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  1. Juddering when flooring

    Iv tested the alternater as we'd told it could be that all's fine im lost now do t know where to go from here
  2. Juddering when flooring

    I had aa out and they tested it and said all was fine I dont know how they didnt pick it up
  3. Juddering when flooring

    They was oil under the rocket in the spark plug wells has that cleaned new spark plugs ht leads and a new coil pack and a rocker gasket done and still same
  4. Juddering when flooring

    Here is the vid sorry i didnt realise radio was on and not the best vid but hope it helps
  5. Juddering when flooring

    Hi i have a 03 fiesta lent it to a mate long story short he run it with low coolant blow my heater pipe spark plugs and the rocket gasket if i got that right and now all I get when flooring it is a judder engine light comes on as well as temp light stops when i ease of revs up upload my vid
  6. Ford fiesta mk6

  7. Ford fiesta mk6

    Will do thanx a lot 😀
  8. Ford fiesta mk6

    I carnt seem to find any seems like il offer buy a aftermarket one
  9. Ford fiesta mk6

    Thanx for the info mate nice
  10. Ford fiesta mk6

    Il let you know when im back from work thanx for fast reply
  11. Ford fiesta mk6

    First off id like to say hi to you all I jave a ford fiesta mk6 03 plate and i want to kbow what gem id need to add remote central locking to it I have added a pic of my gem thanx