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  1. Locations to take pictures

    West Midlands, Staffordshire currently snowing but going up into the country lanes like Derbyshire I bet it's worse than it is here. All part of the fun though I suppose!
  2. Locations to take pictures

    Hey guys, im off out with a few lads today and we all have fiestas. We were looking for a spot to take some decent pictures around the West Midlands area. Its snowing today and the sky looks pretty gloomy but I think that adds to the effect of the picture! I was thinking Winnats Pass but last time I went there it was pretty busy so couldn’t really get any decent pictures 😕 looking for any suggestions that people have been around the West Midlands 😀. Nice one
  3. A/C comes on when starting engine

    Thank you, I'll try this. Didn't realise it did that, I'll have a look when I get back it in thanks!
  4. For some reason on my Fiesta ST-Line whenever I start the engine the AC turns itself on, baring in mind I never use the AC anyway. Does it do this for anyone else? If so, what is the fix? Thanks
  5. Car insurance renewal

    Wish my insurance was that price! The lowest I got offered (3rd year of driving and no claims) £1.1k. I'm hoping this will go down next year by a hell of a lot though!
  6. I am thinking of remapping my Fiesta ST-Line 125. Looking online I can get it up to around + 31bhp and +47nm with a stage 1 priced at £322 Currently the car seems like a lot of fun and I don't know if it's worth £322 for the extra power, has anyone on here remapped there car, if so did you find it was worth it? Here is a link - http://www.mybluefin.co.uk/curves/EcoBoost125PS.060214.pdf that you can see the gain of power on. Thanks in advance!