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  1. Mavroz

    ECO mode

    As i posted above a while back, my mk7.5 140hp st line doesn't have the eco button. The mrs mk8 stlx does have one but in fairness it doesn't get used in hers (eco mode doesn't get used) when I use it so I certainly don't miss it in my car.
  2. It is a good starting place.
  3. Had that on my Focus a few years ago. Top of spring broke and stuck into the bearing.
  4. No. Not that I know. Just press ok.
  5. Yes. When you press the engine stop button to get out of the car, you can select full or reduced alarm using the steering wheel button I believe. It does ask you on the drive display which you wish to choose. Full guard is the default if you just leave it. Well it is on the St line X.
  6. Nothing whatsoever either on the Mrs mk8.
  7. Sorry, I thought you mentioned putting one in the rear of the car and facing it forward, hoping they didn't notice it.
  8. It is sad times when people feel the need to position rear facing cameras to be front facing in the hope that a mechanic doesn't see it and films him or her doing their jobs in the hope it catches them out or picks up on or hears something a customer may or may not agree with. I fully trust a qualified mechanic and the dealership to take care of my car and not abuse it without feeling the need to watch them. If I didn't feel I could trust them, I would simply go elsewhere. I have to chuckle.
  9. I would unplug a dashcam or not want to be filmed while I was working. It is like your employer filming you at work without you knowing in a way. I don't think it is right to covertly spy on people, watch the playback and scrutinise exactly what is going on. Just my opinion.
  10. Wife's StLineX is booked in for the 12th March, for first year convenience check. Woman on service desk asked if she wants oil flush and change doing on it also? She replied to do whatever needs doing as recommended by Ford on the check. Ours is free so they can do as they wish.
  11. I don't live in too bad an area, but it is still Hull and we still park in some of the worst places in Hull (streets, car parks, multi storey car parks) not out of choice, because we have to for work. We were on the Facebook groups when the bosses car was taken from his drive and did see how many fords in general had been taken but I wouldn't say it was many more than Vauxhall, Vw, Mini etc etc. There are definitely seems to be more higher end cars stolen then St Line Fords. I have said enough now I think, yes I will probably look more into it (probably by the way of a 3rd party tracking device) if and when I get an St but I definitely maintain some go way too far up the paranoia scale trying to protect a Fiesta that is insured. Each to their own though, whatever makes them happy and secure.
  12. Again Asda finest regular unleaded all the way. No issues.
  13. I have had a mk7.5 St line 140 (17 plate) from new, it is nearly 2 years old and doesn't have a speck of rust on the turbo pipes. The turbo block is orange but nothing anywhere else. Car has only done 7500 but I guess if rust was going to happen on he pipes, it would. Hope this helps.
  14. I totally agree with making an ST more secure by pulling a fuse as they are more desirable bring a performance car. Still can't agree with the insurance side as it goes on more variables to what they charge. Our St line X is cheaper to insure than the St line which are both very reasonable on insurance we feel. Tentative/test the water quotes for an ST are again only slightly more than the St Line by around £60ish a year which is very good.
  15. Wow...... Fiestas are a popular car, probably why they are showing as being higher on the stolen table. Insuring a Fiesta seemingly for us has no price variation due to them possibly being stolen. Even quotes for a potential ST3 don't seem to have this factored in. I certainly doubt Fiestas are desirable targeted cars for thieves or stolen to order. I certainly don't lose sleep, won't lose sleep over an issue like this. As I said previously, worriers can remove a wheel to make definitely sure the car cannot be stolen if a good nights sleep is needed. God knows what some would be like in life with real worries. Some nervous wrecks around I bet. If I was ever to feel this security conscious about a Fiesta I don't think I would bother, I would just stick to an old more undesirable banger or a bike that could still be stolen. Wonder if paranoia is as rife as this on the Porsche or Ferrari forums.... 😁 Anyway will say no more on nuts & bolts, pieces of angle, plastic, stickers, extenders etc etc. Each to their own and whatever soothes the worries and gives a good nights sleep can't be a bad thing.