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  1. On a side note, I suffered chronically with migraine from mid teens upto around 10 years ago. I was in prescription painkillers for it. I know what you sufferers are going through as it is debilitating, especially when at work. Around 10 years ago I was diagnosed with erratic blood pressure, not high all the time, but low all the time. They can't give me an answer what causes it, nor could they give me an answer what caused the migraine. Their answer to control the blood pressure was changing prescribed medication until they found a suitable solution to my problem. The crux of this is that since I have been on medication to control my erratic blood pressure, my migraines have gone..... completely vanished! The doctor told me that it is nothing to do with the medication, in most people migraine subsides with age?? Sorry for the slight off topic deviation.
  2. Haha, I don't use mine in the dark either but use them regularly when driving, even when it isn't brilliant sunshine. Mine have prescription lenses.
  3. If you are paying for it via Ford Credit, get onto them, explain the situation and what you have had to go through. They were very understanding with our satnav issue and came to an agreement which suited us all.
  4. If they are keeping your car for 3 or 4 days, I am presuming it is all being sorted under warranty? If so the dealer should loan you a car while they have your car.
  5. We have to depress the clutch in both ours to get the car to start.
  6. Yes , we noticed a couple of tests back that the dash reflects in the screen when it is really sunny. As someone has already suggested, sunglasses help a lot.
  7. Yes, the add ons make the difference to standard I feel. The only extra we added to the car on top of the standard was a reversing camera and parking sensors. The camera is very helpful and If I stick with an St Line X (instead of St) for my next car I will be adding this also along with the LED headlight option.
  8. St line X 140 if your budget permits, you won't regret it. The upgrades on the X are well worth the little bit extra and make the difference.
  9. Had a quick look in the manual, orange is a warning, flashing orange only says reduce speed and avoid hard acceleration. Nowhere does it mention don't drive. There is no mention of red. I am at dealer on Saturday with my car for 2 yr service, will ask the service guys the about the indicator lamp colours if I get chance.
  10. Sorry Ad@m, I was referring to the wife's Mk8. Not sure if the 7.5 is the same as the 8 without looking, just going by what the service guy said regarding the red warning light.
  11. The service guy told us if anything went red, stop immediately and contact them so they can have the vehicle towed and not driven back to them. He didn't mention any flashing.
  12. EH collected ours, no problem. The Eml was orange and not red.
  13. Before they moved to the new area in West Hull, they used to be based in East Hull around 10 years ago. Had the Focus there a couple of times and they were a bit hit and miss before they moved. They do now seem as though nothing is too much trouble for them, always seem helpful and go out of their way for customers. It also seems very busy.
  14. My Mk7.5 St line has the factory fitted head unit and I would say this is on par, if not better than the Sony head unit I fitted to my last Focus that originally came out of an St. I rarely listen to the radio, only music from a memory stick or blue toothed from a phone. I will say that the quality of the recording of the track makes a difference to the sound quality. More than happy with the stock head unit in my 7.5 and the mrs mk8.
  15. Evan's Halshaw Hull West (Ford). They collected ours again from work, took it for the yearly health check and brought it back 4 or 5 hours later with a piece of Ford headed paper with the breakdown details etc for the second year showing the car is covered. As said previously when they collect ours from the Mrs work, they always leave a car and insure her on it just incase as they have her documents (licence copy) on file.
  16. Makes sense, probably why we have never heard a beep when locking.
  17. There was no loss of power with our o2 sensor failure just an orange light. Dealer will sort, I am sure.
  18. Sorry to hear. Our dealer is Evans Halshaw and have never in 2 and a half years had issues with them. They have sorted any niggles out on our mk8, the last being the o2 sensor failure. Reported on a Friday afternoon, collected from work on the Monday morning with car left to use and returned Monday afternoon. I guess it is the luck of the draw, some great dealers and some awful ones I guess. If you had the 12 month check done, that should have given you a further year breakdown cover free through Ford. This happened on both of our cars after the first yr check and service. Hopefully they will sort the problem or consider finding a better local man dealer.
  19. Have a 17 and 18 st line and stline x and neither of these have brakes that click or.make other noises on braking. Hope this helps.
  20. Part leather seats, folding mirrors, autodip headlights, privacy glass, armrest, bigger screen, heater controls, autodip rear view mirror, reversing camera, parking sensors (last may be an option) to name a few off of the top of my head, probably missed several more. There are a lot of differences between the X and none X and in my opinion a massive difference between the mk7.5 and mk8 X model. Edit, sorry most of this has been answered now. Don't think there is much if any difference between the standard and X st.line in the way of engine and power, it is all the little extras and refinements it offers. Well worth the bit of extra cost or negotiating from new.
  21. Now that is something we have not seen yet in 14 months.
  22. Ps I would say the mk8 build, styling etc etc, especially the X model is far superior to my mk7.5.
  23. The mk 8 was a new car, new design etc etc. The last of the old style was the mk 7.5 that I am aware, this designer was around for a long time and had been tried, proved and tested with issues ironed out over time. The mk8 will have issues ironed out over the forthcoming months and years I am sure. It is still new and being tested as such by customers.
  24. 2017 Mk7.5 St Line has 8200 miles on it in 2 years. 2018 Mk8 St Line X has 3900 miles on it in 1 year. Mk7.5 has had no issues whatsoever. Mk8 still has the satnav issue which we came to an agreement with Ford about. Mk8 has had headlights fixed by Ford as they had broken brackets. Mk8 has had O2 sensor replaced as it failed and is apparently another common issue. The Mk7.5 will be due to be changed in another 10 months or so. I am looking towards an St3 but am still undecided, if not I will definitely have an St Line X as all the extra additions and extra external looks with the X model make it well worth the odd few niggles and the car is a great drive.