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  1. Oldster

    As long as it's black......

    You're right, of course. I didn't make myself clear. What I intended to say was that if you wanted an auto, you had to have a diesel. Be interesting to see what other options become available. Chas
  2. Been looking at the all new Focus on the Ford site. If I've understood the position correctly you can only have a diesel auto and the most powerful petrol engine is 125ps. Who was it who said of the Model T "you can have it in any colour you want.........."? Chas
  3. Oldster

    Tyre/road noise

    Thanks for the responses. What I was hoping for someone to say was something like: "I've got exactly the same car as you but with XXX tyres and I find it not too noisy at all." Very subjective, I accept, but the 3 criteria on the tyre sales websites are only as reliable as what? Car manufacturers' figures for fuel consumption? If you want to get a bit OCD about this have a look at this site - https://tiresize.com/calculator/ You can put in the figures for your car and compare it with others. I'm beginning to wonder whether one of the key issues with a tyre isn't its width. It's surprising how even a low profile tyre will have a reasonable depth of sidewall and that's because the tyre is wide. And that must mean more rubber in contact with the road. I appreciate that's the idea but it must have a consequence. I'm no tech so this is just a guess. Chas
  4. Oldster

    Tyre/road noise

    Thanks for the reply. It's not so much worry as annoyance - driving over mile after mile of poor quality dual carriageway gets tiring. I know that some makes of tyre produce less road noise than others even on poor surfaces and (looking quite a few miles ahead) wonder what I might replace my Michelins with and whether anyone has experience of any of the others Ford uses on a Titanium X, ie a 50 profile tyre.. Chas
  5. Oldster

    Tyre/road noise

    My car has 17 inch 215/50 Michelin Primacy tyres, but as I recall it Ford were also fitting other makes in late 2016. I find my car noisy on some surfaces and wonder whether anyone with the same size wheels and tyres of a different make can speak to a less noisy ride. Thanks. Chas
  6. Oldster

    Software update for Sync 3 Focus Titanium X

    You were dead right the other day, Gillyallan. I looked in the files I'd downloaded as you suggested and the version is 3.0 build 18025. I've still not put the stick into the car though. I've a nagging doubt and as far as I can tell there's not a lot wrong with the 2.2 I'm using now. Does anyone know if the dealership updates as we do, ie by running the engine or driving the car about for 30 minutes or so? Or have they got some kind of flash update? Chas
  7. Oldster

    Software update for Sync 3 Focus Titanium X

    Which version was it that you downloaded and installed the other day? I downloaded and transferred to USB drive yesterday what was then on the Ford site but now don't know whather what's on the drive is 2.3 or 3.0. Is there a way of telling by considering the file number or somesuch? A friend who lives in the Midlands tells me today that his local dealer is not advising people to download and install. So overall I haven't the vaguest notion of where I am on this and wonder what I've to lose if I do nothing! Chas
  8. Oldster

    Software update for Sync 3 Focus Titanium X

    So have you updated? If so, what's changed?
  9. Oldster

    Software update for Sync 3 Focus Titanium X

    I've just read the Honest John Motoring Agony column in yesterday's Daily Telegraph. AW writes to say that after a long correspondence with Ford UK he's been told by an executive on behalf of Andy Barratt, the CEO, that "there is an issue with the Sync 3 satnavs, but that no updates are yet available". So whatever the current update is supposedly fixing, it isn't that. Chas
  10. Oldster

    Software update for Sync 3 Focus Titanium X

    Good questions, Jonro. I know nothing but don't see why the engine would have to be running for the update to work. I vaguely recall that the owner's manual suggests the car just gets on with it. I'd have thought the dealer would do it without charge under warranty since there's clearly a problem or the update wouldn't be necessary. I'd rather the dealer did it than me doing it myself. As I said the update affects 140 things/improves 140 things but who knows what they're supposed to be. Chas
  11. Oldster

    Software update for Sync 3 Focus Titanium X

    Avi - you've identified the location for the download. Is your Focus eligible and have you actually downloaded and applied the update? Someone on here must have, or is evryone as cautious as I am. Chas
  12. There's a 2.8GB update available for download on the Ford site to my computer, transfer to USB drive and then into the car. The dealer can apply the same update to the Sync 3 software. I'm told this is a fix-all update which affects 140 different aspects of the software. You can tell if your car is eligible by entering your VIN on the Ford site. Mine is but I've a nagging reluctance to have it - will my car still go afterward? Has anyone any experience of this update? Many thanks.
  13. Oldster

    Sync 3 Navigation - road speed limit

    I have exactly the same Titanium X model and vintage of Focus as Ian with exactly the same problem. I added the driver assistance pack to the car. It's supposed to pick up speed limit and other signs with the on-board camera and display them in the instrument cluster. I thought it would be a useful addition to the sat nav but what happens is that the sat nav doesn't display any limits and the cluster display is of limited use because the sign fades away quite (or in the case of the national speed limit sign) very quickly. So you can't have a quick glance to remind yourself as with a sat nav and the whole system doesn't begin to work until the camera picks up the first imit. Worse still, the little gizmo that tells you when you exceed the speed limit by a number you set doesn't work at all in national speed limit because the sign doesn't stay in the cluster for more than about ten seconds. I should have just stuck with the sat nav, I think. Any thoughts?