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  1. We have 2 cars with these in and don't have any issues with them?? I am presuming you mean the small removable tray?
  2. Gearbox on the 140 may be different to the 125. Not sure if the 125 engine will fit a 140 gearbox. Driveshafts may also be different, not 100% sure as read it a long time ago.
  3. Had someone stolen your StLine wing badges? Edit, think I see them.
  4. We have 2 X Mk8 st line X fiestas and neither make any noise like that. If it was mine and still within warranty it would be back with the dealer to fix.
  5. I have watched and read this thread with interest. I have read and understood all points of view and personally feel that there isn't probably much deviation in grades that will be noticed by the regular road car driver / user. These slight differences word probably have no detremental effects to the operation of the vehicle and wouldn't degrade anything ,although I do not fully understand the science. However, the way I look at it, is if the recommendation is to use a specific grade of fluid and that fluid is not used when an owner's vehicle has a service, oil change or whatever work is carried out , what would be the legality if the car was Involved in an accident with potential fatalities and it was proven that recommended grade fluids had not been used? What If damage or failure was caused to the vehicle and the correct grade fluids had not been used? Would the garage where the work was undertaken be liable and responsible for not using the manufacturers recommended grade products?
  6. I have always taken our Ford's to a main dealer for a service and in the past MOT's. Unused Halfords once as a friend was the manager and got service and Mot done for a very low price but for some reason it didn't feel right? Using a main dealer, they have been fair, honest and very helpful with any issues and problems we have had. We repay this with a bit of loyalty and fairness, using them for car services, although we haven't had to Mot in a long, long time now. The main dealer (Evans Halshaw) has always helped us when we have needed them and we appreciate this service, care and trust them to service and repair our cars to a good standard. Just my input. 😊
  7. If it is warranty work they will loan you a car no problem. The work we have had done, they came to collect the car leaving a mk8 active for the Mrs to use until the car was returned. When her car was returned, it had also been cleaned, inside and out.
  8. So you have been trying to get it fixed under warranty since June 2018? For over 2 years and they still haven't? Have you booked the car in for the said fault? For our warranty work that needed doing they pick our car up and leave another for us until the fault is fixed. If you have no joy, contact ford customer relations. I wouldn't have left it 2 years to try to get a resolution to the fault....
  9. Can't help but doesn't sound right to me. 2mm from plastic bumper = melting...
  10. Will probably show as modified vehicle for insurance etc which will mean much higher premiums. Not sure about V5.
  11. You may find that you have to have reported an issue or logged one to get parts changed or fixes made. Unless it is a safety recall, I don't see you getting very far with a list of TSB numbers, stating you want them actioning on your vehicle if you haven't had the issues occur. You can try but don't be surprised if they won't fulfil your requests.
  12. Years ago we had a wheel bearing changed on our old Focus. The brakes made a grinding/binding sound after having this done. When braking at 40 to 50mph the steering wheel also vibrated and wobbled slightly. Nothing on the brakes had been changed. We took the car straight back for the garage to test and was told there was nothing wrong with it? We asked about the grating noise and was told with everything being stripped down there may be a high spot somewhere or it was like that before the bearing was changed... The noise and vibration never went away, never got better. Traded the car in not long after this, so unfortunately someone else will have inherited the problem. Quick edit.... The first mot on the focus after trade in, failed as below. Guess there was an issue so i am not sure why the garage thought it was ok. Offside front brake excessively fluctuating (3.7.B.3) Offside front brake binding (3.7.B.1) Front Brakes imbalanced across an axle (3.7.B.5b)
  13. Think there is another post on this topic somewhere where I upped pictures of the screen in the dark. Never had issues with them being too bright on either of our cars, even in the rain. Strange how they seemingly differ.
  14. Any chance a fly or a bug has got inside your car that you have not seen? Worth a check when it is light.... Just avoid the neighbours for a while. 🤣