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  1. Focus CD Stereo 6000

    Hi I recently had my car in for repair but since it's come back the car cd radio will not hold its time. The stereo is the 6000 series but when I programme the time and press set (the menu button), although the time changes immediately, it doesn't store it once the car has been switched off. I have to reset the time each time I start the car. I read somewhere in the audio manual about and RDS setting but I have looked through the menu of the CD player and I cannot find this function. The car was not in for a CD repair but a blown heater fuse. I don't want to take it back to them as they are ford dealers and they've had the car in and out over the past few weeks with different jobs and parts not coming in and no courtesy car available. Least to say that particular Ford dealer is absolutely horrendous. So I'd rather try and sort the problem out with others assistance. Is there anyone out there that has had this problem before and could offer their help? Many thanks.
  2. Fuse Box Cover

    Hello I wonder if you could help as nobody else can. I have a focus 05 plate and the fuse box under the glove box has no cover on it. It is only recently I have noticed this as some cloth cover thing fell off the other day which brought my attention to it not having any proper covering. Now I am not sure whether it is supposed to have a hard cover (like most cars), or not, but I would be grateful if someone could check on their own focus if possible. Somebody told me the fuse box folds in or something, so it may be that the cloth cover is enough if it does actually fold in on itself, but I need this clarifying because at the moment there is no cover on it and all the fuses are exposed. Any help much appreciated. Thank you very much.