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  1. Tried this morning when I went shopping. Didn't notice any knocking or noise of any type when doing what you said. Closest to any noise like that is when the fuel tank is half full and you break or accelerate momentarily and the fuel sloshes around a lot. When parking and you jab the breaks, the sloshing produces quite a knock sometimes but not really related to what you're mentioning.
  2. hahahah... Exactly why I quoted that forum thread. Look at the page linked... I know you can only believe so much you read on the internet but one person claimed that Ford Service UK on twitter, confirmed it's Left hand for UK and Right for rest of Europe. It doesn't say "oncoming traffic", it says, as most people talk about it "traffic".
  3. Left for UK, Right for Europe...
  4. Towards the end of the brochure will give you an idea of all the main differences/options... 2016_Ford_Edge_Brochure.pdf
  5. Had that on mine when the car was around 2 years old. Apparently some work needed doing to the runners so don't know exactly what they did. Hope the info helps but sorry can't be more help. The roof would visibly struggle to shut and then get around 75% closed and stop then automatically reopen, like some kind of safety system to prevent crushing somebody/limbs etc
  6. What the hell are you thinking!?! Just kidding, of the just over 10 years I've been driving, I have always shopped around and have always bought the cheapest (brand new) tyre available. And yes, I know, stopping distance in wet etc. In terms of grip though, I'm not racing the car! The original Scorpion Verde ran out on my car at around 30,000 miles so replaced them for £80 per tyre fitted which suits me. Accelera ST-86 tyres and driven 10,000 miles on them so far and no problems.
  7. This topic talks about replacing them all with LEDs so not exactly a replacement for a standard halogen but might help with location/type maybe...
  8. Ahh of course, was getting interested then!
  9. Just had a thought, when I updated my Sync2 to F7 a while ago, the map wasn't blank but it took 2 or 3 restarts of the ignition to show the new version of maps. You've probably tried it but a full switch on and off a couple times may work if you haven't already?
  10. There must be several different versions... This one worked via the plastic outer button pushing onto the rubber backing which then pushed the little rubber gromet circles onto the circuit board. No idea how it works and won't even pretend to 😄 Couple photos I took of it below...
  11. Thanks for the reply. Just in case anybody comes across this in the future... No issues caused by unplugging it and plugging back in. However, the switch I bought which was supposed to be compatible after putting the car reg in wasn't. Wife's Fiesta is maybe a bit older as the hazard/lock switch was not an individual switch but one whole circuit board under the set of stereo buttons. So put it back together and the button worekd fine again, probably just some dirt under there.
  12. Main dealer prices to begin with but the gearbox fluid is very expensive I believe. That's for the Auto anyhow.
  13. Hi, wife's Fiesta has an issue with the hazard switch button on the dash. You have to push it VERY hard to get it to work and has slowly got worse. Seen the switches on eBay and found another thread on here about replacing it that I've linked here, but my question is... Will there be any warning/fault lights on the dash that would need clearing after unplugging the switch (as long as I don't unplug anything else)? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Interesting project. Sorry, no input, but didn't realise the new Edge is available with a HUD??
  15. Not sure about the front fans, should depend what settings you have it on in the settings, however... For the rear, my understanding is, there are no switches/rollers etc, but if you push the slider on the outlet fully to the side (not sure which way/or either side), it closes the outlet off completely. Easier to understand by looking at it whilst in the back of the car.