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  1. Simon_K

    Need help place to put tap for boost line

    Where I put mine (2098 1.6TDCI).
  2. Simon_K

    Reversing sensor volume level is low

    Mine seems low as well, I’ve thought of tapping the stereos phone mute into the reverse switch.
  3. Simon_K

    Car history

    And I thought I wrote a book! 😝
  4. Simon_K

    Car history

    No pictures of most of mine but... Mk1 Escort estate. Was originally navy blue but I hand painted it in black smoothrite. Mk5 Cortina 1.6L. (Beige). Bought from a mate but it was way too thirsty. Mk2 Astra van 1.7D. (Black). Nice car, should never have sold it and bought... Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta. (Metallic poo brown but I insisted on calling it bronze). A myriad of problems, mostly head gasket and blocked radiator (which my useless mechanic chose not to fix properly). Citroen AX 1.1. (Red). Nice little car, surprisingly nimble. Fitted the GT kit to it! Mk3 Cavalier 1.6L (Blue). Dull. Mk5 Escort Ghia 1.8 16V. (Tourmaline green). Decent car, went really well. Fitted the RS2000 kit to this and then someone stole the side skirts in the middle of the night (and tore the fibreglass getting them off so probably couldn’t use them after). Vectra 1.8 Sxi. (Black). Not bad, but like the cavalier before, dull. Gearbox blew up on the A38 on way home from the Lake District, £2000 repair bill then a certain stainless exhaust supplier killed the ECU by welding without protection or disconnecting the battery. Eventually got some money back but the experience talking to their MD was so bad I’ll never use them again. VW T4. 1.8TD. Originally blue but I handlainted it NATO green (a pattern emerges). Bought on a whim, loads of faults but managed to get it through 8 years of ownership. Freelander 2.0TDI. (Silver). A lot better than its reputation suggests. Nice drive and the BMW engine went ok. Was starting to show it’s age(15), so p/x against my Focus. Mk2 Focus Estate 1.6TDCI (Black). Touch wood, no issues apart from a cooked alternator. Flew through it’s mot last week. Almost a homecoming, at least I don’t have to paint this one with hammerite... Still cant leave well alone.
  5. Simon_K

    New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Pulled up at work. So close! I wonder if I’ll be missed if I go for a spin around the roundabout a few times?
  6. Simon_K

    Things I Do Like

    First MOT (that I’m paying for) and straight through. Well, slight advisory on front tyre wear but I’m thinking of getting 18’s so at least I don’t have to buy tyres for wheels I want to replace...
  7. Simon_K

    Worst Mods You've Ever Seen?

    Never knew 5 spoke steels existed. And now now I want them 🤪
  8. Simon_K

    Worst Mods You've Ever Seen?

    You need cable ties on Vauxhall alloys to stop Focus drivers from stealing them!
  9. Simon_K

    Car Wouldn't Start - Odd Circumstances

    My mk2.5 died a couple months ago. Failed alternator and dead battery, AA man couldn’t get mine to start with his van connected to mine either (only managed to get enough in it to pop the tailgate). Sometimes batteries fail big time.
  10. Simon_K

    Things I Don't Like

    Feel your pain. Sounds exactly like my “colleague” I’ve had since last year. Last in, first out. Always on his phone / hiding somewhere / leaving site and other stuff. When I call him out on it he becomes aggressively defensive. Doesn’t help that my super is 200 miles away and hasn’t been seen down here since feb 2017.
  11. Simon_K

    New to Diesel

    Get in, drive it and enjoy the torque. Modern diesels are so much better than the old ones I started with, very rarely will I see the glow plug light even in the winter we just had. I personally wouldn’t nurse it either. Chasing high mpg is all very good but sometimes you just need to let the engine take big gulps to keep it healthy. And tbh I’ve not noticed a big difference in mpg between the two extremes. Obviously there are differences to petrol for parts and servicing but in terms of driving and enjoying its probably much simpler - no spark plugs to gap, no worry about damp conditions. Yup I love diesels.
  12. Simon_K

    Worst Mods You've Ever Seen?

    Seen a car a few mornings on my way home from work. I think it’s an mx5, painted Matt black (looks rough so might even be blackboard paint), lower than a rattlesnakes belly but the rear spoiler is wobbling away on risers that must be a metre tall.
  13. Simon_K

    My Focus Mk2 Ghia

    Looks good on those wheels.
  14. Simon_K

    New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Once the car was back I decided to have a little play. I bought a 3D printed honeycomb insert for the air box and cut it in. Standard air filter for now but may get a green cotton one in the future. The box doesn’t seal to the bonnet still, but I’ve read conflicting opinions on whether it matters. I think for a standard tune diesel being driven on the road it probably matters less than in a racing car. Certainly I’ve not noticed a difference good or bad since doing this even in the current heatwave. The noise is quite nice though, I don’t find it too much driving normally but under harder acceleration it does sound pretty nice. But then again, I do wear these: Next up I bought some halo indicator rings from Autobeam. Had a bit of an issue with one of them staying on Amber constantly, but it seems if I turn the lights on and off a few times it resets. Fortunately this only happens occasionally. You probably can’t tell but they are on in that photo... I quite like them,and I’ve wired them up to an ignition live through a relay that opens when the main beam is on. This way I can be lazy and leave the auto lights on (mostly).
  15. Simon_K

    New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    It’s been an age since I updated, made a few alterations and had a breakdown. First up and action shot of the boost gauge actually working! Seems that the turbo is working as Ford intended, max boost is about 20PSI. The only issue I found is the angle of the gauge glass is perfect for reflecting the sun back into my eyes. Might need to rethink it a little! One if the rear parking sensors failed a few months ago, I was getting the scream of death when selecting reverse. Listening to the sensors the measure outer wasn’t clicking. Fortunately thanks to Haynes and replies on here I swapped the faulty sensor for a cheap (£12 ) replacement and all seems good. Then much woe. Had a battery/alternator failure whilst driving to work. I tried to nurse the car home but just 2 blocks away from glory I had to stop at traffic lights, then nothing. The lack of power for hazards meant standing behind the car waving people past braving heckles from “yoofs” in corsas - I’ll have the last laugh. Still, the nice AA man dropped me off at the local garage and it was sorted soon enough. They also sorted out some leaking injectors at the same time.