) that the DLC is a 16 pin connector? My car is a 59 plate C-Max 2.0 TDCi. I'll measure both the HS and MS pins again tomorrow. Would you be so kind to point me in the direction of the schematics? I'm also going to strip the IC out again tomorrow in case the connector has come loose and I'll double check the connectors at the passenger foot well and engine fuse box. Thank you again.
  5. Focus Won't Start!!

    Hi Fleo, Craig and everyone else, Did you ever get to the bottom of your problem? I am experiencing the same issue with exactly the same error codes. My car has also stopped communicating with my modified ELM327 and Forscan. wont turn over at all. Sometimes get Transmission Malfunction. Sometimes Engine Malfunction and even Power Steering Fault. The Immobiliser LED is throwing the code 1:6 which is a comma issue between PCM and PATS. I have a feeling it's CAN related. I've had the IC checked and repaired but still the same. The CAN resistance check gives me 3.5k? I'm stumped and any help would be greatly appreciated.