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  1. Only lightly, really is a horrible engine! Have been in a 1.9 SDI Polo as well which was only slightly less horrid! Thank god non-turbocharged diesels are pretty much thing of the past now.
  2. I don’t like driving my mates 2.0 SDI Caddy van. 0-60 in 20.5 seconds! Thought I was going to die merging onto the M3!
  3. Oh also he says he’s worried about his clutch. Not feeling like it did a few years ago, and gears are notchy and downshifting doesn’t produce a noticeable slow down like it used to. Cars done 70k but all town driving so could be due replacement?
  4. Just a quickie here. Mates got an identical 1.6 petrol Focus to me. Recently his steering has gone very heavy then weirdly light and floaty. Could dirty fluid cause this, or could it be early signs of a leak. There does seem to be a bit of pump noise but not 100% sure.
  5. Thanks Clive, have ordered one so will see how it goes!
  6. Hi all, My air vents are beginning to bug me! With the open/close dial thing (picture attached for those who don't know what I mean) , the two outermost ones are really loose now with the effect being they won't stay on the open bit and constantly shut themselves off. This means the two middle vents are blowing extra hard at me which is quite irritating 😂. An ideas on how to fix this?
  7. I like playing in a 7-a-side football tournament at the Leicester City Ground and actually winning the damn thing!
  8. My Grandad was a private jet pilot back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with Shell. Apparently his clients included the King of Saudi Arabia and 2 British PM’s amongst others! My Dad runs his own business selling pharmaceuticals for the big manufacturers. Tbf though my Mum is a history teacher so I see that as the most respectable job but does bring it back down to earth!
  9. I like going out in my Grandad's 2007 Mercedes S500 today. Beautifully engineered, every toy under the sun with a near 400bhp 5.5 V8 effortlessly wafting you down the road. Proper cars! Mind you, it did take £110 worth of Shell V-Power today and it still had 100 miles of range left! 😱
  10. Proper commercials, not like my idiot friend who spent twice the price of a used transit on a VW Caddy with no end of problems.
  11. dtulip8


    It’s a good point, I certainly don’t think anyone would care that I have a 1.6 Zetec and I don’t see 2.0 owners shouting at 1.8’s as they utilise their extra 20bhp.
  12. dtulip8


    Our 2012 EcoBoost Mondeo has no badge, and neither does the RS (though I suspect there may be a reason for that!). I always found badging strange on the MK2, when it came out there was no 1.6,1.8 badges etc until 2007 when they suddenly started doing them again.
  13. ST first as they’re getting cheap, plus a bit more comfy as will be a daily. Once I’ve got a good job and a decent daily then the RS will definitely be in the garage as a weekend toy.
  14. Ah yes that’s true actually, I completely forgot about that as I did mine quite a long time ago.
  15. Always hard not being able to use something you love, I’m currently saving for one of these (the one pictures is my cousins which got me hooked):