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  1. I guess when these need replacing in years to come they will not be supplied from a local exhaust centre with the tip on them? I think they will only be available with tip via a Ford Spares depot.
  2. Yes, I also think the trims are welded to the end of the exhaust by the looks of them.
  3. On the 67 plate old shape St Line I had, the doors were very tinny when closing. The Mk8 doors are certainly an improvement.
  4. Never seen the point in auto boot opening and closing either. It takes fractions of a second to open the boot and then close it, then another couple of seconds to open the door, get in, close the door and start the car. 😆 I think if Ford could sell auto boots, they would offer it but probably don't have the demand for them. We also test drove a Puma twice as the mrs was set on one but after driving it totally decided against it for another Fiesta albeit the Mhev.
  5. The mrs has the 155 mhev stlx and it doesn't seem excessively noisy compared to my standard 140 stlx. The mhev certainly doesn't bog down or want to stall when pulling away, it is like the proverbial crap off of a stick when moving up the first 3 gears.
  6. We have a Border Collie and she is more than happy to be in the boot of the car (StLx 140 & 155) without the back seats down when she travels around with us. The dog looks over the back seats and out of the back window without getting too carried away. Safer as well I would have thought than just the open back if the seats were down. A couple of dust sheets in the boot and over the top of the back seats and she is happy as a Collie can be in a car. Hope this helps.
  7. Had a scuff on the front of my 2017 black St Line a couple of years back, around this time of year. It was on the top curve of the front plastic bumper about 10 inches to the right of the Ford badge. Have a picture somewhere. A stone or piece of a brick was thrown up by a wagon further down the road infront of me, bounced on the road and off of the car. Anyways, the scuff was about as big as my thumbnail, no cracks or any other damage. Got in touch with chips away who wanted 3 or 4 photos of the area. They replied 2 or 3 days later stating the repair could not be done on t
  8. I understand what you are saying but what I was saying is where are they all? They have very little to police during the current lockdown(s) other than the odd "illegal" barbecues or gatherings. Seems strange they have just vanished. I spend a lot of time in and around Hull and see very little of them or hear very little other than they still don't want to attend attempted thefts, break ins, blah, blah, blah. Police don't have to beat people, they don't have to act the way they do most of the time. If they were more amenable, approachable then people would not have the need to record
  9. What amazes me is that the police have recruited seriously over the last 2 or 3 years, that has been no secret as per the News. At the present time, there are no pubs, no town centre trouble hotspots on a weekend, there are no sporting events to police, there have been less vehicles on the road and there have been very few public events. So can anyone tell me where all these police are, what they are actually doing as I presume none of them have been furloughed... ?? It escapes me where they are as you very rarely see patrol cars let alone walking or cycling...
  10. Haha, like it.😂
  11. Haha, totally agree. 3 decades ago nearly, policing was efficient and effective... now??
  12. And I bet plod haven't caught anyone, questioned anyone, have any Intel and seriously doubt many if any have been recovered.
  13. My last Fiesta was a 17 plate St Line 140bhp and that never had the eco button either. I believe the 100 and 125 bhp engines had this feature but not the 140bhp. Not sure about the Titanium X. The volume buttons on my 2017 worked fine for the 2 and a bit years I had it, not sure why they would be back to front, unless a wiring issue? Cannot say I have noticed any issues with heavy or stiff clutches, even when brand new. Maybe the clutch has been replaced or set a little too harsh, that i wouldn't know how about though, sorry. You could always ask the seller / dealer.
  14. There is a noticeable difference for the better once upgraded to Sync 3.4. As members have already said, the theme seems improved with the darker blue and the lag is much less than previous versions. The update I did was the official one as with the cars being on PCP I didn't want to deviate away from Ford software etc, especially for warranty purposes.
  15. Not sure about the Ford site, other than maybe download and install one by one until there are no more updates. After updating I believe a file is generated and has to be uploaded to Ford(?) So they know what version the car is running for future updates. Again, not 100% on this but someone else will be able to help further I am sure. Updates on mine and the Mrs car are now done by the car via WiFi.
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