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  1. Leather steering wheel refurb

    Thanks, was a bit dubious about the magic eraser but as your link says restores the leather aroma too I think I’ll give it a try!
  2. Hi all, my Focus Titanium came with a factory leather steering wheel, which has gone shiny over the years. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos about using or not using a “magic eraser” to remove the shine (supposedly removing the oils but looks like it abrades the surface). Is this a good idea? Or is there a better way to bring back the new car feel?
  3. What the hell is it here with some snow

    I was a bit worried seeing the snow as in the 4 years of owning a Land Rover it waited until I traded for a Focus to snow. However quite impressed, felt a little slide that esp sorted for me, and tc kept me going up a poorly gritted hill. Felt pretty much as stable as the landy, even on cheap summer tyres. Was a bit milder down here but...
  4. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Bit of a front end frenzy. Got the light brows stuck down properly and have fitted a Maxton Design splitter too. Toughens up the front nicely. Bad news, the car became a submarine again. Got in this morning to a load of water around the centre console. I’d previously sealed under the windscreen rubber and inside where the heated screen ribbon cable comes through. I don’t think it’s coming from there so the other place is the aerial base. I made a temporary gasket last year and it seemed ok but I can’t think of anywhere else it’s coming from. Ordered some neoprene sheet to make a proper gasket so fingers crossed.
  5. Things I Do Like

    Saw what I assume to be a genuine Escort Cossie on the way home from work today, think I’ve only seen 1 more in all these years. Looked clean as it went in the opposite direction.
  6. Things I Do Like

    Taking the plunge on a maxton front splitter, then winning some side skirts on flea bay for £15 (+ delivery) in the same week.
  7. Gel Overlays.....again!

    Aah cool, thanks for the reply.
  8. Gel Overlays.....again!

    Good to see pics. My rear badge chrome plating is chipped / tarnished - do the gel badges cover that too or would I be better off just getting s new badge (although I’d like black chrome like you have).
  9. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    Bonus picture: oh deer!
  10. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    On the road. First is dipped, second is full. I’ve got light brows fitted, but they don’t affect the beam pattern at all it seems.
  11. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    Ok. Not great shots of the headlights as it had difficulty focussing. First is the H7 Second is H7 + H1 (got night breaker laser H1’s too)
  12. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    I’ll see what I can rustle up. How they look in the lamps or the light on the ground?
  13. Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    Got them in mine atm. Compared to the “whatever fits” bulbs it came with they are excellent.
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Keeping it diy, when you’re using your trusty mouse sander and halfway into the job it goes pop.
  15. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Made a mistake not gluing the headlight brows down when I first got them, which resulted in one flying off at 70. Couldn’t go back to get it so had to buy another pair. The first ones I didn’t paint (why I didn’t glue them down, I wanted to see how they looked first), but these I thought I’d have a go at. Not a bad result considering it's a rattle can job in my cold shed using a fan heater to “bake” them between coats. My first time painting pearl. There’s a few blemishes but all in all I’m happy to stick these on properly!