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  1. they should be a straight swap, a lot of people have swapped the new ones for the older clear ones as they think they are better looking
  2. I was looking around a while ago but couldn't find much available, I am thinking of using a glasspak or cherry bomb to replace the rear box, used to be a regular thing on the old carb fed Fords but don't know how it would affect the new engine management controlled engines, anyone else done this?
  3. thanks for the info, I suppose grease cap is an old term but why no dust caps covering the nut on the front wheel hub, surely there is more dust from the brake disc than the drum, can the same caps be fitted up front or is there a reason not to?
  4. just wondering if anyone knows why you get a grease cap on the rear wheels but nothing on the front ones, I intend to run steel wheels without trims and thought about fitting caps to the fronts to keep out water and dirt, is this a good idea or is there a good reason not to?
  5. I'd get your local garage, or at least someone with a code reader, to check it asap, in case it could cause any internal damage if you continue to use it, it has come on for a reason, if you can't get the codes read then check your handbook for details of why it might have come on, might be something easy to fix now but could be costly later if left.
  6. there was a member on here called Jethro Tull who seems to have disappeared since July, he was a prolific poster, just wanted to know if he was OK
  7. can someone please tell me the correct term for this little rubber bung on the front door, or a part number, the one on the drivers side is missing.
  8. generally people suggest putting the headlight in your oven for 10 - 15 minutes, glass side down and then the glue softens and melts and you can carefully separate the glass from the housing, never tried it myself, seems open to all sorts of dangers with burnt fingers, and then you need to reglue the glass back on, general advice seems to be silicone but not too sure if that would work, personally I would buy a cheap pair of aftermarket ones, or even some secondhand ones, from ebay or amazon
  9. put some platinum NGK's in about 3 weeks ago, only driven around town and upto about 50mph on dual carriageways but not noticed any difference, but at least they should last 3 times as long as standard ones
  10. anyone fitted bonnet struts to their car?
  11. the boot lock works on an actuator when you use the button or key remote but a cable when you physically use the key, do you mean it doesn't unlock with the key remote or with the key in the lock hole next to the numberplate?
  12. The standard plug is a copper nickle type, has anyone fitted platinum or iridium plugs and had any good or bad results? I know the 1.4 is a very basic engine and probably doesn't need anything special but the price of these other plugs seems to not much more than the nickle type now so was wondering if they were worth a try
  13. anybody got any views on fitting a K&N airfilter to a 1.4 petrol
  14. been following this topic on here out of curiosity, just Googled it and noticed GSF Car Parts sell a DMF for a Fusion TDCi for about £400 and also quote the same Ford part number quoted on iantt's post above?
  15. I have seen Focuses with clear rear lights, have any ever been made for a Fusion, has anyone got clear rear light units on their car and where did they get them