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  1. I have a Sport, Auto. I changed my front pads myself at 24k miles (expensive pads, glad I was a Ford employee at the time). Rears still have about 50% left on them. Discs were all good.
  2. I just resently put a post on about a starting issue. Going to change the oil this wkend, see if it makes a difference. It hunts and shudders for a couple of seconds and then settles down on cold start. The hissing. Funnily, I noticed that on mine the other day because my misses pulled up in it, I was standing outside and when ST/ST activated I heard a hissing. Exactly the same location. Don’t know what it is. Thought I had a puncher at first. Need to look into that. Had the oil change warning come up. Dealer actually told me that they have regular problems with the oil sensor and they changed it. No issues since. The speed limit sensor in my opinion is only a guide, don’t rely on it. A few times it has been incorrect. Wiper blades on mine are starting to deteriorate and getting a bit juddery but they have done 2 years so I’m ok with that.
  3. Thanks for the replies, appreciate that. Done almost 25k and never used to do it before but it has been cold recently in a Essex. Although the oil was changed mid last year, I’m going to try a fresh oil change this coming wkend, just to see if it makes any difference (but not Ford oil, possibly Comma or Petronas, they were my preferred when I had my Merc). I’ll update once I’ve done .
  4. Hi, has anyone come across any starting issues on their Edge. My Edge has started to shudder uncomfortably for about for 5 seconds on start up and then runs absolutely fine. Anyone else come across this? Only happens on cold start up.
  5. I did mine the other week to my wife’s disgust. Lol. I also struggled to locate the colour so used a firm called ‘just wheel repair’. He said it would be really hard to get a 100% perfect finish and just did a localised repair but it turned out really good. Cost me £60. Rather that that spending £250 on a new alloy.
  6. Nightmare had at mine (EAG). Changed back in September last year, damaged most of the trim in the process and tried to bodge it back. Fords not impressed with them. Still waiting on one more final piece of trim that needs replacing and then it will be back to being perfect again.
  7. Going to have to test mine tomorrow. See what happens
  8. CobraGT


    I've actually bought one of the fake ports off eBay but still to fit it yet.
  9. I think it's up to 20k/2yrs but its has an 'intelligent oil life monitor' that calculates the optimal oil change interval depending on how the vehicle is driven so may come up earlier on the cluster. However I'm changing my oil yearly regardless of what is specified. I know oils are a lot better these days but I still wouldn't want the same oil in it for 2 years.
  10. Hi, oh she is a beauty, cheers dude
  11. Yeah as xn85 said, the adaptive steering is now a £500 optional extra and you had to have had the lux pack to get the half leather seats which I now think is standard. I actually prefer the fabric personally which I have.
  12. I've had the complete steering wheel replaced in mine. All fine now. You get a few malfunction warnings at first and they do clear themselves. Try and take a picture of it when it comes up on the screen. I gave that to the dealers and they changed the wheel straight away. Luckly they had one in stock so was done the next day. Leave to to long and quite possibly the steering wheel could turn and sit at 90 degrees. That's what happened to my friends Sport version. Also strangely enough it happened both on mine and friends sport around 4500 miles
  13. Had my curtain airbags replaced last week and they handed it back with the c-pillar trims loose, a-pillar trims loose, grab handles loose and windscreen camera trim hanging down and also clips missing. Went mental at them and they took it back in and did fix all the issues finally over a couple of days. I can appreciate headlining down it not an easy job and tbh 3 hours they have assigned to the repair it not really enough but was so annoyed they had the nerve handing the car back thinking I would accept it in that condition. Anyway they offered me a free service as a gesture of goodwill which was a bonus so will let the off this time. Before you take the car in, take pictures of all the trim and when you do get he car back, throughly check everything and make sure there are no trim gaps and they haven't bodged any broken clips. Mines perfect now and back to how it should be when it left the factory.
  14. Hi all, finally chopped in the Mercedes last November and had the Ford Edge Sport for the last 10 months and absolutely loving it, best car I've owned in years.