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  1. Sony 6 CD Aux point

    Ha Ha -- Thanks you were right .. THe lead had simply been disconnect from the AUX port next to the fuse box in the glove compartment
  2. I have just bought Mondeo ST TDCI 55 plate (Private sale) and when I plug my Ipod into the aux slot in the glove compartment I am getting no sound through the speakers. I had one of the cars before (It got written off by an idiot) so I know the cable I have from Ipod to Aux point is the correct one. Ipod works fine on it's own so must be something to do with the stereo. Ford wanted me to take it in and charge me for diagnosing the problem. Halfords said could not touch as it's a Ford fitted Sony system but did say it prob just needs unlocking. I have looked at the secondary functions using the MENU button but all that seems to have is an option to turn AUX on and off (Just to be able to select Aux). It's the Sony 6 CD player that is installed. Any thoughts anyone?
  3. Heated windscreen and seats

    Heated windows --- Is this something they added to the Facelift model? My 54 plate one did not do this even when zero degrees or below.
  4. I am looking to buy a 55 plate ST TDCI Mondeo. Had one before until someone wrote it off from behind. However when I test drove this next one I noticed the front and rear heated window button lights came on when I turned the engine on. I have been told by the seller that this is suppossed to happen as automatically linked to the temperature. My old 54 plate ST did not do this (admittedly it is very cold at the mo)... Is this right? Also - any ideas why the heated seats wouldn't be working... what needs checking?
  5. Tyre rating?

    I have a 54 plate TDCI ST with 225/40 R18 tyres on it. I have "y" rated on one side and "w" on the other. I have just phoned around a couple of places for a quote and one said he thinks they shoud be "Y". Does anyone know which type are supposed to be on this car? Cheers
  6. Cambelt change -- When????

    Good answer ... That's gonna save me a few pounds.
  7. My 2.2 TDCI ST Mondeo ... Does it have a cambelt or a chain. I have been told it's a chain and therefore does not need changing. Is this right? If it does need changing does anyone know at what intervals?