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  1. Tsb no (was) 19-2117 I believe.
  2. Sorry, I no longer have the bulletin, only had the number regarding headlights anyway. Brackets if I remember were fixed first, then replaced at a later date as the headlight didn't look positionally correct.
  3. 2020 Mk8 St Line Mhev has B&O badges on the speakers. No speaker in the wheel well though. Must have moved it somewhere else. My 2019 Mk8 St Line has the centre speaker also...
  4. Not sure about the being stuck in a loop issue but a search about updating etc gives a lot of results to read through. The dealer may update the software and maps free of charge on a service if you use said dealer regularly and build up mutual loyalty. Most charge though I am told. If you have messed something up on the update (user error) or have created the fault, I doubt they will cover that under warranty and will charge if you want it putting right.
  5. Ps if it helps, when the Mrs had an older mk8 without built in modem, the dealership always updated the software and maps if there was an update available for her when she had a convenience check or service done. This was either free or part of the service but we always asked them to check.
  6. Yes, the update simply carries on from where it left off. The blue progress bar re-appears where it left off upon ignition press. Obviously it works, I have updated this car twice so far using this method. 😄
  7. Yes, it does indeed turn off. You just have to open door and press ignition again. Good WiFi signal here. Popping out when I remember and pressing a button while the car and myself are sat there doing nothing has beaten all the stress of faffing and confusion with USB drives it seems. Again, this is the way in my opinion to perform a software upgrade if you have a WiFi enabled car. A little time and patience is all that is required. Quite happily done 2 upgrades now, one to Sync3.4 plus maps (I think it was) and the latest one. Each to their own though👍🏻....
  8. Ok, was presuming that the people having difficulty were newer model owners with built in WiFi, not the older Mk8. I stand corrected.....
  9. Not sure why owners use a USB to update the Sync system etc. I just connect to home WiFi and leave the ignition on, on the drive without the engine started. Has worked 100% for me the last twice. I can only see those owners without off road parking having to use the USB method which seems complicated and hit and miss.
  10. For the best efficiency you will have to have the car in Eco Mode all the time I guess.
  11. And are these road legal? Will plod pull you over with these switched on travelling down a road or motorway like a mobile disco?
  12. Oh well, all fixed. Mot re-tests at the same test location are also free upto a certain period of time. They only re-test the parts or areas that have failed to ensure the corrective work or actions have been carried out. Some test centres do make it sound like it is them giving a free re-test.
  13. I presume they have given you a like for like free courtesy car if the work being carried out is warranty work....
  14. As with many other cases similar to this, it will all come down to proof and denial. This could be things such as is there any proof that this car part was NOT in this condition before said garage / mechanic worked on it? Afterall, it was taken in to fix a fault around the suspect area. If they deny then how can you prove ? Did, didn't, did, didn't would break out. By admission the part that was deemed to cause the damage was an aftermarket part (a non standard extra) that was fitted by yourself (a clamp) which you may or may not be competent to fit..... I think it would take a well built case down the legal route to get a positive outcome (not to mention the cost), difficulty will be getting them to accept liability as the mechanic has already stated he wasn't at fault. Again proof he caused the fault would be difficult. Maybe an agreement away from the legal route could be a better option in getting a satisfactory outcome although I feel it will also cost you. Good luck, hopefully you will get the result you are hoping for.
  15. Car now says it is up to date. Sync 21020 and f10 maps.
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