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  1. Mavroz

    Back Box Delete?

    Is there something wrong with it? Sounds like my old Focus the time it had a hole in the pipe. If it is intentional, each to their own but definitely doesn't do anything for me.
  2. Mavroz

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Are the parts they have ordered in rust stop and preventative paint? Or are they fully replacing the Turbo?
  3. Mavroz

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Guess that is their 100% success rate gone now....
  4. Mavroz

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Ok, good luck.
  5. Mavroz

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    This is the latest update we know that still carries the SatNav no GPS fault. Sync version - 3.0 Build - 18025_PRODUCT Navigation Maps version - F7
  6. Mavroz

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Well, ourselves, Ford and other customers must have it all wrong then, if there is a fix after all. Maybe your dealership should tell Ford that a software update fixes the issue as they cartainly don't know about it and aren't currently working on one..... 🤣
  7. Mavroz

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Really surprised they are attempting anything. How old is the car? I have talked to people on here now that have only been given the option to return their car for a refund minus a negotiated fee for the use of said car over the time they have owned it. Good luck, it may be a long road, depending on which one they want to go down.
  8. Mavroz

    Mk8 Apple CarPlay Stops Working

    Not had any issues with Apple or Android.
  9. Mavroz

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Car is being collected on Tuesday for a healthcheck, software update and some warranty work on the paintwork around the headlight that appears to have rubbed away where the headlight sits on the front bumper. Anyway, the service desk said they would fully update any software and maps that need it but unfortunately this would still not solve the Satnav issues..... Which we already knew.
  10. Mavroz

    Placing an order, spec , etc st-line (x)

    Just don't turn traction control off.. 😆😆😆😆
  11. Mavroz

    Placing an order, spec , etc st-line (x)

    If you are going to mess around setting speeds with mykey you may have just bought the lad a lower horsepower car for a year or so. Just let him drive it and get used to it. 140bhp is quite nippy but it isn't massively fast or overly powerful. What speed would you limit him to? 70 for motorways, how would he overtake if needs be? He would still be able to do 70 in a 30 zone if he wished with this. Bleeping or audio messages are just a distraction. I am presuming the lad has a full licence, he has passed his test and has driven a car previously so again checking gear changes and braking is really pointless. If you really want to check up and keep tabs, you would be far better choosing insurance for him with a black box tracker that will monitor speed, acceleration, blah blah rather than messing with a car and restricting what it can do best. You were prepared to get him what he wanted, you have gone that far, now maybe a little trust before trying to restrict and restrain. 😁 Excellent choice, especially in black..
  12. Our StLine X 140 doesn't flash lights on Startup that I have noticed.
  13. Mavroz

    MK8 Fiesta ST-Line - new owner questions

    Not sure that is per se but it is what we did and seems ok. Good luck and enjoy.
  14. Mavroz

    Placing an order, spec , etc st-line (x)

    Oh, forgot to mention, you need to work out your average annual mileage if you decide to take the PCP option. Obviously the monthly repayment differs with expected mileage.
  15. Mavroz

    Placing an order, spec , etc st-line (x)

    Always, budget dependant get the X over the bog standard st line. You get a lot of worthwhile extras. Personally we could live without cruise control but it was a feature that came as part of the X package. Now engine power depends upon the I strange quotes. For someone who is u see 25 I would definitely ring and ask your preferred insurer for s quote. There is a big difference in the 100 and 140 bhp engines that the said insurer may charge a lot more for on the age of the driver. 19 is a young age with relatively little experience and I wouldn't like to think an insurer would sting you so always ask first, it is worthwhile. If you have used car wow, make sure it is the car and spec you want and they have priced for. Use the best quote as your base price with the dealer. You don't need to take the likes of Gap insurance etc as it is overpriced with the dealer, you can get it cheaper online, about a third of the price. Deposit goes a long way in negotiation... the more you put in the better bartering options you have.... in my experience. Get a monthly repayment price in your head, maybe the max you want to pay, and stick to that as much as you can. There has to be give and take on both sides... If you aren't happy with the price always be prepared to walk away, there are many dealerships and it is a buyers market for new cars. Good luck.