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  1. Bluetooth Audio

    Hello everyone, I contact my ford dealer and they tell me it's not possible to stream music by bluetooth :( I tried "USB Mass Storage" and it didn't work too, i think i will stay with my AUX. Thank you everyone :)
  2. Bluetooth Audio

    Thank you for your response. Do you know the price or the average of the price for these manipulations ?
  3. Bluetooth Audio

    Ok i will look for this. And for the USB, why it says "Device USB device not supported" ? It should work no ?
  4. Bluetooth Audio

    Hello Luke4efc Thank you for your response, now i know i can't. If i change my car stereo, can i stream my music by bluetooth ? If yes, what car stereo you advice me ?
  5. Bluetooth Audio

    Hello, First of all, sorry for my english, i'm french. I've bought a 2009 Fiesta titanium with bluetooth, AUX & USB. My problem is that my phone (OnePlus3) is not reconize when i plug it with the USB it says " USB device not supported ". I can only call with bluetooth. I try with an S7, the same. I did the last update of November 2012 with succes but same thing, i can only make phone call with bluetooth. How can i do to stream music by bluetooth and have acces to the steering weel commands ? Hope you can solve my problem. Thank you :)