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  1. Mavroz

    Cornering Lights

    Like anything else, once you get used to them, you end up liking them and wonder why they wasn't on cars years ago. I like cornering lights and think they are useful. How did we manage without mobile phones, computers, central heating and even cars eh?
  2. Why bother, as I say for the sake of a saving of a few quid, I don't see the issue with the faffing about. Pointless. As long as the plates are legal and have the makers details (pretty sure they have to have the plate creators details on them) then they shouldn't object. The only stipulation we have made with new cars we have collected is we don't want any stupid stickers on any windows. They can put their name on the reg plates but that is the only advertising we will do for them free of charge.
  3. For the sake of a few quid on a new car why not just collect the car with plates on it. How will you drive it away if it doesn't have their plates fitted to it?
  4. Mavroz

    MK8 Fiesta - issues with build quality

    Take it back to the dealership as it sounds like some warranty work needs to be done.
  5. Mavroz

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    We have a 17 plate Mk7.5 StLine and an 18 plate Mk8 StLine X and love them. Both are very good solid, quick, reliable cars. The X has far better features and feels much more refined inside. It has Satnav issues but it is really nice .
  6. Mavroz

    Mk8 Fiesta St Line X - Further Issues

    They have a few niggles but are very nice cars. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Mavroz

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    That would make sense if "all" cars were affected by the issue but it seems it is only certain cars that are.
  8. Mavroz


    Yep, have condensate on both mk7.5 and mk8. Also had it on focus with no problems. Goes away when lights warm up on a longer journey.
  9. Other than telling them several other owners have no issues or no excessive noise, it is them telling you the noise is normal and you saying it is not. Not sure where to go on this other than you asking to start a car or two in the dealership and see if they make the same noise as yours.... If the dealership cars seem normal you have a starting point. The thing is, the dealer has changed the pump already and the noise has not gone away.... That will be their defence.
  10. Again ours don't sound anything like that and I don't suffer with any hearing problems either.
  11. Is insurance not an option?
  12. Mavroz

    Mk8 Fiesta St Line X - Further Issues

    Ok, the car came back today. Paintwork under headlight has been fixed with no apparent issues. The headlights are no longer wobbly. It looks like they have cut the top headlight brackets, possibly removing a small piece and for lack of a better explanation, plastic welded them back together.... This was done at the body shop. All seem a lot better and a lot tighter. The bonnet gapping/shut lines were not fixed and not right, to our dismay. We once again rang the dealership. We talked to the usual manager who said he would ring us back. He did and told me he had shown his senior technician the picture we sent him and went on to explain the tech thought it may be the rubber bonnet stops out of line or uneven. These are adjustable up and down on a fine thread. He told me to have a go at moving one or the other to see if I could fix the problem.... After a couple of minutes of slight winding, opening and closing, the gap is now even all around. The dealer apologised, telling us it should have all been sorted but wasn't.. Again I cannot fault the dealership for sorting a couple of minor issues. Anyway....For any other Mk8 owners with slight uneven gapping around the front and front corners of the bonnet, it appears the fix is to do with twiddling with the bonnet stops or winding them up or down by hand until the gap looks good.....
  13. Mavroz

    Mk8 Fiesta St Line X - Further Issues

    Can't say we have ever had the stereo (none B&o),the lane assist or collision issues at all.
  14. Mavroz

    Mk8 Fiesta St Line X - Further Issues

    Personally I think the advances between my 7.5 and her 8 are very very good. The mk8 interior is far, far superior to the mk7.5 in my opinion.
  15. Mavroz

    The Mrs Fez

    Sorry, I do not know then. I only get the cooling fans continue to run after switch off.