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  1. chrispilko

    Focus 1.4 mk2

    Changed leads and had my flashlight on but couldn't see any liquid down there. However when i replaced the plugs they were cracked and in an awful state so i replaced them with bosch super 4's. Cheers anyway.
  2. chrispilko

    Focus 1.4 mk2

    I am going to replace fuel filter today also. I will ask my brother about maf and o2 sensors as he is a mechanic. I will keep everyone updated, cheers.
  3. chrispilko

    Focus 1.4 mk2

    Hi, i replaced the ht leads and no difference. However i got some stp injector cleaner and held the revs to 2.5k and sprayed some through a spray bottle into intake butterfly valve and it had a drastic performance increase.The car pulls now when i put my foot to the floor but slightly holding back still at higher revs. I am going to try cataclean today because i got a very good deal on a bottle of it (snake oil) and i suspect a blocked cat. I will keep everyone updated anyway so thanks.
  4. chrispilko

    Focus 1.4 mk2

    I will borrow some from a different ford focus today and let you know. Any idea to where the egr valve is located?
  5. chrispilko

    Focus 1.4 mk2

    Hi all, I have my 2005 1.4 ford focus mk2 and it needs attention asap. The car is very sluggish to accelerate especially on a hill. I know they came out of the factory with sluggish acceleration but my car seems like it wants to hold back when foot is pressed to the floor. I have replaced plugs and coil-pack and still no improvement, the ht leads look in good shape so i didn't bother with them. The car has also failed nct due to emission problems so i have come to the conclusion that the egr valve may need a serious clean considering the old spark plugs were in an awful state. The car was scanned with diagnostics and no codes were present. Anyway, I can't locate the egr valve though so if anyone could help it would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.