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  1. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    Just been out on my lunch break and I noticed specifically its when I slowly turn left at around 30mph.
  2. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    Very strange that its only one side, unless its just not as noticeable on the other side? :S
  3. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    I have to admit it drove perfect with the 15s before. I was curious as to if it was the wheels but thought the problem would be on both sides? He sold the original 15s so trying to source some for a decent price! The ones on now look awful!
  4. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    I'd be quite happy with something as simple as a broken spring lol! Rather that then a steering rack job! Wouldn't know if it was a spring until it actually snapped though would I? Had a MK4 Astra and the rear springs on them snapped at least 4 times a year! xD
  5. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    I checked tyre pressures yesterday and they was all at 32 PSI :(
  6. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    Morning all, New to the forum so apologies if this thread is in the wrong place! I brought my old 2004 MK1 Focus Ghia back from my brother last week, he had changed the 15" standard for some 17" racing alloys with low profiles. I now have an issue with the steering on the car around low speeds between 10-15mph. The steering when turning left feels like it has some sort of resistance to it. Have to turn the wheel sometimes with quite some force to actually get it to want to turn. Wasn't sure if it would have anything to do with the wheels due to it not doing it before with the 15" it had. It passed an MOT last week with no advisories on steering, just slight play in anti roll bar link which I am due to replace and a couple low tread tyres. Fluid seems okay but then surely low fluid wouldn't just effect steering in one direction? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!