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  1. Treef

    MK 7 Fiesta Air con noisy

    I also get this, I thought maybe it's the rad cooling fan that comes on as soon as A/C is switched on. I was going to run the A/C with the fan disconnected but I don't know if it would cause the system to overheat.
  2. Treef

    Spark plug socket

    If you use an extension you want to tape the socket to it with a bit of gaffa tape because if it comes off in the spark plug recess it's a sod to fish it out
  3. Hi, On my old nissan primera after it had been running with the aircon on I got condensate water running out, with the fiesta I see no water anywhere so I am wondering if the drain is blocked, the only problem is I don't know where it's loctated. If anyone knows could you let me know please.
  4. Treef

    AirCon Vibration

    It could be the radiator cooling fan as that comes on as soon as you turn the A/C on.
  5. Treef

    Fiesta ambient interior lighting

    My 12 plate titanium has the strip over the clove box and there is a light in the cubby hole infront of the gear stick but it's so dim you hardly notice it.
  6. Treef

    Radiator top hose internal dia

    Thanks, I didn't know they existed, just ordered the Scangauge.
  7. My 2012 titanium does not have a temp gauge only a red (it's too late) warning light and I want to fit a seperate gauge. The adaptors that go into the top rad hose are different sizes, so does any one know the internal diameter of the top hose on a 1.4 duratec engine as I dont want to drain down just to measure it the again when i fit it. Regards
  8. Treef

    Ford Fiesta Front Wipers Timing

    Just tried that on the way home and it works a treat.
  9. Treef

    Screen washers

    That explains it then, I'll just have to remember to keep topping it up.
  10. Treef

    Screen washers

    I am new to my 2012 fiesta mk7 titanium and today the screen washers ran out of fluid. On my previous cars (nissans) there was a warning light on the dash when the fluid was low, but I didn't see one on the fiesta. Is there one and mines not working or isn't one fitted.
  11. Treef

    Mk8 Gripes

    You can set it to unlock just the drivers door with 1 click of the button and 2 clicks to unlock all doors. Just lock car then press both the lock and unlock buttons on the fob till the indicators flash.
  12. Hi I'm Trevor and I have now picked up my 2012 Fiesta Titanium, nice car but some bits a confusing such as why do the sidelights come on when you unlock it and is there any way of making the info screen brighter as it's quite hard to see on a bright day.