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  1. The part number is 1209177. Its used on a ***** load of other Ford models lol
  2. The USB port in the centre console is just an extension lead from the module behind the glove box, so you'll most likely need the unit replaced with a newer one and possibly Forscan to update the car to let it know that its there.
  3. 2011 Titaniums had the 6 speaker system with USB, Line In and BT Audio fitted as standard. So sounds like the new module thats been installed is inferior to the one (possibly broken) you had installed already. The AUX and Line In in the centre console is just a port extension from the Bluetooth module so nothing so high tech there. Where is the old module? Could you compare part numbers from it?
  4. About half way down the page, you should be able to work out what to do from the pictures
  5. Install this update just in case your system isn't up to the lastest software Delete all the pairings and start again, when you want to play music from the phone, you press the AUX button twice to switch between Line IN and BT
  6. The only MK7 to come with DRL as standard was the late model special edition Centura, mounted below the headlights along the visible 'crease' on the bumper. So I guess either make yourself something similar to that or get a better bumper/model that has fogs as standard for halo ones instead.
  7. Pass, the module is in the passenger footwell though. If you look at this guide, you can find how to locate it
  8. Part no 1854171 USB Cable from 05.11.2012, Fiesta 2012-, Less Sync 1854172 USB Cable from 05.11.2012, Fiesta 2012-, With Media Gateway Module It's a cable thats clipped into the fascia bit on the centre console.
  9. Plugs on the headlight won't match, so needs re wiring. You'll need the parts you've said but also need the large black part thats under the bonnet and runs across the front of the car. (Where the air intake is) as the new bumper fits into this. Mk7.5 rear lights will also have different plugs.
  10. Bare in mind, blocking the EGR is an instant MOT fail I believe when the new rules come in this year.
  11. DJF10

    Your Fiesta

    Pretty standard Mk7 ZS, with the "Street Pack" (17's and rear privacy glass) & wind deflectors. Was an ex-demo from the dealer.
  12. Y'all know there's a proper Mk8 ST coming right?
  13. 2010 Fiesta Zetec-S with the "Radio/CD, MP3 compatible, matrix display, 6 speakers, remote audio controls, AUX and USB connection for external music devices, Bluetooth Hands-Free Telephone and Voice Control System" option fitted to it. When paired up to my phone, I've got the option to use Media Audio on my S8+ So you may need to change the Bluetooth Module in a similar way to this guide -
  14. Ford themselves offer them for the Fiesta, so as long as they turn on with the ignition and then turn off when you turn on the headlights, can't really see them being a problem.