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  1. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Not much to add to this except to say I have it on my 1.6 Focus Zetec 08. It's been there since the day I bought it (2 months ago). It's my first car and didn't notice it much at first as I didn't initially drive it home. Now it's ever present at the speeds mentioned. I researched posts on here and other sites. Not one person has found a resolution. My focus is under warranty until February, but unsure whether to bother. Everyone seems to have just carried on driving it and ignored it in the end. Until something obvious rears its head at least. I'm not technically minded in anyway when it comes to cars lol. For now at least anyway, constantly learning and researching.
  2. Sound from one speaker only - Aftermarket HU

    Hi Micro, Cheers I'll head over and check it out. I did notice that at the time and Eonon 'seemed' to have the least issues. To be fair, with general scouting even at this stage they still seem to be fairly decent taking my issue out of it. I finally received the software update today... and it did nothing lol. It's actually worse with hardly no sound coming from any other speakers bar the front left. At least before I could hear a faint whisper. I've requested a replacement, and additionally requested they send the replacement before I send the faulty unit back to them. As I don't fancy driving around with an empty hole. I'm pretty sure they'll refuse the latter. I know how most of these Chinese companies can be. Will keep you updated all the same. Cheers
  3. Sound from one speaker only - Aftermarket HU

    **Update** Eonon contacted me to say they are going to create a software patch for what they think the issue is. Will let you know how I get on
  4. Sound from one speaker only - Aftermarket HU

    Hi tomtom70, Thanks for your reply. Nope, the apps are playing directly from the unit. To confirm these are not apps streaming from my phone to the unit. I should have made that clear sorry. Essentially the head unit is running android 7.1 as it would for your standard tablet or phone, with its own internal harddrive and a few car specific software and hardware modifications. So apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud etc are installed directly on the hard drive and play through it. The USB on the front can be used for screen mirroring, playing music directly from a device and so on. Re-soldering is way over my head, so I'll just opt to push for a replacement. Or at least once I've done the usual song and dance trying all of their suggestions. I just wondered if there was something I was missing. I know it can sometimes be due to external amplifiers but my car doesn't have one. And it's super odd that it works for some music modes and not others. Or that bluetooth music streaming plays through one speaker but bluetooth calls play through both front speakers.
  5. Hi, I recently purchased the following Eonon stereo and had it professionally fitted in my 2009 1.6 Focus Zetec. Audio wise all appeared to be fine during my initial drive home. The Radio worked and the sound was much much better than the factory 6000 unit. Later that evening I tried to listen to music via Bluetooth and Google Play Music and I am only getting sound from the front left speaker. No audible sound from the two rear speakers and extremely low sound from the front right. At least 90% less than what's being produced by the front left. If I switch back to the radio or cd player (so non android apps) I get sound again. Switching back to an android app or Bluetooth it reverts back to playing solely from the front left. On closer inspection after messing with panning, I also realised that not all speakers are playing in radio/cd mode as the rear left speaker produces no sound. To add more mystery, some days whilst driving along the front right will increase to it's full volume by itself. Though this does not happen often. 3 times in the week I've owned it. The unit is essentially plug and play, there is no rewiring or patching as such. So there is no chance of wires being crossed or reversed. Although I removed it to check today (everything was fine). I appreciate it's not a common HU, as with the other Xtrons, Joying, Pumpkin and so on- but does anyone have an idea as to what could be the cause? The car audio shop that fitted said it's a problem with the stereo's amp and the unit should be replaced. Is there anything I should try before having it removed and replaced?
  6. Hi all, Recently passed my test a couple of months ago and bought a 2009 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec. Absolutely no experience with the internals and workings of cars at all, I won't lie lol. Through here, YouTube and a couple of courses I'm hoping to change that. Cheers!