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  1. Any help will be grate

    The NSF is the main door you wanna unlock, the boot is the other unlock button.. I'm sure you tried new battery right? Err not 100% here I'm sure someone will correct me on this, but tried turning the key 4 times before ignition start and pressing a key till it beeps? I cant explain it I'm sure someone here knows what I mean, words elude me. No idea what you mean by "CAN" though.
  2. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Sorry for double post, but it then seems, I just need to get the cars thermostat fixed (it works, but radiator is left open, engine temp always reads less than 60c) and fix a slow tyre leak cos its ruining my MPG.
  3. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    I'm pretty sure I've gotten my car to 60mph faster than the stated time. (10.6 seconds) But then I'm NOT counting. Perhaps its possible my mindset is on diesels, as after passing on a petrol, I didnt own a car but worked for a company for nearly 2yrs driving a diesel truck. Suppose the habit stuck? I dont know. I did earlier today though kept the car in a higher rev gear and was pleased about the amount of sudden power as opposed to me getting into the highest gear ASAP.
  4. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    What are you saying? For city driving I change up at 2000/3000rpm. If Im just about to join the motorway I'll change up at 4000/4500rpm. I wont hit 5000rpm, I said in this thread I'm too scared to hit 5000rpm as it screams and dont want engine blow.
  5. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Hi guys I understand some of you are saying Rev Higher? I'm scared to rev my engine past 5000, it screams, the car vibrates it sounds like its gonna explode. As for the "Ti-VCT" kicking in, dont you worry I feel that kicking in very much indeed, its like a slow then SUDDEN increase in acceleration. It feels like theres something wrong with my gas pedal but I know its the TI-VCT kicking in when the car suddenly accelerates madly. @Incontro Yeah the Ti-VCT actually has 116PS not 100 but then thats hardly an improvement is it. My old Kia had only 64BHP. Sure some mentioned it weighs less blah blah, I get that I dunno, I thought for fuel efficiency you change gear soon as you could meaning lower rev, yet everyones been telling me petrol engines dont work this way and change at 5000rpm because lower revs are for diesel engines what?
  6. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Everytime I set off the line from a red light, I'm gunning it just to keep up with everyone else around me. Even vans beat my acceleration. I'm quite competitive, so I feel I just gotta be the fastest off the line, yet I'm getting beat by cars I KNOW to have smaller engines and even vans! The way I feel is that even my previous 1.1ltr Kia Picanto was quicker off the line! I run my car to 3/4000rpm on First, change into 2nd, repeat etc. I'm finding that everyone else keeps up or beats me. Am I running on 2 cylinders or something?
  7. Sudden Drop in MPG

    Its quite possible a slow leak in one of your tyres. I've got one, and it ruins the MPG horrifically, check yer tyres.
  8. Very Poor on Fuel

    I had a VERY slow leak in only one tyre, had to keep pumping in more air every 1000 miles and when I did, my MPG would go up quite noticeably than before. While there are other factors involved and I'm by no means an expert, but I'd say your biggest culprit is the 17" rims, but I'm not an expert. In a not so similar case with my car and my sisters car (both 1.6 MKII Focuses, both have the 116ps Ti-VCT engine, both are 2005 plated) My car can pull up hills fine in 5th where she'd have to drop to 3rd gear to go up the same hill. (Telegraph hill on the A380 towards Torquay is an example of the sort of hill I'm on about.)
  9. Focus Reverse Parallel Parking Help.

    Thanks for all your replies peeps, as for the quote I've quoted, I cant either, my Picanto was so easy judging distances as a flat backed rear car, also like I said previously, it was a narrow car and therefore judgement was made even easier because where the rear wheels were (right at the end, it was flat backed) meant bam, how close. Was really easy. I am glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem in regards to the Focus though. I've consined the fact that the rear windscreen halfway up their front windscreen is close enough, even if there is a gap, wont risk it any closer and if my car could of fitted in that gap, I wouldnt bother.
  10. Any help in helping me tight reverse in a focus? (parallel parking) I often get my rear view up their windshield and think JEEZE I must be close but there is infact like a metre gap left! I really cant tell how close I am to the car behind so any tips would be fantastic! :) I used to have a Kia Picanto, and I could tell exactly how close I was to the car in behind because its a narrow thin car with is rear wheels right at the back, all i had to do was see how close the wheels were, and every other car was wider so I could see that as well as judging the rear wheels. But I cant see to do this on the focus, the rear end is quite prominent, not to mention its a very wide car! I've hit 2 cars in the past while tight reversing using this car, I've been avoiding tight parallel parking just because of this problem. If I could get any tips with this wide/big butt car, be fantastic as the road I live on is parallel parking only and struggle for parking space. Need reference points help in side mirrors and references looking back.
  11. Power Remains On After Ignition Turned Off?

