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  1. dtulip8


    I should hope so lol
  2. dtulip8


    A £71k Fusion! 😂 Must be a really special edition lol!
  3. dtulip8

    Are you looking to change banks?

    Shame I already use Nationwide, but I too can fully recommend them. Did give me a heart attack when I went to buy my car, as they said I had insufficient funds. Turned out they hadn't processed the money yet, so had to wait a few more days!
  4. You could try ASM autos see if they’ve got a car in for breaking that matches yours. Can sometimes save yourself some good money, like I did buying an AC compressor from them.
  5. dtulip8

    She's still going.

    Good work! Always nice to see cars soldiering on, mines a bit younger at 12 but it’s passed every MOT with flying colours. Hope to keep it until it literally disintegrates.
  6. dtulip8

    Driving postion

    Ok this is really peeing me off now. The MOT man completely changed everything with the seat position. Now no matter what I do, I CANNOT find a comfortable seat rake. One moment it’s too upright, then a little notch back and it’s too reclined. Arghhhh! Gotta do a 250 mile round trip soon and I’m worried I’m gonna be permanently uncomfortable now! I’ve got the steering wheel and distance from the pedals about right it’s just the rake.
  7. dtulip8

    Ford Focus mk2 high clutch

    I did have it changed earlier this year!
  8. dtulip8

    Ford Focus mk2 high clutch

    My clutch is ok for now, though I suspect it may be on a slow descent to death as it’s 12 years old now and has mostly been used about town. The box is quite notchy and stiff at times.
  9. dtulip8

    Ford Focus mk2 high clutch

    Problem is i don’t know! I’ll have to try it by taking it somewhere where no ones watching and having a go!
  10. dtulip8

    Ford Focus mk2 high clutch

    Just as a point, mines always been high too. However, I’ve had it a year and I’ve always been able to pull away in 3rd (albeit very slowly) if I accidentally put it back in 3rd instead of 1st?
  11. dtulip8

    1.8 Duratec MPG

    The Focus is a heavy car, and so needs working a little bit regardless of the engine. The 1.8 has about 120bhp which isn't much in a car that size, so MPG will suffer. My 1.6 which has even less power (100bhp), doesn't do much better. It only gets about 31mpg although I have had it as high 39 around town recently after some maintenance.
  12. dtulip8

    10 months in-thoughts on my car (long).

    Update! I've now had the car 13 months, and some pretty major work has been done to it recently. I replaced all the filters in the car, which seems to have improved the fuel economy no end. I now live in Leicester, and in town its now doing 40mpg which is nice. Had its MOT recently, and the tester commented how surprised he was with regards to how well the underside was holding up as there's not much rust which is nice for a 12 year old car! I've had 4 new Michelin tyres put on it, which has increased the handling and also eliminated the annoying wander the car used to have. Also, several other family members have purchased them, my aunt's 2.0 Mk1 blew up at the end of August which she replaced with a 2.0 57 reg Titanium which she loves as it has heated seats, auto lights etc. My cousin bought a 1.6 55 plate Ghia which he loves too, so it seems my reviews of the car to them have had an effect!
  13. dtulip8

    Focus radio upgrade

    Thanks Lenny, I will try and ensure I get a Focus one if I do go down this route. How would I know for definite that its not a Mondeo one. I'm looking at going this route as I only really want radio, CD and BT and I prefer the OEM look of it. Cheers Stoney, that guide is just what i was looking for, couldn't find it on google for some reason.
  14. dtulip8

    Focus radio upgrade

    Hi everyone, I want to upgrade my stereo to one such as this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-MONDEO-SONY-CD-MP3-PLAYER-STEREO-FOCUS-MONDEO-NO-CODE/253939486223?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20160323102634%26meid%3D301dfa2fec3347cbbf6ac43138255f85%26pid%3D100623%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D192490277990%26itm%3D253939486223&_trksid=p2047675.c100623.m-1 I know I need to purchase the rounded fascia panel in addition to the radio. Would someone be able to tell me the procedure for how to install the radio?