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  1. Nothing seemed to be out of alignment managed to jiggle one disk out which was good as it was an original one , I am thinking that may be the motor has gone on it don't know what the techical name for it is ,as it wasn't and still isn't making the shuffley sort of noise it used to when you turned the ignition on or off, yes I agree it's not worth repairing or buying a new one due to cost. Not sure what I'm going to do, may just buy something else to put in providing the electrical gubbins will fit and I can find some trim or something to fill the gap,as the Sony is rather a big fronted piece of kit. Thanks for all your help Pop
  2. Cheers guys for replying, It was driving me mad I just thought undoing the two screws at the back of the unit the plate would just slide off 😁 I'll have a go at getting the front off and see if I can get the disks out. Tbh I just want the disks out as the radio still works (well up to getting unit out it did do ) I'll have a look at the ebay link and make a decision on what to do. Daft question but could it be a fuse ? Thanks Poppette
  3. Hello My cd player won't work it keeps saying cd error wont play or eject the disks that are in it. Has been working fine up to now, I have managed to remove it from the dash but I am having problems getting into the insides ! I've undone the two screws at the back of the unit but I can't get the top plate off. Can't see anymore screws that need undoing towards the fascia part , can anyone advise, Thanks Poppette