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  1. Parasitic Battery Drain

    Hello I have recently had a parasitic battery drain on my Focus 2012 TDCI 2.0. (using a new thread since the old one was about chimes) After running a few tests, 1.1amps was escaping the battery over the course of the day nonstop. This has led me to jump starting the car as I don't have access to the vehicle or another person who can make sure the battery stays alive as I have read across the forums that leaving the battery below a certain percentage is not the best thing to do, unfortunately this has been the case for the last few days, as I do not have access to the car outside of 8+ hours at a time some days. The battery was changed as the garage initially thought it was the battery at first, and the problem persisted. In the end, I decided to do a few tests and see what was wrong. The alternator and the battery are in working order, 1.1 - 1.2 amps were being picked up by the meter during sleep mode. (30 - 40 minutes later) After taking out fuses one by one once the car had been idle for 30 - 40 minutes, I managed to get the amp reading down to the lowest off 0.02, with the highest being 0.04. The culprits being the following: Fuse 2 Boot - Keyless Vehicle Module (5amp) | This I can understand as I have had issues with the keyless entry to the vehicle 9 months ago, I can lock the doors by using my hand, but cannot open the doors by placing my hand behind the handle. I have also had issues in the past (2 to 3 times) where the key was not recognised until the alarm went off as I had to use the key manually to open the door. Fuse 69 Passengers - instrument Cluster (10amp) Removing one or the other would reduce the amp reading from the battery to 0.6ish, removing both would take the reading down to 0.04. Any help? thanks! Unfortunatly eletronics and cars are not my strongest point, thankfully forums and the internet are full of information, I know I have to follow the circuits and find a potential cause, but thought I would ask if there is any alternatives first.
  2. Focus 2012 constant chime issues

    Thank you all for the information, I have tried too keep the battery from going flat, although sometimes it is inevitable with me not having access to the car for a large amount of hours sometimes. What is the best method of keeping the cars battery charged outside of starter kits? I had a feeling the amp draw would be higher due to the car trying to go into sleep mode, and other factors. I will leave the hood open and check the amp draw with the clamp meter I have brought after a period of time without the keys near me. Last question what is the best method of checking the fuses without disturbing the car which requires the opening of doors to the passengers fuse box and boot fuse box? As opening the doors activates multiple systems to kick in ? Thank you for the feedback it is definitely a parasitic drain. Posted from S8.
  3. Focus 2012 constant chime issues

    So i have the same problem again with the cars battery being drained, I called out the AA to get some numbers and it seems I have 1amp of battery power going out when the car is off. Anyone had any similar problems, he did mention the alternator and the new battery are in working order, so it seems I will have to trial and error to find the problem via the fuses? Since I don’t have the equipment it seems I will have to send it to the garage and forward the information unless anyone else has had any problems similar so I can try them at home, I have double checked the lights are off when the vehicle is off, from boots to glove box and all seems in working order. It does seem weird, is 1 amp enough to drain the car from starting, to not starting within 15 - 20 hours of it being switched off? Would appreciate some help, many thanks!
  4. Focus 2012 constant chime issues

    Thank you for the help and replies! The issue has been fixed (will update if things change), though I am posting if others run into the same issue. The car is not stop-start, thank you for the feedback. I took it for a spin earlier in the week during the morning to drop my sister from work, whilst manging with the constant chime, the round trip took 30 minutes, by the time I had got into the car the same morning around 2 hours later, the chime has gone. As for the battery issue, I had taken it to the garage, they took it apart to see if they could find lodged water, circuit damage or anything out the blue, but all was clear, after turning the battery off for a while the problem still occured. In the end they changed the battery and all seems to be working so far fingers crossed. This is weird since another person said the battery was fine earlier on in the week. Will update if things change. Since i am on the forum and got feedback quick I was wondering if I should create another thread about an issue I have with the keyless door entry, a few months prior to the battery issue, i cannot unlock the door using the keyless function (changed the batteries, and cleaned the door handles) although I can lock the door by placing my thumb on the black pad. So whilst I can lock the door with the keyless entry, i cannot open them, any ideas guys before i delve into the unknown again. Thank you!
  5. Focus 2012 constant chime issues

    Video of sound @ https://streamable.com/s1py9 All doors have been checked, boot, bonnet, no warnings at all, everything is normal. This only happened the second time I had jump started the car as it seems a battery drain is going on somewhere, will check with the dealer tomo. The sound gets overwritten i.e. if my seatbelt is not on, another sounding chime for that specific scenario will sound, then it will return to the chime in the above video, and back until I put my seatbelt on. It is ongoing until the car is turned off.
  6. Focus Titanium x 2012 tdci keyless Hello, I have recently been having battery issues with my ford for the past week, after a jump start and taking it to a garage it seems the battery and alternator were in working order, (waiting for it to happen again to see if it was a battery drain somewhere). After a few days it has happened again, checking online I have disabled the bluetooth amongst other things until I can take it to a garage and check what is wrong with it. (Sunday today) Since my last jump (an hour prior to this post) to get the car up and running, there is a constant chime when I turn the car on, the sound you get when your door is open, this sound is continuous and won't stop and is very loud from the instrument panel. I have checked all the doors, boot, front, disabled auto headlights, turned of radio anything that would trigger the chime, though it is constant and won't stop. No warnings are on the panel, though when I did jump the car, it was spouting errors about headlamps, the ford key not being in the car, tyre pressures etc... which I think were related to the battery draining out. These warnings/errors are now gone, but the chime is still present 24/7 when the car is on/button is pressed, up until the car is switched off, it is extremally annoying and distracting. Any help, thanks!