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  1. Going off to trusty indy garage, will confirm if its discs and pads or just a sticky caliper. Sadly as I'm at uni, I can't perform maintenance on the car in the car park as its expressly forbidden in the contract.
  2. I wouldn't be confident doing it myself, obviously being such a safety critical system. I think its probably a correct diagnosis, they were saying they were well worn on the MOT. When going along normally its straight and true, although it does like to follow camber (theres a part of the A50 thats dreadful for it lol). @isetta how would I know whether its a faulty caliper or not?
  3. A Mondeo is a good shout, my Mum got her 2012 2.0 Ecoboost (the 205ps one with the powershift auto) Titanium X with 65k and a full Ford serivce history for 6.5k back in September to replace her 63 reg C-Max. Such a nice car and seem to be cheaper as big saloons tend to depreciate more here than hatchbacks.
  4. Hi all, The car has started pulling when braking to the left. I've been advised that is because my brake pads need changing as one is applying more force than the other. This would make sense, as on the MOT back in October it was advised that the pads and discs would need changing in 5-6 months. I've been quoted £326 for the work at ATS here in Leicester, which for a uni student sounded quite steep! Would just like to get a second opinion on whether you think this diagnosis is correct, and whether I can get it done more cheaply at my preferred indy garage when I go back home for Easter?
  5. I’m afraid that’s just how it is with the Focus, it’s a very heavy car and in reality a 78bhp 1.4 is far too underpowered for the job. Although I can’t imagine a 1.4 Octavia would be much better in all honesty, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your car.
  6. Keep seeing an Escort Cosworth blasting around town atm, so probably that. However my true dream Ford is an Ultimate Green MK2 Focus RS but I don’t think they’re quite classics yet.
  7. Haha it’s gone very wibbly wobbly!
  8. I don’t like being stuck inside all day drafting a contract when it’s 16c and blazing sunshine outside 😡.
  9. I think the problem is, they're the secondary branch in the city as it were. There's a much bigger one, but its hard for me to get to and always full. Therefore, I reckon the less competent mechanics get stuffed in the one I'm using but sadly I have no other choice.
  10. I don't like needing an alignment after hitting a pothole (useless bloomin council!), and then having the garage muck it up so whilst it no longer pulls, the steering wheel isn't straight. Twice they've done it now, will be taking it for a third time next week as have no time this week now. Luckily they've tried to correct it free of charge, and said they will keep doing so. I suspect they're not clamping the wheel straight whilst doing it (its a National place which I'd normally avoid like the plague). Anyway, rant over!
  11. I do like making it from Leicester to Cardiff and back (with traffic) on a single tank. Did a steady 75mph too so was very impressed with the MPG as usually I’d have to fill up somewhere on the way back. Also 99 Momentum was 115.9 so stuck some of that in as a treat for its good behaviour! 😂 Though not sure what difference it’ll make.
  12. Brilliant, I could do with one of these too as mine are quite badly scraped after someone cut me up on a roundabout!
  13. Ah so I won’t need to worry about doing that then?
  14. Brill, was really easy fitting mine to my Focus as the previous owner had already done all the adapters and things. I just had to take the old one out and push it in. One question, in this video: What is the bloke doing with folding the pins in the cage. I can’t make it out properly and he doesn’t explain it very clearly.