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  1. A 67 reg should definitely be a SYNC3, if it has a blue and white colour scheme as opposed to red and black then it’s SYNC3.
  2. We had one of these a few years ago, the turning circle really is appalling! Got stuck in the Oracle car park in Reading once.
  3. Saw a 69 plate BMW i3 yesterday, could’ve been a press car though as BMW UK HQ is just up the road from me. Haven’t seen any others yet.
  4. I have it set similar to you, I was just watching the parking space line on the other side both times and it happened. I get a bit fixated on one mirror sometimes when doing slow speed things like parking and that's what happened.
  5. I can't feel it with my fingernail, so I assume its not very deep. I guess it could be through to the paint, in which case I'll get the chipex paint on it.
  6. I had some old person scrape my rear bumper and just drive off. Although I seem to do most of the damage to my car, mostly from twice reversing down a 🤬bush that I didn't see (not the same ones though) leaving two huge scratches down the passenger side. I do make a few mistakes every now and then but I put that down to only having been driving for 2 and a bit years so still very inexperienced.
  7. I like getting my tyre fixed for £25 in the end, luckily the screw wasn't deep enough to need a new one. As an aside, whats the best way to remove lacquer scratches (from when I accidentally reversed along a bush last year) that wont polish out? I've got a chipex kit but I don't know if that sort of thing is necessary for lacquer scratches.
  8. Tyre was completely flat when I got back so I think it could be toast.
  9. Don’t like coming back from a weeks holiday to see this, is it repairable or shall I just get two new rear tyres?
  10. Nearly ran over a cyclist just now, dressed in all black, no lights and headphones in just careering across a roundabout.
  11. Can just about make out the MK4, but there are 4 generations of Focus here.
  12. I hate people who speed up towards mini-roundabouts and then toot you even though you pulled out when they were miles up the road, honestly don’t get it 🤷‍♂️
  13. I like seeing these on a trip to London this evening!
  14. No problem, I tried everything to DIY fix mine but the car was having none of it and I had to give in.