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  1. Centre caps size mk2.5

    54mm on the standard 16” multi.
  2. I don’t know about normal, but mine does the same.
  3. Wheeler Dealers Edd China

    Sounds like a good show, almost back to original WD without the holding out hands. Only watched the Cossie episode because...Cossie. Didn’t really enjoy it though, horrid wing addition and the pair of them overcompensating.
  4. Subwoofer

    Epic first post, but you forgot to put “I’ll just leave this here”!
  5. Same here, stock suspension and no worries. Fitted really well on mine.
  6. No problem. I think it took a couple weeks after ordering, I guess they make them as the orders come in rather than have them on the shelf and not sell. They delivered mine by tnt too so that was nice and quick.
  7. Although now it’s getting warmer, it might be better to fit them with the lights still attached to the car, then it would be easier to check the fit against the bonnet.
  8. No problem with it shutting even before I adjusted the light mount, but it wasn’t as free as it was without the brows. Now I’ve adjusted the lights the rear edge isn’t so bad but the edge here is still rubbing a bit. It’s really close to fitting fine, I think I’ll slacken the bonnet bolts and slide it back literally a gnats todger. (Brow to the right, bonnet on left). And this is the mark it leaves on the brow. I took some night shots for someone else, I’m running osram night breaker “laser” and the beam doesn’t seem to have changed since. Dip High And the front. I haven’t had a MOT with them yet, but I don’t think they will be a problem. I hope not as I used sikaflex to stick them on! Dead easy to fit, took headlights off and retreated to a warm office. Decreased and cleaned, a few blobs of sikaflex and pealed and stuck the 3m tape that trc put on. The tape helps it keep position while the sika cures. Left them off until my shift ended and they’ve been fine since.
  9. Got the brows on mine, helped cover up some fogging in my headlight. Actually on my second pair as the first did take flight on the motorway, so definitely use adhesive! The black gel coat they come in is pretty good in terms of finish but I rattle canned my second pair. They do make the bonnet fit a bit snug, and mine have marked up a bit where the bonnet closes against them. I’ve opened up the headlight mounting hole so I could pull it further forward, this has helped but I’m thinking of moving the bonnet back a touch just to be completely clear. The other choice would be to sand the back edge of the brow a little but mine were already painted and fitted when I discovered this.
  10. Microphone Cable & Jack

    Thanks for that. I replaced my original head unit last year and since then my battery has slowly lost charge for no apparent reason. Fingers crossed the BT module was the culprit.
  11. Leather steering wheel refurb

    Wow, you can see the shines gone. And you can eat your dinner off it!
  12. Damaged bonnet - paint or wrap?

    Thanks, I’m edging towards paint as it’ll look stock. The only concern is having s pristine bonnet while the rest of the car has “age related blemishes”. I do need to see a body shop to get a few things painted so I’ll get a quote for this at the same time.
  13. Hi everyone. My Focus has a couple of large paint cracks in its bonnet. They were there when I bought it, somehow I missed them, I think they were loaded with polish, however I’d like to get it sorted. Trying to decide on whoever to have the bonnet resprayed or have it wrapped. Paint would look standard, but may cost more. I’m also not afraid of mods. A wrap (gloss carbon I would imagine) would be quickest and possibly cheapest to have done, and I could probably fill / level the damage myself well enough before getting it wrapped. But would a carbon bonnet look “chavvy” for a 45 year old? Is there a vinyl that would match the original paint? The car is a 10 year old facelift estate in panther black, but as said earlier I am making some modifications to it. There are some other chips around the body but the bonnet is the worst area. Any opinions? Thanks.
  14. I had (may still have) the same problem in my estate, I also found the rear light clusters wiring was pinched in the seal, possibly letting water track in. Might be another easy place to check before tackling the rails. i don’t have rails, but I used a lollipop stick to smear sealant under my plastic cover. Things have improved but I must admit I haven’t checked for a while.
  15. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Been a bit quiet, playing with fibreglass. Still need to plumb in the boost gauge. Quite pleased, left front corner is a little warped but otherwise looks good.