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  1. What is wrong with the Fiesta St Line badges?
  2. I went to a Puma ST as I couldn't abide a 5 door Fiesta ST, 3 door was the plan.... not to mention the extras being removed from the Fiesta. I was not sure then and even less so now whether the Fiesta ST had/has the folding mirrors, ST puddle lights ond Digital display. If not I am glad I made the move and don't regret it.. Heated seats/ wheel and ride height are now a factor also... The Mrs has approx 6 weeks left before she moves to a Puma STLX.
  3. Had 3 x mk8 fiestas mhev and non mhev between the two of us and never had this issue so can't really see it being a design fault.
  4. As said, the warranty does not provide a courtesy car. It gives the policy holder £60 towards the hire of a car for seven days. That is provided the dealer / Ford authorise the hire car, which they haven't. The issue may take a while to fix if it is not a common problem.
  5. Well, ST Puma arrived over a week ago and we are both very impressed with it. On the strength of this and the PX price offered for her Fiesta StLx 155, the Mrs ordered a Puma StLx 155 yesterday for delivery end of April with some options, so it will be bye bye to the Fiestas for Good after several years for us. Only thing I miss from the Fiesta is the sunglasses holder which isn't part of the fixtures and fittings on the Puma but now bitten would never go back if it was possible.
  6. Focus Zetec S a few years back now started scabbing along the rear wheel arches at around 9 years old. Body shop said they could get it back to normal treating with rust stop etc but said it would 100% definitely come back through within the next 12 months or so. They would not give any guarantee whatsoever and it was a well-used reputable company who were honest and just didn't take the money (£160 at the time for both arches.) Something to do with felt wheel arch liners causing the issues. Got rid of the car a couple of months later, someone else's problem.🤣
  7. The wife's first Mk8 Fiesta suffered headlight rubbing on the front bumper. It was nothing to do with anything needing filing down on hers, it was the headlight mounting brackets that were broken. Everything was repaired under warranty as the headlight issue was a known fault.
  8. It was there on both our Petrol Fiestas .
  9. As said in a few other posts we have a 140bhp Fiesta along with a 155bhp mhev fiesta. The 155 mhev is head and shoulders above the standard 140. Acceleration, emgine sound, seemingly handles much better, sound system.... Will have the 140 until end of the week as the Puma ST has finally arrived that was ordered April 2022. 2nd hand price of Fiesta had increased greatly since last April and with extra equity in the Fiesta, keeping new ST payments the same we walked away gobsmacked with a lot of cash from the dealership. Will still have the 155 for a few more months then the Mrs will move over to the Puma also. Happy days.
  10. In my opinion it totally depends upon your relationship and plans with your dealer. Was the car new, is it on a PCP where your car will be traded for a new one every two to three years? If so like us we have built up loyalty with the dealer as they have with us. We have our services done there and it always shows at trade in time when negotiating on prices and extras etc is done. It works for us but may not for others. We have a very good relationship with the dealership and believe they have always treat us fairly and well and value our custom. For an extra 50 quid it would be a no brained for me to have the dealer perform the service, again purely for loyalty, warranty issues blah blah. The same could also be said if a person keeps a car past the 3 Yr warranty period and something goes wrong shortly after. You have more chance of the dealer fighting your corner with Ford to get work done gratis or at discount prices... The choice is purely the car owners decision. 👍🏻
  11. They still sell them I believe. Not sure how it can be legal to sell them but not legal to use them?? My friend has had and used on since the 90's and he said it had saved him a lot of grief many a time with his heavy foot. 😆
  12. Yeah, you get a "caution" a good way before approaching a static speed camera (unless very newly placed) which is useful. If you want advanced warning of roadside handheld radar traps etc, I am told the Road Angel products were/are the thing to have if you have a heavy foot. Quite pricey but apparently can save fines and points and are 100% legal, for the time being.
  13. Yes, that is what i meant, the difference between the 2 cars. Cant wait to try the Puma ST as they say that is even better and holds bends like glue at a decent speed.😁
  14. Yeah, i am aware of that. What i mean is the suspension on the Mhev is far better that that on the non Mhev.
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