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  1. If he’s run the wire between the grommet and bulkhead, that’s a fire waiting to happen! The grommet is there to protect the wire from chaffing on metal edges as well as keeping fumes and water out. Don’t do this! Small nick (even use a suitable screwdriver - gives a nice round hole) through a safe part of the grommet, then lube the wire with washing liquid and poke through. It looks a nightmare to get to but actually once you see it it’s not too bad. Easier to go from inside out.
  2. Good save, I couldn’t check at the time but I have the chrome collar with the socket I linked.
  3. THis is the one I got for mine.
  4. So, got some 2nd hand 18” alloys the other week. I was trying to find a reasonably priced set of ST ones but in the end these came with tyres at a good price. I personally think they suit the car well. Even with bird ***** the car looks a beast now compared to when I bought it 😝 Due to a RTC blocking the road on my normal route to work tonight, I rolled the dice and took a 30 mile detour through country roads to get to work. I haven’t driven for pleasure in a long time and it felt good. Feels a lot more planted with these wheels. A bit more noise but just turned up the radio.
  5. Lancia Stratos would be pretty nice, or a GT40. Even one of the new “continuation” cars would be an appreaciating classic soon enough. But for my budget, maybe a Corgi model!
  6. I know the subject of spare wheels has been done to death, but all of the replies I’ve seen have been for hatches... I’ve just bought some 18” Mondeo alloys for my Focus estate, which originally had 16” alloys and a space saver spare. Is my spare still suitable for the 18’s (should be near enough same radius), or do I need to look at options. I don’t want to raise the floor for a full size spare if I don’t have to. Is tyre foam more accepted these days - especially at tyre fitters? Thanks
  7. Ooh yes. That gave me chills (and flashbacks to watching it on a portable in the kitchen).
  8. A few years ago I bought some blades that had washer nozzles built in. Brilliant, but does leave unused nozzles on the bonnet (unless you weld the holes over).
  9. I had a leak on my 2008 estate, not sure if I fixed it completely but I applied extra sealant (sikaflex) to the panel joins at the top of the body when you open the tailgate. On mine there was quite a pronounced fold that looked like it could let water in. It got better after this but tbh I haven’t checked on it again since.
  10. Tbh I haven’t noticed a great deal of difference during the summer. I watched a few interesting YouTube videos where they compared cold air feeds against no air box lid. They determined there isn’t much benefit as once you are rolling there should be cooler air flowing through the engine bay anyway. Maybe on a performance car on a track, but on my diesel estate, I’ve been ok. YMMV.
  11. This is the one I bought. Slightly different, same price
  12. There’s a chap selling RS style air box vents on eBay. RS, ST or plain. Have fitted one to my 1.6 TDCI and I quite like the sound, even with the standard paper filter. Haven’t noticed any problem with heat soak, but then I pretty much only commute.
  13. I did enjoy driving it, the higher position and seats like arm chairs were really nice. It was my only vehicle so costs weren’t too bad - 1 set of insurance / tax. I don’t think I’d have another VW though, the scene tax is just ridiculous. TBH mine was a shed when I bought it, for too much money and I think I was lucky to nurse it for so long. But it was handy and fun to play with.