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  1. 2007 mondeo abs light.

    osf abs sensor has been replaced fault still there. garage have tried by passing the wiring between abs sensor and abs pump as they said they have had vehicles where there was an issue with the wiring causing these exact symptoms. anybody else had issues like this?
  2. anybody had this problem? failed its mot on abs and traction control light on the dash. fault code said osf sensor short to earth and was reading that ths osf wheel is doing 158mph while stationary!!
  3. 2014 retro fit space saver kit

    seems if you have 17 or bigger wheels you cant have a space saver. i built a car on the ford website to find this out
  4. does anyone know if you can get a retrofit space saver kit for a 2014 focus? tried my local dealer which was as much help as a handbrake in a canoe, kept saying the car didnt come with a spare just a mobility kit. LIKE I DONT KNOW THIS FFS!!!!!
  5. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    update, the camshaft sensor wasnt plugged back in properly!! car runs sweet as a nut now!
  6. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    further update. after the belts have been replaced the car now wont fire up. engine was all locked up using the correct locking pins/bars. turns over ok just wont fire. there didnt seem to be any timing tools for the fuel pump has anyone had experience of this issue?
  7. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    had the wet belt done today at the independant garage i work at. just a heads up its taken all day so major job can see why ford quoted £830!!!! my mondeo has only done 82000 but is a few months under 10 years old and the wet belt is hanging to use a technical term!!! deep cracks all round the outside of the belt and signs of cracks on the toothed side also
  8. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    decided to just change the wet belt for another wet belt as i probably wont have the car for another 10 years! local ford dealer quoted £830 just as a reference for anybody else with this set up on their mondeo.
  9. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    grest info thanks will track down a copy of the magazine and have a read
  10. 1.8 diesel wet belt conversion?

    cool thanks.i hear what your saying about the car not surviving to have it done again, im just very sceptical about a rubber belt running in hot oil!! i had seen that conversion kit online but wasnt sure if anybody had done it?
  11. hi all ive got a 57 plate mondeo 1.8 tdci titanium x estate and its due a timing belt due to age. ford tell me it has a wet belt not a chain. just wondering if any of you know of a conversion from wet belt to chain and rough cost?
  12. fantastic. thanks for the help
  13. ill have a look and see what i can find willreport back once i find the issue. thanks for the input
  14. there is a slight gap but does seem fully clipped in.when you look through the gap there is only light showing from the ns lamp not the os lamp
  15. has anyone come across an issue with the number plate lamp shining up through the boot and onto the rear screen? im tempted to just duck tape it so that it doesnt do it any more!! ive spoken to my local ford dealer but they werent overly helpful and couldnt really shed any light (pardon the pun!!) on my issue. i think there may be a shield that is missing. anybody able to help please? thanks in advance