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  1. Ford transit T280 2012 euro5

    Hi does anyone know what might be a problem with my Ford Transit 2012 t280 mk7-mk8 euro5. About a month ago I was coming back from Bristol fully loaded and I noticed it start to kangarooing when you keep your foot steady and misfiring at certain rpm.(1200-1600 ). Since then I've been to at least 5 garages and everybody keeps saying different. Firs garage advised me to block off EGR and reprogram ECU for it,did it but nothing changed. Then I've been told this is my DPF, then I remove that and reprogram ECU still the same. But soon as I remove DPF I noticed while it's kangarooing and misfiring it produce a little bit of blue smoke. So the last garage advised me to change 4 injectors which I did and their problems still there. Can anyone help me with this problem. thanks. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk