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  1. Trent Edge

    What to look for when buying ?

    They're after April 2017. The rates before April 2017 are... Petrol car (TC48) and diesel car (TC49) Band CO2 emission (g/km) Single 12 month payment Single 12 month payment by Direct Debit Total of 12 monthly instalments by Direct Debit Single 6 month payment Single 6 month payment by Direct Debit A Up to 100 £0 £0 N/A N/A N/A B 101-110 £20 £20 £21 N/A N/A C 111-120 £30 £30 £31.50 N/A N/A D 121-130 £120 £120 £126 £66 £63 E 131-140 £140 £140 £147 £77 £73.50 F 141-150 £155 £155 £162.75 £85.25 £81.38 G 151-165 £195 £195 £204.75 £107.25 £102.38 H 166-175 £230 £230 £241.50 £126.50 £120.75 I 176-185 £250 £250 £262.50 £137.50 £131.25 J 186-200 £290 £290 £304.50 £159.50 £152.25 K* 201-225 £315 £315 £330.75 £173.25 £165.38 L 226-255 £540 £540 £567 £297 £283.50 M Over 255 £555 £555 £582.75 £305.25 £291.38
  2. Trent Edge

    What to look for when buying ?

    Second what Yetiman says. The adaptive LED headlights are brilliant. Quite a few comments on this forum of how poor the halogen headlights are
  3. Trent Edge

    AWD turns off

    When you say it turns off, do you get a message? It's an AWD system, not 4WD. So under light throttle usage, all the power is transferred to the front wheels. If you bring up the little display on the dash showing where the power is going, it will only give power to all wheels with heavy throttle usage. That is my understanding of the system anyway.
  4. Trent Edge

    Oil Level Low Warning

    Ok thanks. Yeh am aware but wasn't sure if the min>max was 500ml, 1 litre or more. Just wondering if anybody knew. Also, I'll have a look in the manual tomorrow but does anybody know what grade of oil it takes?
  5. Trent Edge

    Oil Level Low Warning

    Just had a low oil warning come up on the dash. The car was serviced almost a year ago (5th Jan). Checked it now after it's been sat for 30 mins and its just under 1/3rd between min and max so doesn't seem too bad. Should I top it up with a litre? I don't know how much it equates to between the min and max marks. If it's a litre, I'll overfill it, so just looking for some advice? Thanks :)
  6. Good to hear... apart from the boot!
  7. Trent Edge

    sunroof glass

    Any chance you could share a photo of where it is?
  8. Wow, can't see that being linked to the cam install. Anyhow, good that it's sorted
  9. Sounds stupid, but, have you tried it again since?
  10. Not sure if it's similar to this one...
  11. Ohhhh, that's strange. I think mine were all relatively correct, however I might be wrong. My Edge was registered Sep 2016 so a slightly older one whether that makes any difference.
  12. There shouldn't be any one fuse controlling everything. That's the point in having all the different fuses. Can't see how it would have caused this problem apart from some sort of short circuit somewhere that has blown a load of fuses. Sure it'll be fine. Let us know what the result is
  13. Also, I'm sure it's the same, but in case it's not, did you check your manual as to what fuse 36 provides power to?
  14. Strange! I know it isn't much help but could be a coincidence. From my own experiences and reading stories here, the Edge seems to have so many intermittent electrical gremlins. Literally just reversed into my drive 10 mins ago and the parking sensors starting beeping as I get closer to the garage, but this time, the radio volume doesn't lower and the beeping sounds very strange. It'll prob be fine next time but that's a perfect example. Anyway....... Have you checked that you haven't accidentally blown another fuse. If not, remove the dashcam and all evidence of the installation and take it to Ford.