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  1. Hey dude, your car looks ***** rad! Has definitely come a long way 😁 Just wondered who sprayed and fitted your RS front bumper?
  2. Cheers for your help guys! I'll defo have a look at Zaustworx! I was looking at Revo stage 2 - which did require a high-flow turbo back sports cat/decat exhaust. But I have decided it's not really worth all the extra money for Revo stage 2 compared to stage 1.
  3. Hi guys - just a quick question. If I were to go to stage 2 on my 1.0 Mk7.5 Fiesta, would this Cobra exhaust be enough (with other supporting MODs like intercooler, etc.) - http://cobrasport.com/index.php/cobra-sport-exhaust/ford/fiesta/mk7-1-litre-ecoboost-zetec-s/non-resonated-cat-back-exhaust.html Or would I need the front sports cat sections as well? http://cobrasport.com/index.php/cobra-sport-exhaust/ford/fiesta/mk7-1-litre-ecoboost-zetec-s/fiesta-1-ecoboost-front-pipe-sports-catalyst.html Cheers! :)
  4. Thank you dude! Thank you for the advice, I have been hearing bad things about CEUK more and more on Fiesta Facebook pages; so I think I will go for some Auto-beam headlights - really want to get some white ones in, the dull yellow tinge is really getting to me haha! :) Sorry for the slow reply, haven't been on this in a while
  5. Thank you for all of that info dude, I really appreciate it! I have mostly been looking at CEUK but I have heard a lot of good things from people about auto-beam. Will deffo post on here once I have made my mind up and bought new lights!
  6. Thanks dude! It hadn’t crossed my mind but I will deffo have a look into that 👍🏻 Not yet, thinking of getting H7 LED dipped beams (about 6000K) and white main beams, after Christmas. Any recommendations? 😄
  7. Not posted on here in a while so here is a little update! Garth has got some new shoes and has had his callipers and hubs painted. Here is some pictures, just after the last wash of the year! That’s
  8. Yeah of course dude! Wind deflectors: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Heko-15229-Wind-Deflectors/dp/B004D33P6G/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509469951&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=wind+defectors+fiesta+mk+7.5 Pinstripe tape: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adhesive-Coloured-Pinstripes-Detailing-Pinstripe/dp/B00PK3M5IM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1509470828&sr=8-2&keywords=car+pinstripe+tape
  9. Awesome man! I just put mine on as well - put a white pinstripe on them, there's a picture on my project thread if you wanna see 😁🤙🏻
  10. But of an update - cleaned him up and put on some wind defector that came through the other day, put on the white pinstripes myself
  11. Yeah I have noticed that as well dude! Yeah man, nice and cheap but they make a big difference ☺️
  12. Awesome man! It's just a case of unplugging the existing blubs, then plugging in panels - then the panel have a peel off sticky back, stick it where you want and you are good to go! Took me a while to see this, have you got it all set up?
  13. Last week I finally got to pick up my Zetec S, in anticipation of getting my car - I spent a serious amount of time (probably too much) watching Youtube videos and looking at threads about Fiestas, and modifications in general. This gave me a lot of ideas for what I wanted to do. After having the car for a week, I have added a white grille 'S' badge and changed the foot well bulbs for blue light panels - it is pretty much stock. Here's a short list for the things I had in mind for the future: Team Heko wind deflectors (duh) 'S' gel wing badges Replacing all exterior bulbs with brighter ones TRC eyebrows TRC splitter (possibly with a white pinstripe?) New alloys - Black Possibly wrapping the roof and wing mirrors black That is all I have in mind at the moment, but I am open to suggestions and would like to know what you guys think would look good. After having the car for a week, I do love it stock. But there are just a few cosmetic changes that I think make the MK7.5 look even better. Here are a couple of pictures I have took so far:
  14. I have since bought the blue light panels for my footwell, super easy to install!