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  1. Simon_K

    Worst Mods You've Ever Seen?

    Seen a car a few mornings on my way home from work. I think it’s an mx5, painted Matt black (looks rough so might even be blackboard paint), lower than a rattlesnakes belly but the rear spoiler is wobbling away on risers that must be a metre tall.
  2. Simon_K

    My Focus Mk2 Ghia

    Looks good on those wheels.
  3. Simon_K

    New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Once the car was back I decided to have a little play. I bought a 3D printed honeycomb insert for the air box and cut it in. Standard air filter for now but may get a green cotton one in the future. The box doesn’t seal to the bonnet still, but I’ve read conflicting opinions on whether it matters. I think for a standard tune diesel being driven on the road it probably matters less than in a racing car. Certainly I’ve not noticed a difference good or bad since doing this even in the current heatwave. The noise is quite nice though, I don’t find it too much driving normally but under harder acceleration it does sound pretty nice. But then again, I do wear these: Next up I bought some halo indicator rings from Autobeam. Had a bit of an issue with one of them staying on Amber constantly, but it seems if I turn the lights on and off a few times it resets. Fortunately this only happens occasionally. You probably can’t tell but they are on in that photo... I quite like them,and I’ve wired them up to an ignition live through a relay that opens when the main beam is on. This way I can be lazy and leave the auto lights on (mostly).
  4. Simon_K

    New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    It’s been an age since I updated, made a few alterations and had a breakdown. First up and action shot of the boost gauge actually working! Seems that the turbo is working as Ford intended, max boost is about 20PSI. The only issue I found is the angle of the gauge glass is perfect for reflecting the sun back into my eyes. Might need to rethink it a little! One if the rear parking sensors failed a few months ago, I was getting the scream of death when selecting reverse. Listening to the sensors the measure outer wasn’t clicking. Fortunately thanks to Haynes and replies on here I swapped the faulty sensor for a cheap (£12 ) replacement and all seems good. Then much woe. Had a battery/alternator failure whilst driving to work. I tried to nurse the car home but just 2 blocks away from glory I had to stop at traffic lights, then nothing. The lack of power for hazards meant standing behind the car waving people past braving heckles from “yoofs” in corsas - I’ll have the last laugh. Still, the nice AA man dropped me off at the local garage and it was sorted soon enough. They also sorted out some leaking injectors at the same time.
  5. I wouldn’t have thought it would be the cam belt otherwise you would hear it at standstill once the engine is started. I’m no expert but I would look at wheel bearings or driveshafts, maybe even sticking brakes? From your description it sounds like a bearing or joint has settled, then the initial pulling away cracks it into motion. Just a guess mind.
  6. Simon_K

    Headlight tints

    Flock them!?
  7. I had something similar on my old car. Only happened at 60mph and was caused by uneven tyre wear - “blocking” on the outside edge of the tyre. Fair enough it was a 4x4 with off road tyres but it can occur with 2wd cars too, may be caused by suspension geometry being out. May be worth looking at the tyres?
  8. Simon_K

    Anyone got a 2010 MK2.5 Price list?

    Cool link. Looks like someone added £700 worth of options to mine, metallic paint and parking sensors. Shocking amount.
  9. Simon_K

    Autobeam LED indicator ring

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve taken a punt on them now, if I really have to I’ll use a relay to switch them off with the headlights but I’m hoping I can dim them and leave the light switch in auto and have everything work like magic!
  10. Simon_K

    Autobeam LED indicator ring

    Hi, looking for some advice on these. I’d like to use the rings as drl’s - bright in daylight with ignition and dimming when headlights come on. From comments on the site they don’t appear to have the dimming function built in, so I was wondering if they are compatible with the dimming modules from eBay? Does anyone have experience with these? I’ve asked the question on their site but while I wait for a response I thought I’d ask the hive mind here. On a similar note, does anyone know the width of the ambient interior kit? Thanks in advance.
  11. Simon_K

    MK2.5 rear parking sensors

    Finally got around to sorting this. It’s quite easy to do with the car on the road with wheels still on. Just needed a hex adaptor for my ratchet 1/4” ratchet so I could undo the arch liner screws. For info, with one side-worth of fasteners undone the outermost sensor can be accessed from above. Only issue I had was the scrivet underneath wouldn’t undo so had to cut it off using my pen knife... Definitely worth soaking the bumper bolt in something as Stoney871 advised.
  12. Simon_K

    Weird Vent Smell

    Sounds like it’s something in the fresh air intake rather than the vents - surely if it was the vents or blower you’d still have the smell when running ac? Could something have dropped into the intake from the outside?
  13. Simon_K

    Broke down - Alternator / Battery

    Sigh of relief. All good, only had to reset the one touch windows. Turns out it had a lead acid battery fitted, so I guess that died taking out the alternator. Should have checked it when I bought it I suppose, expensive lesson. Also had 2 stuck injectors when they did the seals. £600 lighter for all that, but it’s back in front of my house so I’m happy.
  14. Simon_K

    Broke down - Alternator / Battery

    Ah, well it’s still at the garage getting sorted. I haven’t had it back yet, just in a bit of a flat spin. I’d hope they are robust, but I’ve been reading other horror stories!
  15. Hi all Car broke down today, completely died whilst driving with no electrics. I’ve been recovered to my local garage but I just wondered if I might have damaged anything expensive. Full story: I’ve got a voltmeter installed in the car (to a switched live) , and for a little while i’ve noticed the charge has been getting a little less. Still starts, still runs and no warnings, just finding it around 11v before starting but running was always about 14v. Got in today, noticed it was just 9v! Still started with no grumbles but the needle didn’t rise. Thought it would once I’m driving so started to go to work. Kept an eye on it and not long after driving the charge light on the dash lit up. Thought “That’s not good” so turned for home. Managed to nurse it but as I approached some traffic lights the abs / tc / airbag lights came on, then all dash went off and once I’d stopped the car died 2 blocks from home. No life at all. Called the AA. Took one sniff of the alternator and said it was burnt out, metered the battery and it only had 2v! He then disconnected the battery live cable, and ran his jump leads to charge the battery in isolation while he disconnected and isolated the alternator (said the charge cable was red hot). After 5 minutes he reconnected the battery live, and tried the dash, but no life still. Tried reconnecting his van to the battery now the alternator was isolated but again, no life whatsoever. At this point I was towed to my local garage but I noticed as I was towed the red immobiliser light started flashing mid journey, so some life returned. So... I’ve got the garage to fit a new alternator and battery. I’m just a bit worried the car dieing like this may have damaged something else, ecu? No life while he was charging the battery from his van - could that be the battery completely open circuit or something? I fully agree with his diagnosis, just concerned about fallout. In other joyful news they noticed I have leaking injector seals to our so they are sorting those at the same time...