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  1. Off.... 99% of the time.
  2. Everything on memory sticks a long time ago. DVD'S onto PC. Dont own a CD player or DVD player other than the built in ones on pc or laptop. All hard copies either sold on music magpie or taken to charity shop.
  3. Had ours done under warranty also, both sides, both now with the correct Ford repair parts. Body shop also tried telling dealership we had had a "bump" which had caused them to break.... needless to say, this theory lasted a matter of seconds.
  4. Two things. First, we would not be without a reversing camera and sensors on a car at all now. Fiesta or not, it saves getting out to seen just how far you are away from that low wall, bumper or low fence. Second, mention of the auto parking. The Mrs works at a health centre and only just last week, a patient was saying that their auto park had ground the near side alloys along a particularly high kerb on the street outside. I guess the car didn't known the kerb was there or the height of it. I have been in a car with it, test driven a car with it and it is definitely not for me.
  5. I turn the dial on ours to LO, up the fan speed a little and it is blowing icy cold within seconds. This is the digital unit, if you are talking about a mk8 with manual control, I have no idea. The Mk8 St Line X Aircon and heating is far superior to my mk7.5 sSt line.
  6. I am probably wrong, but i was told that they now have GPF's but no cylinder deactivation.
  7. Ours were sorted out under warranty. Both were broken or damaged, wobbly headlights. Looks like a fix and not a replacement but works fine.
  8. Well, have had a phone call from the dealer this morning regarding changing my Mk7.5. I am at work so the chat was brief and he is going to ring me back possibly later today when a bit more convenient. After deliberating, I have told him not to waste time pricing an St as previously discussed. I going for another St Line X. He briefly suggested they have a grey model, full spec but unfortunately it is only 125hp, so i declined. Would rather have white (every little mark shows up with black, I should have known from the focus) this time and has to be 140hp.
  9. Again, it is all personal preference. Personally as I said in my above post, i think they look awful and that is enough to stop me even opening the door on one.
  10. Great news, all sorted. Hopefully you don't have to waste a days holiday now and be without a car.
  11. On our Mk8, as soon as the clutch is dipped when starting the engine, the steering lock disengages. Sometimes when handbraking / neutral in traffic, it seems like it engages also, again until the clutch is pressed and it releases. You probably know this but hopefully it may help.
  12. In my previous Ford, a Focus ZS, I had the Sony setup which I thought was very good. I have the standard setup in my Mk7.5 St Line, which I think is better than the previous Sony unit. The mrs has a Mk8 St Line X with the standard head unit, which I think is far better than my Mk7.5. A guy at work has a mk7 5 door Titanium "I think", with a B/O setup. I have heard it and am not overall impressed. His words were he wished he hadn't taken the option up as he feels it isn't very good, is hit and miss and has to fiddle around with settings continually. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium for him. I love music in the car and have a few USB sticks now, they are all I use other than the DAB radio. On reflection, we are both glad we didn't take the option of the B/O system as most reviews seem to steer people away, making the option seem a little like a waste of money promising something it doesn't quite offer most of the time.
  13. Mk 7.5 St line 140 (2017) now at 8700 miles. Mk 8 St Line X 140 (2018) now at 4800 miles.
  14. Again, our personal preference is the car has to look smart, it has to be stylish. I am pretty sure the majority of car owners on the planet do care about the way a car looks. That is why ourselves and many others it seems (as another previous post showed) would always choose the St Line over the Titanium, looks.. Another huge factor in car selection is budget whether people care about the looks of a car or not. It is all personal preference, if someone prefers a Suzuki Celeria to a Fiesta St Line, then so bet it as long as they are happy.
  15. Trainers all the way. Best ever feel for me though is barefoot or with socks on but it starts to hurt your feet after a while, especially braking and clutch pedal dipping.
  16. Not much chrome in ours, mostly carbon fibre effect. I am guessing different models may have different trim levels?
  17. Won't be messing about on a brand new car replacing 2 lamps if everything else is LED. As i said in other threads, if i do not order an ST3, It will be an St Line X. I will ask the question about getting the car delivered with fog lamps already replaced or ready to collect like this. Surprising what can be achieved that is a deal maker....
  18. Have thought about this in my next Fiesta, the problem is, i am told the cornering / fog lights are standard Halogen lamps with no LED option. So if they cannot fit Led's in these i will not be taking the £600 LED headlights as in all fairness i think the projector headlights in the 7.5 and mk8 are quite good.
  19. Haha, yes, it has got slightly better since then. Just stay away from the city centre. Hull was the Uk City of Culture in 2017 and beating Leicester, Swansea and somewhere else. I think it still holds the title until it moves to Coventry in 2021.
  20. Personal preference again. Some see the point, some don't. I don't.
  21. No I live in Hull and apparently it is grim up North. I am not questioning having the doors locked, I am questioning what good autolock is when the vehicle has to reach up to 15mph before they lock. Surely someone can be in before you set off? Why not just lock the doors as soon as you are in if the concern is that great? Again on a personal note, I think it is a pointless option and for some reason it isn't automatically activated on a Ford it seems. Each to their own and if it makes some happy and secure, so be it.
  22. The interior lights in the mrs Mk8 are already factory fitted led's. Unless you are talking about replacing for coloured led's?
  23. Why would owners want their doors to auto lock when the car reaches 15mph? At a wild guess, no one is going to try and open them from the outside when the car is moving in excess of 15mph? Surely they will open the doors from the outside when the car is stationary before 15mph is reached wouldn't they? Would it not be more prudent if owners are worried about being dragged out of their Fiesta just to lock the doors when you get in? If you forget to lock them then you could have already been dragged out of the car before you set off. Seems like a bit of a useless feature to me, but that is just my opinion.