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  1. Thanks for the responses guys - appreciate your views and think we're gonna go for it. If it had missed a mileage service rather than an annual one then I'd probably give it a wide berth but it's only done 6,000 miles since it's last (first) service and fluids just sitting there for an extra 6 months I'm not too concerned about - especially as the dealer is going to replace them and do the missed service as part of the sale. @ GAryPL - sorry you've had a crap experience, once you have something like that it really puts you off a brand. Looking at the self-destruct / overheating / coolant problem it looks like most of the issues are with Focus Ecoboosts and pre-2014...
  2. Hi All, Looking for a bit of help/advice please. We're getting a 2015 Ecoboost Zetec and have found a decent one for our budget BUT I have 2 reservations: 1. Under the bonnet, on the sound-proofing just behind the battery there is a white residue, could be mildew where the cars been sitting idle or maybe a battery acid leak? The battery itself was clean, all the terminals and leads looked good and there wasn't any sign of leakage that I could see so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had/got this weird white substance on the bulkhead sound insulation - or any suggestions? 2. It's from a Ford dealer, 1 owner, was registered by them Mar 2015 and has done 12,340miles. It only has one service stamp though (also by the dealer) at about 5,400 miles / March 16 so technically it's missed a second service by 6 months (should have had one in March this year). It's only done about 6,000 since the last (5,400 mile) service in March 16 so I'm not worried about the mileage particularly. The dealer is offering to do this service as part of the sale and has promised to honour the remaining manufacturer's warranty (6 months). My question is I guess, should I avoid this car because of this missed service or am I worrying too much as the dealer will do it before we take delivery... the car seems in good condition, drives well so it's really only the missed service that's stopping me at the moment. Any help/suggestions gratefully received.... Thanks.