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  1. No, cant hear it on a mk7.5 or mk8 in all fairness.
  2. Perhaps there is confusion. The Usb ports are not active with the engine off but as per the first post here, on her car they are active as soon as the car is started, there is no delay of couple of a minutes and the ports are online whether in eco mode or not. Hope this makes things a bit clearer.
  3. As above possible fuel pump edging towards failure. It shouldn't be overly loud under normal operation.
  4. Ok, as suggested I have started another thread about the on going issues with the Mk8 satnav issues as mentioned here ...... Anyway moving forward, the car is booked in again next week with the dealership for another software upgrade. We and the dealership have questioned the fact that the latest software available is already installed but Ford Technical who are instructing the dealership on the day have said it is new updated software that is a European version that has been very successful. We will see .... With the ongoing issues we have had, last week we also accepted a nice little sweetener from Ford for the said issues. The only thing we told them was what they offered us was in no way an acceptance of the fault and on going issues. They hope to have a fix asap, it is more in their interest now.
  5. Mavroz

    Mk8 Hill start assist

    Had the Mrs check her car this morning and the hill start was still ON as it has been always.
  6. Mavroz

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    If again I remember right without pressing the clutch down, pressing the start stop wakes the Infotainment system up otherwise it stays sleeping.
  7. Haha now there is an option.
  8. Mavroz

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Pretty sure it is all in the manual.
  9. Mavroz

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Ok, our car after starting does not disable (power off) the usb ports whether eco mode is off or on. Well not that we have noticed with an iPhone or Samsung galaxy connected.
  10. Certainly sounds like etching.
  11. If you have used a blade or window scraper/blade and it doesn't come off something must have etched into the glass. By some chance you aren't cleaning the outside of the glass and the specs are baked on inside are they?
  12. Mavroz

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I Clean our screens with glass cleaner and give the wiper blades a wipe over regularly. No issues here if both are cleaned. Never noticed the usb ports powering off with eco mode on to be honest.
  13. Mavroz

    Mk8 ST-Line X 140 early impressions

    Thank you for the info on the diagnostic mode. I will not try anything yet as I don't want the dealer or Ford trying to pass the buck by saying i am messing with settings that may be contributing towards the fault. I understand it may be difficult for the dealer to diagnose. The issue is that Ford know there is a fault with some units, the dealership know there is a fault with some units, they aren't trying to hide the fact there is fault. The issue is they haven't got a clue how to fix the fault, they are still selling cars with the fault and they are offering no recompense to customers who's cars have the fault until they fix it. Essentially they know they have issues and haven't got a clue what to do about it. The dealerships new car sales manager has a Focus himself that has the issue. It isn't just restricted to Fiestas. If we had a 3 month old television with a fault that had an attempted repair performed 3 times I am pretty sure we would be entitled to ask for a replacement or be given a full refund.... is there a difference to consumer rights with a new car to any other new goods purchased does anyone know? This is what it is coming down to as we are now fed up with shoulders being shrugged and told basically we don't know how to fix the issue. Surely it just cannot be ours that has the problem out of all the users on this forum? The dealer has said they have had may customers return cars to them regarding the same issue. No one on here having the issues with Sat nav on Sync 3?
  14. Mavroz

    Mk8 ST-Line X 140 early impressions

    Ok, cut a long story short. Dealership have once again rang back, they have contacted Ford Technical who haven't got a clue why we have been told to book the car in by Customer Service. Back to square one. We have told the dealership we want a fix within 28 days or the deposit,payments made + interest returning and they can have the car back, a brand new car that is working as it should or something along those lines that we have requested. They say that a new car may have the same problems as we are having and cannot guarantee we would get one that didn't have the issues. This reply begs the question ... Are Ford (dealerships) Still Taking Orders From New Customers Who Are Ordering Cars From Across The Ranges That Have These Potential Problems WITHOUT Informing Them ??? Now i am sure this would be the wrong thing to do...... Wouldn't it? The case is building to take to the Ombudsman & Trading Standards i feel.
  15. Mavroz

    MK8 Door Panel Squeak

    Can't give a feasible answer to that then, other than maybe the difference is the Non BO St line X doesn't have the door rattle. Sorry i can't be more helpful.