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  1. Problem solved thanks to Dan62! fuse 49 was popped!
  2. Thanks for the reply! Also the full beams and xenons headlights work fine, all fogs, indicators and reverse light fine too, just this circuit of lights seems to be bust. I tried a normal bulb in the reg plate lights and it don't work it has 7.5amp fuse back in so no power getting to them nor the side lights and tail lights unless in parking light mode then the side lights and tail lights work fine! I've found some other similar posts online saying its the 'light switch control unit' could the 10 amp fuse have allowed something to break in the switch? sorry for being stupid what's the gem? The fuse box under the glove box? thanks again for the reply really appreciated !
  3. Help..!! I changed my reg plates bulbs to LED's and they worked fine.. Seen that they weren't working the next day and found they blew fuse 73 7.5amp, brought a new fuse it blew it again immediately. Heard that "they draw more current sometimes" so I thought I would try a 10 amp fuse put it in and they didn't work but didn't blow the fuse either, put another 7.5amp fuse and now and I have noticed I have no side lights, instrument lights or tail lights working at all! Doesn't chime when left on and open door and the green lights-on dash symbol doesn't light up! Weird thing is the side lights and tail lights work when in parking light mode 🤔 checked all fuses and they fine.. any ideas greatly appreciated!! 2006 pfl