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  1. hi could anyone please help me, i had some work done on my car today and they disconnected the battery and now the stereo is asking for a code, and i have looked through my handbook everywhere and i can't find it, its a 4000rds model and the serial number is m001481, many thanks emily
  2. Brake Hose

    i had an mot yesterday on my x reg focus and it failed on the nearside front brake hose has insufficient room to move (support bracket come away from leg), they said that i need to get new shock absorbers for this, is this right? how does the brake hose have anything to do with the shock absorbers? any adivce would be greatly welcomed thanks
  3. strange noise when steering

    it is a 1.8 i have noticed that the power steering fluid has bubbles in it could that have anything to do with it?
  4. hi can anyone help me? whenever i turn my steering wheel it makes a really bad whirring noise and the harder the urn the louder it is. and also my car is also getting hard to start when it is cold. it is a 98/99 t reg zetec any ideas?? thanks emily
  5. over reving

    when i start my car it revs right up and it doesn't really come back down. when i reverse it revs badly and when i change gewr especially into 2nd and 3rd it over revs. does anyone have any ideas?
  6. noise when i brake

    i took it to quik fit and they told me that it was the brake disc on the front passeneger side, that it had grooves in the middle and that someone put new pads on without changing the discs. does this sound right?
  7. noise when i brake

    i have a t reg 1.8 focus zetec, and whenever i break it makes a scraping, clunking knocking noise, but only when i brake, it seems to be worse when the car starts and gets less as it gets warmer. i only brought it about 3 weeks ago, and i was told that it had new pads and discs. has anyone got any ideas?