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  1. My paint is honestly horrible, got a few long bush scratches from a holly bush that I scraped whilst reverse parking, plus seem to get lots of little marks where people probably brush the car in car parks and stuff which is irritating. However, it is like I say a 13 year old car now so like most of its age its going to have marks and scratches from spending most of its time in the urban environment.
  2. Gotta love the Inbetweeners!
  3. I think that’s the problem with older cars if you don’t bother too much with keeping them clean, they start to look tatty. Mine was a bit of a state when I bought it, but I don’t mind as I still occasionally scratch it and as it’s a first car I’m bound to knock it a few times. And anyway it’s 13 years old so it will have a few dings and scratches. I must say yours is an exceptional example which you take a lot of care to keep nice, which most people don’t.
  4. Not good, landlords are a complete law unto themselves.
  5. We had a CDA (I think that’s what it was) in our uni house last year with a light for each ring, but it was a ceramic job so no use to you sadly.
  6. I like being able to see these two side by side, facelift is definitely better looking.
  7. The MK2 will be staying for my brother to learn to drive in it next year, so will be SORN'd for a while. The 1.6 is certainly a "wheezy engine" haha, but it isn't really too bad and at the moment I don't do a lot of motorway mileage so that doesn't worry me too much. Again, I agrree that despite the horror stories, the 1.0 is a good engine and the Mk3.5 ironed out the issues that the earlier cars suffered with. I just can't help but feel these 1.0 Turbo triples operate at much higher stresses than a 1.6 N/A 4 pot and so won't last as long overall but I'm sure I'll be proven wrong. Yeah that would be a wise move to assume it hasn't been done if no paperwork, and £700 is a fair cost to get the work done. I'd haggle at least £500 off the asking price to take it into account and Dreamscience are a good place to get it done.
  8. @TomsFocus I get migraines a lot as a hereditary thing, and I get tingles all over and loss of vision in one eye. Quite frightening at times but it does pass!
  9. I'll be keeping the old MK2 around when I do get it, so can literally do a back to back road test! I think I'll prefer the MK3.5 in the end, like you say the interior will be nicer, more toys etc (as I'm aiming for a Titanium or Tit X) and having a more responsive engine will be great. But I don't think it'll have the feeling of longevity that the Mk1's and 2's have. I'm also not bothered about how "upmarket" the interior is. It's fine for what it is, a fairly cheap everyday runaround, its not meant to be an S-Class and honestly the MK7 Golf is no nicer inside. The 2.5 is very solid, the only real weakness is the possibilty of cracking the cylinder liners (even unmodified ones go!) so maybe get the block mod done at the same time as the cambelt if that needs doing?
  10. To be fair though, the old N/A 1.6 is tough as old boots like Tom mentioned, mines 13 this year and still runs pretty sweet (minus the current misfires from old spark plugs) and feels a lot more solid than the EcoBoost. Saying that, I’m looking at getting a 2/3 year old MK3.5 1.0 EB next year once I get a proper job so will be an interesting comparison.
  11. I don’t like trying to get insurance quotes for my sister who passed yesterday, fully braces for the costs but all the insurers systems are down! Spend hours on the phone for them to turn around and say sorry we can’t quote you atm. Much rage has ensued today!
  12. Ok, will see which ones the mechanic uses.
  13. Thanks, not sure when they were last done so will get them changed when its serviced. Which brand plugs are good, as I know some are pretty useless?
  14. So the car has got a bit juddery recently, as in when accelerating from lower speeds sometimes it’ll jolt 2-3 times sometimes quite violently. It doesn’t do it all the time, and happens whether the engines hot or cold regardless of outside temperature, engine load etc. Just thinking that I should probably change the spark plugs and leads when it gets serviced, unless anyone has some better ideas?