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  1. I believe there were some issues relating to the oil pressure switch as detailed elsewhere on this forum, but it’s odd that it’s still happening on brand new cars.
  2. I get premium whilst I’m at uni as I have a Costco nearby, so it’s cheaper than regular! When I’m at home it’s 95 for the Fez.
  3. Have you got a picture of those, don’t think I’ve ever seen that style before?
  4. That’s a lot of money for a Fiesta!
  5. I like having my Fiesta back! Feels so nippy compared to the Focus.
  6. I think it’s temperature related, it seems to stop when the outside temperature drops below 25c
  7. Haha. Unfortunately though it turns out I haven’t solved it, it’s started doing it again today.
  8. If you want either Sync 2 or 3. I have both systems for sale. Send me a PM if you’re interested. They’re also a lot cheaper than what you’ve been quoted!
  9. I had it on the bottom of the cold dial, so although the max AC bit wasn’t lit, it still shoved the recirc bit on. Moved the temp up slightly and it turned off.
  10. Lol never mind I’ve sorted it 😂
  11. Does anyone know why the recirc button in our Fiesta is always on. Comes on when you start the car, and when you select the direction to face or turn on AC. The Max AC setting is not on.
  12. Odd, I get some pop ups on other websites which drive me nuts, then they’ll disappear like nothing happened. Never happened on here though.
  13. The 1.0 in our Fiesta is also the old style without cylinder deactivation I think, car is on a 69 plate.
  14. Haha I live about 10 minutes away from you, but wouldn’t be much help with it your predicament unfortunately 😂