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  1. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Thanks iantt I decided to take Ranger for a run, smoked like a good one for a good few miles, cog light went out after 1st re-gen but EML stayed on. EML has now gone out, so I am hoping that has solved the problem. Going to run it for a couple of days, hopefully without any problems, then check the percentages again. As a general rule of thumb is there an approximate percentage per mileage the DPF will accumulate soot at? DPF load was still at 19% when I got back from the drive and the DPF soot has gone down to 17%. Thanks Jim
  2. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    On a side note, do I need to reset any of the values with ForScan now I have fitted a new vaporiser? I did try resetting the DTC prior to running the re-gen, just in case that was stopping it in some way, and the DTC just comes straight back when I cycle the ignition, so no way of removing it until the DPF is clear, or is there? Thanks Jim
  3. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Right I have re-genned it again this morning, got to 59% again and failed, DPF soot still at 157%. Only a bit of smoke when the re-gen started and it revved up to 2500 RPM. Exhaust tailpipe no where near as hot as 1st re-gen. Only DTC I am getting from ForScan is P2463. Any views on this? I don't want to keep forcing re-gen in case I damage something else. I just had a local firm clean the DPF, they said some came out but not loads, is it worth getting the DPF cleaned again now the vaporiser is working or is this pointing to a really badly blocked DPF and needs replacing? Thanks again Jim
  4. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Thanks for your reply iantt I will re-gen in the morning and see if it comes down. Wow 6k and 213% that is bad. Thanks Jim
  5. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Hi all New vaporiser fitted, re-gen got to 59% then said it had failed. It smoked during the 1st 15% and was hot as **** till 35%. DPF load % before fitting new vaporiser was 207% and after re-gen it is 19%. DPF soot % before fitting new vaporiser was 197% and after re-gen it is 157%. ForScan advises doing another re-gen so I will carry that in the morning see if I can get the DPF Soot % down. Does any of the above info point to anything else or can it take a few times to burn all the soot off? Bearing in mind it probably hasn't re-genned for a good 3 months!! Thanks all Jim
  6. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Thanks for your replies iantt Yes the DPF end is blocked, I have left it sitting in carbon cleaner over night, I have managed to clear the DPF end but still not able to get any air through. I have even connected a pipe so I can use compressed air and it is just filling the pipe with air then blowing off. I have ordered a new vaporiser this morning which will be here this afternoon so hopefully get this problem sorted. Thanks Jim
  7. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems I went ahead and removed the vaporiser, I tried blowing through the metal fuel line tube, (the right angled one), and nothing getting through, should this be fully clear or does a valve open and close when the re-gen is requested? Thanks Jim
  8. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    Thanks for the replies Frembrit & Iantt. Is it just a matter of removing the vaporiser and blowing some compressed air through to see if its blocked or is there something I can run on ForScan to check its functioning as it should? Thanks Jim
  9. FlyingBadger

    2012 Ranger 2.2 Duratorq 150 PS DPF problems

    So I have downloaded ForScan and I am getting the following DTC's: P244C - Catalyst temperature too low during regeneration - Bank 1 P246C - DPF restriction - Forced limited power P2463 - DPF - Soot accumulation I haven't had the P244C code before so does point to one of the exhaust temp sensors? Thanks in advance Jim
  10. Hi all I have a 2012 (62) Ranger and I am having all sorts of problems with the DPF. Over the last couple of months it has been plugged in to Delphi Diagnostics and showing the Soot and Ash accumulation fault codes twice. Both occasions it has been forced re-genned, everything good for 3 weeks or so then it goes in to limp mode, diagnosed again and same Soot and Ash codes. After the second re-gen I decided to get the DPF off the Ranger and get it cleaned. After cleaning the values were reset, Ranger was OK for less than a week, then went in to limp mode, left it for half hour or so and all back to normal, then pretty much as soon as i ask for any power above 2800/3000rpm it goes in to limp mode again, turn it off, leave it and all is fine again until I ask for power again!! It has been diagnosed again and only showing Soot accumulation not Soot and Ash so I am assuming the DPF clean worked. I have spoken to Ford and they advised changing the exhaust temp sensor as they are replacing loads of them. Just wanting to know if anyone has experienced this as there seems to be 4 or 5 sensors and the Vaporiser that control/are connected to the DPF and I don't just want to start replacing sensors etc without at least checking they are faulty. Not sure if it has done a re-gen on its own but every time it has been plugged in it is showing zero hot runs, so from that I am assuming it is not able to auto re-gen, I have read that the Vaporisers block up and this is the first thing to check. Any thoughts, info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  11. FlyingBadger


    Hi all New member here in Teesside with a 2012 Ford Ranger 2.2. Jim