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  1. Apart from needing a clean, my lights are the same, sharp edges to the hole and not drilled out...
  2. Moved to the Midlands 4 years ago and not knowing any local service shops, wife and I ended up using Halfords for her 2011 Fiesta and my old 2008 VW Passat for servicing. Over the several services we've had there, haven't had any other items pop up on services or failed an MOT from them. Phoned several other places and Halfords were always cheaper. May have been lucky with maintenance items not being needed but can't fault them. Just my experience of them. Wifes car due a lot of 'timed' items next year though on the service 😕
  3. The green lines are the lane keeping system. Not sure if the newer edge has the upgraded lane keeping where it actually assists in any way but the 2016 model edge it goes amber when you stray towards the edge of the lane and will steer the car back towards centre if continued towards the edge of the lane. Then if you go over the edge of the lane, the lines goes red and steering wheel vibrates 3 times.
  4. Some time lapse footage of our trip in case anybody is interested 🙂.....
  5. Drove to Croatia and back over 9 days. Literally seen 2 Edges, 1 new model at the channel tunnel and 1 older model in Germany and that was it, over 3100 miles. Seem to be seeing quite a few in my local area now though. Got my first MOT coming up next month.
  6. There's only my Edge in the pic and you're both saying the same area, so yeh 😁 Pictures don't do it justice, it's filthy! The colour does hide it quite well but all front surfaces are fully covered in bugs and front wheels are covered in brake dust. After around 1500 miles in Split, Croatia, I stopped in a self service jet wash and gave it a quick once over to get the bugs off so that helped a bit. Thanks!
  7. Thanks. Driving in mainland Europe seems to be quite a bit nicer than the UK, especially traffic wise in my experience. Good eye but not looking hard enough! 😁
  8. Wife and I took the car on a short road trip for a week around Europe with the grand plan being down to Croatia and back via France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Luxembourg. Anyway, just thought I'd share some pics of the car and you might be interested 🙂 Also for those interested, theres a map at the bottom of the rough route. Overall was a good trip and no problems (fortunately) and for a car that's almost 2 tons it doesn't do too bad. Had it cruising at 130mph for a while on the autobahn a few times but couldn't quite match the Mercs/Audis etc 😁 The sign recognition is much more suited for Europe and worked great. Different things in different countries as well as showing speed signs in black for some reason in Croatia, not sure what that was about if anybody knows? Anyhow, total of... 3089 miles 60 hours driving (Trip Computer) Avg. 39.4mpg Rest stop in Hungary Rest stop in Croatia Random village in Hungary Viewpoint in Croatia Viewpoint in Croatia Ferry from Pag to Prizna (Croatia) AC and AC seats quite nice in the heat! Read a lot of bad reviews on the Sync2 but I quite like it and having used a Sync3 in a Lincoln Navigator on a road trip in the US, prefer the style of S2 Apartment in Croatia Bonus pic... Spot the Edge Trip computer reset as we left home Rough route we took except M25 via Dartford both times
  9. Got some progress on mine. Had the fault come up while in town so went straight to the Ford garage and didn't switch the engine off. They came out and plugged a laptop in and got an error along the lines of "General electrical failure left headlight" so in to be replaced soon. Next up will be the right headlight... when it's out of warranty no doubt! Every other time I took it in, they said there was no fault, so obviously cleared itself each engine restart.
  10. Do consider one with the optional Adaptive LED Headlights. They are amazing! Haven't seen the halogen lights myself but quite a few people say they are quite poor. I have had warnings come up on my dash like others for the headlights however, took it in for some more warranty work and they said that the lights needed a software update. The warning hasn't come up since however it didn't come up very often and that was about 3 weeks ago.
  11. I'd never heard of this feature before but out of interest had a go with it on my 2016 Edge Sport (Auto) Surprisingly enough it did work and I've set it to the memory. However as the article says in your link, they do dip automatically when putting it in reverse, however you have to select the mirror you want to dip first and then deselect it when you want it to rise again. That's how mine worked anyway.
  12. I've not had any loss of power issues but when my car was in for some warranty work last year, they told me that the DPF sensor was giving off faults and they had replaced it
  13. Front camera should have a little thing that pops out when you use the windscreen washers (if you have the front camera of course). The headlights whether halogen or LED don't have washers
  14. I am still able to change that setting in mine. The only difference I noticed was the full lock steering angle changed. I could turn the wheel more until I reached full lock. With muscle memory it meant every time I took a turn at a junction, I had to get used to a slightly different steering angle.
  15. Pretty much exactly what mine looks like, reg plate in the edges of the screen. Really wish they had a spray on the back like the front camera as this time of year it gets so dirty!