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  1. Tbf most cars I’ve had driven have done it with the indicator stalk, my old MK2 is the only ones that’s done it like that.
  2. Clutch slipping I would guess. I get the same if I reverse up a steep gradient in the Fiesta without fully releasing the clutch. Just release the clutch fully when going up steep hills (unless of course this isn’t the problem and I’m just lecturing you but I’m 99% certain). If it doesn’t happen when motoring normally, this would be the most likely option.
  3. On modern fords you use the indicator switch to select which side you wish to illuminate. On my old MK2 Focus (and I presume the MK1 will be similar) you push the headlight switch in and turn it to the left. This illuminated both sides on my MK2 which is normal behaviour.
  4. I do miss the simplicity of my old 1.6 Zetec sometimes, that had a CD player too, which is something you have to pay extra for now 😱
  5. I believe the above issue is something to do with software, rather than it actually being blocked. Certainly, I’ve had no problems with mine.
  6. I did well in biology and chemistry but was naff at physics- so the opposite of you Tom! I remember doing a lung and hear dissection, I would’ve had to miss out on an eyeball if we did that, too squeamish for that!
  7. I can’t remember much about it though, it was 6 years ago haha! Shoutout to triple science at GCSE 😂
  8. My father does a lot of work in biological fields, and I took A-level biology so trying to channel some of that basic knowledge here haha!
  9. I believe you will still contract a full viral load if you’ve already had it, it just doesn’t effect you and will take a few days to full fight off. My parents had mild flu symptoms for a week after getting their jab. If enough people have the vaccine and so will become asymptomatic when they get it, then the vectors for transmission will be reduced I guess, greatly reducing the risk for clinically vulnerable people. Equally, the vaccine will allow them to fight it off before it fully takes effect in the body. I’m not an expert, this is just my understanding lol so could be totally incorrect!
  10. You can still have the virus in your immune system, and whilst you won’t feel the effects of it because your immune system kills it off, it’s still transmissible to those that haven’t had it. As an aside, I had it early on in March. I was recently exposed to someone with it at work, and whilst I’ve been self-isolating for 10 days, I haven’t developed any effects from it. Now that may be because I didn’t catch it at all, or it could be because my body has immunity and has killed it off. However, I could still spread it if I did have it.
  11. I find the steering can be quite nervous in mine as well, perhaps we should try lowering the pressures a tiny bit? Mines a non-hybrid, but I have a family member considering a 155 at some point so good to see they’re getting good reviews.
  12. Well done, the newer Sync 3 systems are so much nicer than the clunky Sync 2.
  13. My Fiesta came from the pre-built stock in a compound in Belgium I think. Only had to wait 3 weeks for it to be shipped and registered lol.
  14. That’s good news! What have you got, or is it a suprise?
  15. My GPF equipped car says this on ETIS. If yours says Euro 6 then it won’t have a GPF.
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