    I'm always worried over this, I have, admittedly hit 2 cars while reversing (I just cannot tell with the Focus how much room there is while reversing, it is so hard to tell, and I've not yet found a reference point (since all cars you're reversing into will have different shaped bonnet sizes etc) - But anyway on both occasions I was being honest, I got out of the car, and had a look on THEIR car for damage. On both occasions I could not see any damage (If there was I'd have left a note, thats how honest I am) But having seeing no damage, I drove off. But having owning a dashcam myself, I am weary these days incase someone has a cam in parked mode and then tries to threaten me for hitting their car, not all dashcams are "obvious" some are so tiny you cant see them. Any help (i know off topic slightly but still) in helping me tight reverse in a focus, I often get my rear view up their windshield and think JEEZE I must be close but there is infact like a metre gap left! I really cant tell how close I am to the car behind so any tips would be fantastic! :) I used to have a Kia Picanto, and I could tell exactly how close I was to the car in behind because its a narrow thin car with is rear wheels right at the back, all i had to do was see how close the wheels were, and every other car was wider so I could see that as well as judging the rear wheels. But I cant see to do this on the focus, the rear end is quite prominent, not to mention its a very wide car!
  12. Power Remains On After Ignition Turned Off?

    Thanks for your reply. Any way of changing it so it turns on with the ignition only?
  13. Learner Drivers On Motorways

    I never learned to drive on the motorway (obv), nor there are any grade separated junction dual carriageways in my area. So I never learned how to "merge" if you will, BUT I took my instructors heed AND the highway codes heed... which state, to MATCH traffic speed on the Motorway and find a slot to get on. Using this rule, I've never had a problem joining the motorway, I even shoulder check behind me as you are supposed to, since your mirrors wont show a damn thing as you approach to find any lorrys/cars in your way as you try to speed match and find a gap to merge into. I use the Motorway every day as per my commute for work and it is beggars belief even at 4am to see people joining the motorway at 35mph! Edit: Reason I think no learners were allowed on the Motorway was yes the speed, but comparing that to a dualled A road, what IS the difference?? An extra lane in most cases, like wow!! Really? Honestly a GSJ A road is no different to a Motorway apart from an extra lane, which only requires a little more awareness. Or was it the last time the "test" was made standard, "Motorways" didnt exist?
  14. Roundabouts!

    There is a roundabout near me that has had its rules changed lately, it used to be left on roundabout lane left only, 2nd and 3rd lanes straight on. (3rd lane can turn right) everybody and their mums would jump straight into the 2nd and 3rd lanes ON the roundabout since it was a 3 lane roundabout but only 2 lanes on approach, and the "left lane" was hardly used. However new rules are now in effect, 3rd lane is turning right only, the 1st lane is now for left AND straight on. 2nd lane on the roundabout is the same as before, but entry lane is different. Its even signposted "NEW ROUNDABOUT RULES AHEAD" yet everyone still jumps into 2nd and 3rd lanes of the roundabout, causing near misses by those entering/exiting the roundabout. Its slightly better now, as the locals have gotten used to it now, but you do still see people jumping into the 2nd lane on entry when its now the 1st lane and those jumping into the 2nd lane upon exit because they went into the 3rd lane on entry. Anyway, I was taught left indicator for first exit, no indicator UNTIL pass first exit for 2nd exit. Right indicator until I pass the exit before I want to take then a left indicator for my exit if more than 2 exits. The thing is, its not just indicators. You also get idiots staying on the outside taking the 3rd exit incorrectly using it. Left lane is left and straight on ONLY unless indicated. You'll get idiots in lane 2 going straight on, and idiots in lane 1 going towards 3rd exits.
  15. Using mobile as sat nav

    With what the cars having inbuilt touch screen satnavs these days, I dont get the difference. The only difference I can see is that the police may potentially see you using a phone than the lower in car sat nav screens while driving... Both distract you, both should be banned. Why one rule for one and another rule for another? For example, you're not fined for using sat navs if its ONLY a sat nav... but using a mobile as one is a different story!! Not to mention the current trend within car manufacturers now, all going more and more towards putting every control like air con etc via the touchscreen. Surely thats more dangerous, with real knobs you can keep your eyes on the road and feel for the knobs. Touch screen makes you take your eyes off the road. In 2019 a new Mercedes-Benz EQ is released, everything from opening doors to air con to cruise control will be all touch screen controlled, yet its NOT an autonomous vehicle, so you're taking your eyes OFF the road. I always plan my routes the old way, maps before driving and then trying by memory, if I get lost so be it, just park up somewhere and look again to set you back on track. At least I have the option of knowing exactly where I am thanks to mobiles when looking up while I've lost my way, you all think it cant be done? We used to get along fine with paper road maps, even when lost without a mobile showing your current position!!