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  1. MK2 2.0 Duratec - Intermittent Issues Starting

    Took it to my local Ford dealer (though I did throw some other business their way in the process by getting a replacement badge fitted), mentioned that it was having issues starting when warm. Got a call from the garage about an hour later from a tech there who said he's seen the issue on a mk2 2.0 before, said he'll update the PCM software but not much else he can do as it's not a regularly occurring issue. Got the car back that afternoon and now 2 weeks later I've not had a starting issue since! Only cost me the flat rate £50 "diagnostics" fee.
  2. MK2 2.0 Duratec - Intermittent Issues Starting

    Bit of a bump by now but getting the engine management software updated has completely fixed the problem! Done about 350 miles since having the work done and not had a single poor start! So happy! Thanks for the recommendation JW1982!!!!
  3. Moving USB/DAB Leads from Last Owner

    And we have a result! Found the DAB lead was conveniently routed behind the head unit so removing the part of the dash from before and pulling it through has managed to have the aerial in prime position for my new head unit. USB charging lead was cable tied and taped to a 12V socket, socket is still there but minus the charger so all nice and tidy now :) Thanks for all your help!
  4. Moving USB/DAB Leads from Last Owner

    Whatever it costs me to post, drop me a PM :) Won't be coming with leads and an aerial though for obvious reasons!
  5. Bought my Astra in Gainsborough and the current Focus in Retford so a little familiar with the area, went to uni in Sheffield too :)
  6. Moving USB/DAB Leads from Last Owner

    You're the man Stoney! Your advice worked beautifully with regards to accessing the leads, though that's now the least of my issues. Trim off More trim off and cable unraveled from it's folding over, tons of it! Started following the USB lead to a car charger of some description, a few cable ties and what I imagine to be a 12V port. The port then trails becomes a red cable and god knows where it goes from there :( Can't say I'm overly looking forward to the next step!
  7. Previous owner to me had this funky little DAB receiver which connects via AUX and has a USB lead and DAB aerial that connect to it. (Anyone is welcome to the actual unit itself!) Once it's all together it works rather nicely but I'm actually intending on putting a DAB enabled head unit in my Focus. Unfortunately, the leads are currently coming out of the driver side trim. Which leads me on to how I would a) Move the DAB aerial lead into the back of the housing for the head unit b) Move/remove the USB cable (I have no idea how it's connected to the existing wiring, though I may well end up using it for a dashcam at a later date). Due to how it's routed, how likely is it that this would be a full dash out job?
  8. Hi Phil! It's the less common-ness that really does it for me I think! Whereabouts in Lincs are you? Your use of yellow belly would make me think more North Lincs!
  9. MK2 2.0 Duratec - Intermittent Issues Starting

    Sounds like a job for my local Ford dealer no? Or could an independent (non-specialist) do this?
  10. MK2 2.0 Duratec - Intermittent Issues Starting

    Videos of starting The perfect start The "weak" start - low RPM idle which then wakes up when I give it some accelerator The "non" start - doesn't ignite until I give it some accelerator Tried the spare key and still got the issue which would go some distance towards ruling out PATS. Can try replacing the fuel filter but it *should* only be about 2 months old Same with spark plugs, could the gap be too wide as a result of the wrong plugs being used? And like you say, running is otherwise fine. Can still hear the fuel pump starting (assuming that's what it is) even on the problematic starts welp
  11. Hello! Since purchasing my Focus, I've noticed an infrequent starting issue where the car will turn over but not want to start unless I either hit the accelerator or remove the key and try again. Whether the car is cold or warm makes no difference in this respect and no fault codes have been found. It's also had a recent service of spark plugs, oil and filters according to the previous owner. The rest of the time, the car starts fine first time. So far I've replaced the camshaft sensor (recommended by a mechanically minded cousin- who says the car looks fine aside) and run some injector cleaner through the tank to no avail. I get the impression that it's fuel related, due to a push of the throttle putting the car into life, any ideas of things I can try? I'm open to replacing parts as with the purchase of the car I did budget a little towards fixes and upgrades, but not excessively as I'd like to focus on the latter ideally! Very appreciative of all suggestions, couldn't find anything overly conclusive in the common problems thread. I will get a video of the starting as well, next time it occurs. Thanks, Michael
  12. Hello everybody! Have come from a Mk5 Astra which was long past it's use by date and completely tired out and now joined the Ford club! Admittedly second time lucky though as I first went into a Mk2.5 1.8 Focus Titanium Sport for all of about a month and a half (a big mileage month though as I covered around 2500 miles in it including a lot of motorway miles as well as a 30 mile commute). I unfortunately just didn't get on with it well enough to think "This'll do nicely". So I got it sold and was then on the lookout for something different but preferably Focus flavoured. Let me introduce something that I do infact will do nicely, my Focus Mk2 2.0 Petrol Titanium Saloon! 80,000 miles, well serviced with the exception of missing one service and comfortable! I chose this over the hatchback equivalent for a few reasons - It was cheap! (£1295 vs £3450 for the mk2.5) - The 2.0 duratec wipes the floor with the 1.8 for a variety of reasons. There's so much more torque which makes town driving an awful lot easier and the induction noise is surprisingly nice for a 4 cylinder engine in my experience. Gearing is also much better suited to cruising (3k RPM at 80mph vs 4k in the 1.8) - No sport pack meaning a more comfortable suspension, smaller wheels and cheaper replacement tyres - Rear brake discs as opposed to drums (an aesthetic thing more than anything else) - The 'rare' factor, it didn't take long for the novelty of driving a silver focus hatchback to wear off due to the amount of them I'd see around town whereas with this one, I've owned it a month and only seen one other saloon, and in a different colour no less!! Experienced similar with my Astra mk5, as it was a white one and white Astra hatchbacks were strangely rare (may have been just before the immense surge in popularity that exists with white cars nowadays) There are, of course, a few issues, and I may well create a project thread to demonstrate these but with the exception of a starting issue it's all niggly cosmetic stuff. Handles nicely on the Lincolnshire and Rutland roads and a little smitten with it despite its unpopular looks (but who doesn't love a good underdog?). Hope to become more familiar with this place as time goes on! Michael