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  1. You could always book the car into a Ford dealership and let them do it...
  2. Are they factory / Ford fitted sensors or are the sensors after market ones that have been fitted? That could explain the lack of anything showing on the display.
  3. Pretty sure that APIM is the interface module. When the Mrs first got her car new and she had issues with GPS, they changed the GPS module and Antenna. Soooo I would have said the GPS module may well be a different component to the APIM. Not 100% sure, just going by what Ford tried changing to make GPS work. Someone in the know will eventually tell you what you need, whether it is possible and whether the cost would be worth it. And an aerial is not always just an aerial...
  4. Do you also need a different antenna + base and/or GPS module?
  5. It is under the back bumper next to the wheel well, opposite side to the exhaust. Was just baffled as the wife's car certainly doesn't have it in this location and after a quick look, cannot see it anywhere. Maybe the early Mk8 models didn't have one.
  6. Thanks, cannot see anything like this on the older car, just the space where this locates on mine. I did wonder if it was anything to do with the GPF that my car is supposed to have also. Maybe keep the fuel cleaner?
  7. Just having a clean of the car and noticed this strange black box under the back of the car. Never really been under, so never noticed it before. This is on my 69 reg model but the Mrs doesn't have one on her 18 reg model. Both are St Line X cars. I am told it is a fuel filter but why does one have it and the other doesn't?
  8. It was free on mine for 2 years. After that it is a re subscription which won't be happening for the further 6 months or so I will have it.
  9. Doesn't happen in either of our StLx's.
  10. Can a heated front screen be repaired? I always presumed it would have to be replaced?
  11. Ok. Still a big mistake worrying about rusty pipes which are a non starter when you know about the potential problem and second mistake would be thinking BMW/Vw cars are more reliable and an upgrade to Ford..... Enjoy anyway, good luck.
  12. No. Maybe with Forscan but never tried. If it is left it goes out after a minute or so anyway or just pressing ok doesn't take too much energy. 😆
  13. You can get a tool from Ebay that will read the fault code(s) and maybe also let you reset the warning light. However, the light may come back on if there is a fault on the car that developed when you made the above mistake.. It will keep coming back on until the fault is fixed unless it is a non critical warning.
  14. Mavroz

    Oil life

    Is the oil life not also governed by driving style? Eg acceleration, high revs etc etc?