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  1. That’s weird the Focus has one reverse light, my Fiesta has 2.
  2. Good lord that is horrendous! The last truly good looking car BMW made was the E60 in my opinion.
  3. My indesit washer at uni is naff, doesn’t really clean properly no matter what cycle, temp, load etc. The dryer’s not too bad, but not as good as the Bosch one we have at home. Had a CDA oven before, didn’t break so maybe a rare good one 😂? Have Caple now which seems to be pretty good.
  4. I find Hotpoint and associated brands to be rubbish. Bosch and Miele are much better but are also much pricier.
  5. dtulip8

    poor mpg?

    Got up to 39 on mine, really don’t know how people get high 40’s!
  6. I seem to have mongs magnetically attracted to me on the road!
  7. I have Costco membership, so premium fuel is about the same as regular stuff elsewhere. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother putting it in the Fez but it does seem to run more nicely.
  8. Saw a brand new Defender on the M40 tonight, looked very cool! A far cry from the old one, one of which we had for a few months back in 2015.
  9. SYNC 2 has a dark black theme to it, 3 is blue and white. See photos
  10. He’s got a diesel Jeep thingy at the moment, seems very comfy and auto as well which is good for him.
  11. Dad needed something which gets better MPG and more comfortable, as his job requires a lot of travelling. Glad you’ve felt the same way, and it’s not just me. I also worry because I don’t attend a super prestigious uni (it’s good for my course though) and always feel like people judge me just because I’m not at a Russell group and worry about future job prospects. All par for the course though I think.
  12. I don’t like selling our RS yesterday 😢, will certainly be missed. I also don’t like feeling bored with uni, have struggled to find motivation to go over the last few weeks. Hoping reading week will rest me up and I’ll be ready to go again.
  13. Yours is black and red and has a 140ps engine. It’s just a Zetec S with a fancy paint job and some extra power. I think people just buy the S badge and stick it on, most I see round here don’t have it.
  14. I can’t get above 38 in mine, but I live in Leicester which has 8 thousand million sets of traffic lights so I’m constantly stopping and starting.
  15. Seems like an ok price to me, can always haggle it down a bit. I’d probably look for one with a few more options though, will make it more desirable in the future and I assume it’s just an ST-Line and not an X.