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  1. Fiesta front wheel bearing

    No, there is no circlip groove, i think this model and year doesn't use the circlip supplied.
  2. Fiesta front wheel bearing

    Our 03 fiesta front wheel bearing housing has NO groove to retain the new bearing, two months ago we had a new one fitted, but after a while the bearing started to move out causing the housing to grind on the disc, I now have bought a new bearing that comes with circlip and new nut, but am baffled as to what stops the bearing moving in the housing again, I understand it can't go one way as it pushes up to a lip, however there is nothing at the hub end ???
  3. limp mode

    Fiesta 1.4 petrol, 2003 with the dreaded limp mode about twice a week, where do you start ? mike
  4. limp mode

    Hi Daughter has 2013 1.4 with the dreaded occasional limp mode and engine light on problem, could be throttle body motor/throttle position sensor or engine control module. I suppose best way is to change body first, then sensor. Now if this doesn't work could i just get another 4ros control module from the scrap yard and stick it on, or does it need reprogramming at god knows how much ?? mike