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  1. Yes, that is why they do it I reckon. The packs previously added items you may not have wanted but to get the features you want you had no choice but to pay for the features you don't. It has gone back to the wayn it used to be before they added the "X" models with everything added.
  2. Yep, think they have gone back to packs for a lot of the extras now. Haven't really noticed on the Fiestas but the Mrs is looking to upgrade to An St Line Eco Sport this year and to get the folding mirrors, privacy glass/ St line X spec, there are at least 2 X packs to add. Probably more profitable for Ford to go back to doing things this way. Maybe in general new cars are getting more expensive, especially to Pcp or lease hire.
  3. Thought that sort of insurance was only for custom, collectable or antique cars isn't it? Whether it has had £10,000 of work and renovation put into it, a 2006 fiesta will only be worth book price won't it? Not sure how old it has to be to become collectible, classic or sought after to start pushing the value of the vehicle back up. I am sure there will be members with more knowledge on this, good luck.
  4. Yeah, I though that it maybe 4 or rear but as the link shows, it was definitely front wheel drive. I am dubious that the 2nd run (young Walsh) was actually him driving from the aerial shots, the way the car was shown drifting through the gates, it looked very professional. I may be doing him a great dis-service as he may have great experience rallying or off road driving. Looked good though, would like to give it a try.
  5. Yeah, I saw that. Was it also 4 wheel or rear wheel drive?
  6. A little bit of cold weather...God help us in this country if we have the cold winters that mainland Europe get.
  7. Totally agree. When I had my mk7.5 stl and the Mrs got her new Mk8 stlx, the extras made all the difference. I was never interested in folding mirrors, auto headlights, rev camera etc etc BUT when I got my own StLX, I am so glad I did as I would not want a car without the extras now and will always pay that bit extra to have them all fitted.
  8. Pretty sure a fault like this would be covered by the warranty.
  9. If you want all the extras adding, I have to ask, why not just get the "X" model in the first place? Everything will be there, everything will be enabled, everything will work and will (I guess) be cheaper than buying all the add on equipment seperately and fit it or have it fitted.
  10. Yes, always has shown the exact model and colour I have.
  11. Mavroz


    I will second that !
  12. Mavroz


    Nope, prices, packs and as standard items have changed now for the latest models. They change regularly.
  13. Haha, yes, cheapest is good enough for us too. MPG isn't an issue either so we just drive as we do.