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  1. Like above, all 4 of my tyres were Uniroyal when I got mine. Whether this was due to the previous owner asking for them, or asking for "previous tyre replacements" I do not know, but what I do know, is that people who skimp on tyres will have different brand names on each tyre, these Unis were not cheap.... I put on Pirelli P7's on mine now. Both are around £75 per tyre depending where bought.
  2. You shouldnt worry the sensor always stops before the actual level of fuel in your tank becomes empty, its a fail safe (In terms of stopping the manufacturer being sued fail safe, ie no one can say "my gauge still said I had fuel" when they run out). Most cases you still get another 20 miles of fuel when it hits 0 on the readout, impossible to find a fuel station in Britain that'll be more than 20 miles away. I've once rolled up to a petrol station with 0 miles on the clock.
  3. Sorry late reply, but thanks for your comment here, confirms it for me and now need to save up for a new battery... Hmm... where did I leave my radio code?
  4. Does that mean it'll flash the lights every time you start the ignition? I made a thread asking why if you know perhaps answer there for future peoples references
  5. In nregards to the dashcam, your insurer may ask for evidence that you do in fact, have a dashcam (otherwise everyone would just say yes) So you'd need to use that very dashcam to show your cars registration plate, so take it out of the car, show the car, and its registration and submit the video (if they ask for proof)
  6. I can go over 30 miles before the "full" readout on the needle starts to go down. Just be glad it isnt a 2004 1.1 Kia Picanto, you could do 100 miles on that with a full read out and then suddenly the needle would drop like a stone!! Cars do have a habit regardless of model of showing more miles 'at full' due to the way they shape the tanks and where the actual sensor starts. In some cars, turning left or right depending on the car/make/model would give a brief lower/increase in fuel on the readout gauge due to the way the fuel sloshes to one side during a corner.
  7. Hey guys. Basically, every time I turn the ignition my headlights do a little flash and I've been trying to look it up and getting conflicting results. Some say its an electrical problem, others say that its a sign of your battery going flat and that this is an early warning system?? (What?) I'm hoping some of you knowledgeable folk on here will know what exactly is going on, thanks in advance.
  8. WTF? I've owned my 2005 1.6 Ti-VCT coming up to 18 months now, and my car has the exact same problem, engine never warms up, unless in stop/start where it'll reach optimum and stay there, just like yours.... But I've never had mine at 21MPG, That is bad, lowest I've had was 27mpg but I did have kinda the wrong oil in it at that time, my current Winter MPG EVEN WITH TWO TYRES that have a slow leak and being slowly deflated and I only inflate them weekly, 32MPG, my summer 34/35MPG. Thing is right, I am astonished as you are, I rev the beans off my engine, dont change gear till 4000RPM at least, even in 1st - keeping it in 4th gear well past 30mph (because we all know we can put it in 5th here) AND the most surprising of all, hover around 90mph on the Motorway, my MPG just climbs even higher - I really do not understand it. Edit: Another thing, my car uses up no oil whatsoever! Despite the high revs, speed etc, I last checked it last Monday, and the oil level was excatly the same as it was 14 months ago!!! (Havent so far been able to afford the annual service)
  9. Im so sorry to bump the thread, but wondered what I put in OP actually true regarding engine sizes and Motorway miles? Or does it all work the same depending HOW you drive your 1.1ltr vs a 2.0ltr on the motorway, I mean what DickP put made a bit of sense, right revs, less fuel because wrong revs at either too high or engine LUGGING I believe he was on about made sense, but what about a 1.1ltr doing well over 4000rpm at 70mph vs a 2.0ltr doing 2,500rpm on the Motorway?
  10. Huh, nice analogy, interesting when you put it that way.
  11. Hi all, I am in need of understanding a few things, but first a little context. I am in the belief that a small engine in the city with stop start traffic is more economical than a bigger engine but the reverse is true when needing to use the Motorway (Interstate) for long distances because of higher speeds and thus a bigger engine is doing less work, is this true? Well anyway, my car is odd. I've got a 2005 1.6ltr special Ford Engine (you know the one with the Ti-VCT, I know they ended up being these engines by 2008 but for 2005, rare) What I want to know, is why my MPG goes up when I rev the beans off the engine, surely this is counter intuitive? Last year I kept my revs low, changed gear low, my MPG went down to 27MPG... This year, I keep the revs high, not changing gear until I hit 4000RPM and my MPG is over 32. I simply just dont understand, I thought higher revs meant using more fuel? Or am I an idiot?
  12. The NSF is the main door you wanna unlock, the boot is the other unlock button.. I'm sure you tried new battery right? Err not 100% here I'm sure someone will correct me on this, but tried turning the key 4 times before ignition start and pressing a key till it beeps? I cant explain it I'm sure someone here knows what I mean, words elude me. No idea what you mean by "CAN" though.
  13. Sorry for double post, but it then seems, I just need to get the cars thermostat fixed (it works, but radiator is left open, engine temp always reads less than 60c) and fix a slow tyre leak cos its ruining my MPG.
  14. I'm pretty sure I've gotten my car to 60mph faster than the stated time. (10.6 seconds) But then I'm NOT counting. Perhaps its possible my mindset is on diesels, as after passing on a petrol, I didnt own a car but worked for a company for nearly 2yrs driving a diesel truck. Suppose the habit stuck? I dont know. I did earlier today though kept the car in a higher rev gear and was pleased about the amount of sudden power as opposed to me getting into the highest gear ASAP.
  15. What are you saying? For city driving I change up at 2000/3000rpm. If Im just about to join the motorway I'll change up at 4000/4500rpm. I wont hit 5000rpm, I said in this thread I'm too scared to hit 5000rpm as it screams and dont want engine blow.