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  1. Figured this out with mine, the iPod has a built in FM tuner which seems to be always active, this causes a feedback loop with the cars FM tuner when plugging a cable into the iPod headphone socket and car AUX in socket as the iPod headphone socket acts as an aerial for the iPod's FM tuner (thus causing the hiss). I bought a dock connector to headphone socket plug off eBay for a couple of quid, as the iPod's dock connector is not used as an aerial the hiss doesn't occur :) Something like this does the trick:-
  2. Thanks, not having much luck on eBay finding a seller who knows the difference between the 2 units!
  3. This looks interesting, do these parts work with the basic 6 button headunit without the nice matrix display? Or would I need to update that also as part of the retrofit?
  4. NathanS

    Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    These above show where the mounting arm is fitted after removing the rear section of the centre console, the metal plate you can see in the second photo is removed and replaced with the base of the armrest. The good thing about this arm is it doesn't involve any drilling or !Removed! into the existing plastics. Also, had a drive around with it today, you can use the handbrake without having to move the armrest but obviously it does get in the way a little - just use a bit of common sense!
  5. NathanS

    Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    In order to use the handbrake you need to lift the armrest up, which is no problem as you're only going to be using the handbrake when you've come to a stop anyway (unless you think you're a rally driver!). I'm sure that's the same on some factory fit armrests too, so I don't see it as an issue or anything. Having said that I've not driven it since installing it, so maybe I'll see how I go on with the armrest down :)
  6. NathanS

    Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    A few pics after installation.
  7. NathanS

    Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    Installed and all is well, was a bit difficult getting the centre console piece back in once the metal arm was in place, but managed it in the end. The armrest is good quality and fits in well with the standard trim in my Titanium, looks like it could have been a dealer option imo. Have just seen the price has just dropped to £99 on Amazon also, bit annoying as only received mine yesterday! <_<
  8. NathanS

    Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    My Boomerang armrest arrived today (from Going to be fitting it as soon as I can get hold of a socket set :-)
  9. NathanS

    Fiesta Software/hardware Interface?

    So nothing really available yet then that will let us tinker with our electronics, hopefully something will be released at some point!
  10. This has probably been asked before, but is there any software/hardware interface (like VAGCOM) that is available for our Fiestas? I imagine Ford have something they use to update certain elements of the car, but has it made it into the public domain at all?
  11. Got the car in this morning to get this sorted, bit annoyed that it's not covered by the warranty after 1000 miles though!
  12. I've been getting a loud squeak at low (0-25) speeds, seems to stop once you get past 30 but it's starting to get very annoying when meandering through traffic! Is anyone else getting similar to this? You can hear it from inside the cabin with the windows shut but once you open the windows it's much more noticeable. I've uploaded a recording of the sound here:-
  13. NathanS

    O/t - New Focus St

    I'm not liking that at all, the front grill is just way OTT and ruins the whole shape of the car :(
  14. NathanS

    Just Under 8 Mins Of Fiesta Fun

    I wish my Fiesta looked like that!
  15. NathanS

    Fiesta Mk7 Hd Tv, Looks Pretty Awesome

    Doesn't look great, the interface on some of those screens looks terrible :o