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  1. Do consider one with the optional Adaptive LED Headlights. They are amazing! Haven't seen the halogen lights myself but quite a few people say they are quite poor. I have had warnings come up on my dash like others for the headlights however, took it in for some more warranty work and they said that the lights needed a software update. The warning hasn't come up since however it didn't come up very often and that was about 3 weeks ago.
  2. I'd never heard of this feature before but out of interest had a go with it on my 2016 Edge Sport (Auto) Surprisingly enough it did work and I've set it to the memory. However as the article says in your link, they do dip automatically when putting it in reverse, however you have to select the mirror you want to dip first and then deselect it when you want it to rise again. That's how mine worked anyway.
  3. I've not had any loss of power issues but when my car was in for some warranty work last year, they told me that the DPF sensor was giving off faults and they had replaced it
  4. Front camera should have a little thing that pops out when you use the windscreen washers (if you have the front camera of course). The headlights whether halogen or LED don't have washers
  5. I am still able to change that setting in mine. The only difference I noticed was the full lock steering angle changed. I could turn the wheel more until I reached full lock. With muscle memory it meant every time I took a turn at a junction, I had to get used to a slightly different steering angle.
  6. Pretty much exactly what mine looks like, reg plate in the edges of the screen. Really wish they had a spray on the back like the front camera as this time of year it gets so dirty!
  7. Yeh, I couldn't find F8, from the search I did, F7 was applicable for 2018-2019 I think. Maybe Sync3 is numbered differently.
  8. You can update, but just need to buy the SD card. I found one on eBay for £25.
  9. That just sounds like a normal diesel start in cold weather. Hard to tell without a video of it. Didn't start mine for 4 days last week and the first start was in -2°c and it was really rough for a couple seconds at start
  10. They're after April 2017. The rates before April 2017 are... Petrol car (TC48) and diesel car (TC49) Band CO2 emission (g/km) Single 12 month payment Single 12 month payment by Direct Debit Total of 12 monthly instalments by Direct Debit Single 6 month payment Single 6 month payment by Direct Debit A Up to 100 £0 £0 N/A N/A N/A B 101-110 £20 £20 £21 N/A N/A C 111-120 £30 £30 £31.50 N/A N/A D 121-130 £120 £120 £126 £66 £63 E 131-140 £140 £140 £147 £77 £73.50 F 141-150 £155 £155 £162.75 £85.25 £81.38 G 151-165 £195 £195 £204.75 £107.25 £102.38 H 166-175 £230 £230 £241.50 £126.50 £120.75 I 176-185 £250 £250 £262.50 £137.50 £131.25 J 186-200 £290 £290 £304.50 £159.50 £152.25 K* 201-225 £315 £315 £330.75 £173.25 £165.38 L 226-255 £540 £540 £567 £297 £283.50 M Over 255 £555 £555 £582.75 £305.25 £291.38
  11. Second what Yetiman says. The adaptive LED headlights are brilliant. Quite a few comments on this forum of how poor the halogen headlights are
  12. When you say it turns off, do you get a message? It's an AWD system, not 4WD. So under light throttle usage, all the power is transferred to the front wheels. If you bring up the little display on the dash showing where the power is going, it will only give power to all wheels with heavy throttle usage. That is my understanding of the system anyway.
  13. Ok thanks. Yeh am aware but wasn't sure if the min>max was 500ml, 1 litre or more. Just wondering if anybody knew. Also, I'll have a look in the manual tomorrow but does anybody know what grade of oil it takes?
  14. Just had a low oil warning come up on the dash. The car was serviced almost a year ago (5th Jan). Checked it now after it's been sat for 30 mins and its just under 1/3rd between min and max so doesn't seem too bad. Should I top it up with a litre? I don't know how much it equates to between the min and max marks. If it's a litre, I'll overfill it, so just looking for some advice? Thanks :)