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  1. Simon_K

    Propaganda - Jewel/Duel anyone ?

    Ooh yes. That gave me chills (and flashbacks to watching it on a portable in the kitchen).
  2. Simon_K

    Washer Jet Upgrade - Seriously - Don't Bother!

    A few years ago I bought some blades that had washer nozzles built in. Brilliant, but does leave unused nozzles on the bonnet (unless you weld the holes over).
  3. Simon_K

    2008 Ghia Estate wet boot

    I had a leak on my 2008 estate, not sure if I fixed it completely but I applied extra sealant (sikaflex) to the panel joins at the top of the body when you open the tailgate. On mine there was quite a pronounced fold that looked like it could let water in. It got better after this but tbh I haven’t checked on it again since.
  4. Simon_K

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    Tbh I haven’t noticed a great deal of difference during the summer. I watched a few interesting YouTube videos where they compared cold air feeds against no air box lid. They determined there isn’t much benefit as once you are rolling there should be cooler air flowing through the engine bay anyway. Maybe on a performance car on a track, but on my diesel estate, I’ve been ok. YMMV.
  5. Simon_K

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    This is the one I bought. Slightly different, same price
  6. Simon_K

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    There’s a chap selling RS style air box vents on eBay. RS, ST or plain. Have fitted one to my 1.6 TDCI and I quite like the sound, even with the standard paper filter. Haven’t noticed any problem with heat soak, but then I pretty much only commute.
  7. Simon_K

    10 Year Challenge

    I did enjoy driving it, the higher position and seats like arm chairs were really nice. It was my only vehicle so costs weren’t too bad - 1 set of insurance / tax. I don’t think I’d have another VW though, the scene tax is just ridiculous. TBH mine was a shed when I bought it, for too much money and I think I was lucky to nurse it for so long. But it was handy and fun to play with.
  8. Simon_K

    10 Year Challenge

    At one point I had a bed in it and was working on the cupboards, but then I changed my mind and fitted some captain seats from a Kia Sedona and a dog cage in the back. Then I took those out and was in the process of making a wrap around sofa against the back door and up one side when the engine unexpectedly died ☹️ Vans are great if you have a plan, but I never knew what I wanted from it!
  9. Simon_K

    10 Year Challenge

    2009 2019
  10. Simon_K

    How To Eat A Cream/Custard Slice?

    Sometimes you’ve just got to go for it. LIck the excess from the split then cram it in. Spillage gets caught by the beard for later.
  11. Simon_K

    Need help place to put tap for boost line

    Where I put mine (2098 1.6TDCI).
  12. Simon_K

    Reversing sensor volume level is low

    Mine seems low as well, I’ve thought of tapping the stereos phone mute into the reverse switch.
  13. Simon_K

    Car history

    And I thought I wrote a book! 😝
  14. Simon_K

    Car history

    No pictures of most of mine but... Mk1 Escort estate. Was originally navy blue but I hand painted it in black smoothrite. Mk5 Cortina 1.6L. (Beige). Bought from a mate but it was way too thirsty. Mk2 Astra van 1.7D. (Black). Nice car, should never have sold it and bought... Opel Manta 1.8 Berlinetta. (Metallic poo brown but I insisted on calling it bronze). A myriad of problems, mostly head gasket and blocked radiator (which my useless mechanic chose not to fix properly). Citroen AX 1.1. (Red). Nice little car, surprisingly nimble. Fitted the GT kit to it! Mk3 Cavalier 1.6L (Blue). Dull. Mk5 Escort Ghia 1.8 16V. (Tourmaline green). Decent car, went really well. Fitted the RS2000 kit to this and then someone stole the side skirts in the middle of the night (and tore the fibreglass getting them off so probably couldn’t use them after). Vectra 1.8 Sxi. (Black). Not bad, but like the cavalier before, dull. Gearbox blew up on the A38 on way home from the Lake District, £2000 repair bill then a certain stainless exhaust supplier killed the ECU by welding without protection or disconnecting the battery. Eventually got some money back but the experience talking to their MD was so bad I’ll never use them again. VW T4. 1.8TD. Originally blue but I handlainted it NATO green (a pattern emerges). Bought on a whim, loads of faults but managed to get it through 8 years of ownership. Freelander 2.0TDI. (Silver). A lot better than its reputation suggests. Nice drive and the BMW engine went ok. Was starting to show it’s age(15), so p/x against my Focus. Mk2 Focus Estate 1.6TDCI (Black). Touch wood, no issues apart from a cooked alternator. Flew through it’s mot last week. Almost a homecoming, at least I don’t have to paint this one with hammerite... Still cant leave well alone.
  15. Simon_K

    New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Pulled up at work. So close! I wonder if I’ll be missed if I go for a spin around the roundabout a few times?