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  1. Hi , i have a ford focsu mk2 2007 , 1.6 automatic , car drives with no problems, but when engien is on and the car in drive with the foot on the brake, there is a noise comming from the transmission. If the car is in P there is no noise just in R,N,D. Video here:
  2. Florian

    Focus mk2 dash cam install

    So il take fuse 78 + yellow wire and put them in to piggyback then inert it in to no 78?
  3. Hi , i have a ford focus mk2 2007, i want to install a dash cam but i have some problems. the dash cam comes with connectors that should fit the fuse box red wire ,yellow , ground, audio, but they dont fit focsu mk2 fuse box , so i bought fuse adaptor for it 2 in 1 but i dont know where to put them... should i take fuse from electric windows and put it in the adaptor with the dash cam wire? or wich fuse location should i use? ...... il leave some pics. Thanks.