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  1. It's a facelift Zetec S 14 plate, so all the connectors would fit as they did the original? Trying forscan soon to see what I can play with. Cheers mate!
  2. Hi guys, so my car doesn't have the DLR strip, I was wondering if I could buy a pair of headlights with the DLR strip, would it be a straight fit or would I need to do some wiring? Cheers lads.
  3. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Couldn't tell you mate, this was done at a friend's house he bought them from a mate for £40, they were brilliant!
  4. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Yeah, came with 6 black circle stickers I believe, mine was from ceuk so I'd contact them mate.
  5. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Let me know how they are mate, I've been wanting to try the night eye LED'S! & Just need someone to hold on side so you don't scratch the paintwork and be sure to clean up everywhere you'll be able to see! No worries mate have fun :)
  6. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    I did want them but that price really put me off! Fairly easy, hardest part it positioning the actual risers, takes a little trial and error and I would get someone else to help! Good luck mate!
  7. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Sounds brilliant! and you may of spot them😉 I brought mine from ceuk, they are fairly pricey for what they actually are but for me it transforms the car!
  8. Stage 1 Revo for Zetec S ecoboost

    I'll be sure to! As soon as I find out a little more and how it's holding up with stock parts I'll hopefully be booking!
  9. Stage 1 Revo for Zetec S ecoboost

    Does sound like a good option, but I've only heard of good reviews from revo and seems like a very good path to go!
  10. Hi guys, Very tempted to book in for the stage 1 Revo for my ecoboost. I've had a look online and it seems to be ok installing to a standard zetec s (Performance wise) I was wondering if anyone on here has had it done and will my clutch/gearbox be absolutely fine with the power increase? I should be looking at around 155bhp. I also have a Miltek exhaust but I have no idea which as I bought the car with it on. Any help including what bhp and torque increase you gained from the stage 1 125ps, also how big of a difference is the mpg when driving normally? Huge thanks!
  11. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Thanks for all the replies guys! I met a lad with a ST and bought his defuser from him, fitting was a nightmare as my exhaust pipes had to be move the the left slightly, but it's all on and good! For those wondering it's a Miltek exhaust, I have no idea which one as I bought this car from ford and it was already installed!
  12. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    Thanks for the replies! I've just been on pumaspeed and I've found they sell it but in two parts, hopefully will be ordering on pay day. Seen a few guides how to install and doesn't look to bad, if anyone reading has done this before how long roughly did it take? Cheers
  13. Hi, I recently bought a Zetec S ecoboost, so far the car has been an absolute dream. I've been trying to find a ST rear diffuser and I cannot find one for the life of me. I already have a mountune exhaust so wouldn't need to play with the exhaust to get it to fit properly. Does anyone know where i can get one? would like to buy a white one but I guess any colour would be fine as I can get it sprayed. I have attached a photo of my car with the exhaust and current diffuser, any help is appreciated a lot. Thanks.