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  1. black no flames

    K&N air filter

    anybody got any views on fitting a K&N airfilter to a 1.4 petrol
  2. black no flames

    New clutch and dmf fitted

    been following this topic on here out of curiosity, just Googled it and noticed GSF Car Parts sell a DMF for a Fusion TDCi for about £400 and also quote the same Ford part number quoted on iantt's post above?
  3. black no flames

    clear rear light units?

    I have seen Focuses with clear rear lights, have any ever been made for a Fusion, has anyone got clear rear light units on their car and where did they get them
  4. black no flames

    Boot cover sagging

    mine had a lump of polystyrene that held the tools and sat on top of the space saver and was flat for the carpet to lie on top of, but ditched that and have a full size spare now so that now supports the carpet
  5. black no flames

    condensation in rear lights

    I am having problems with condensation in the rear light lenses of a 60 plate car, is this is a common problem and is there a gasket or seal that I can replace?
  6. black no flames

    Fusion WSM on DVD

    in answer to my on question, the £5 DVD on ebay is worthless, it is just a copy of the Haynes WSM and a couple of other files which are not relevant to the European/UK owners
  7. black no flames

    Fusion WSM on DVD

    I have a Haynes manual but I would like to have a parts list or a more detailed WSM, I have been looking on ebay and there are at least 3 DVD based manuals available ranging from £5 upto £20, does anyone have any recommendations as to what to buy? Thanks for any info
  8. black no flames

    Stereo Fascia Panel

    halfords have them listed at £14, have a look at their ICE and use the Will This Fit My Vehicle button
  9. black no flames

    Engine warning light

    yeah you can't be an amateur mechanic these days with a handful of spanners, you need to be an amateur technician with more computing power than Jim Lovell had onboard Apollo 13
  10. black no flames

    Ford Fusion Owners?

    I test drove a couple of Fusions before we found the one to buy, a 60 plater, brakes on all of them were the same, first time I drove one I thought the brakes were faulty, found it quite scary at first as I have been driving a 2003 Beetle with considerably sharper braking
  11. black no flames

    Ford Fusion Owners?

    I wanted the Style + also for the steel wheels, I have managed to get some centre caps to fit them, which was very difficult as alloy wheel caps no good, so with some paint and some beauty trims.......
  12. black no flames

    Ford Fusion Owners?

    bought or third one this year, took quite a while to find a Style + in black, sorry but I really don't like the plastic trim around the wheelarches and sills of the Zetecs, OK when new but look tatty after a few years when the colour fades (especially on a black car) and they all seem to start to come away from the metal on the rear arches, other two were motabilty cars in 2004 and 2007, not fun, not fast but quite practical with higher access and a boot big enough for what we need, fitted reverse sensors, in the process of making some DRL's, few cosmetic things planned for next year and no reason not to keep it for a while, not the best looking car in the world but much nicer than the B-Max which replaced it.
  13. black no flames

    Spare wheel size

    I am sure this has been discussed before but couldn't find the info I need. What full size wheel and tyre can be accommodated in the spare wheel well without it sticking up above into the load space, I need a nice flat load area as I often carry a wheelchair. Thanks for any info